Avalonminer 821 Miner – Hashrate| Specs | Profitability

Avalonminer 821 Miner - Hashrate Specs Profitability

Check out Avalonminer 821 Specs, payback period, Profitability and other important information before you buy. Who should use the Avalon 821 ASIC miner and how is it better than the previous version? Read a detailed review of the model in our article.

Cryptocurrencies are not only a reliable and quick means of calculation but also an investment tool with unlimited prospects. Mining of bitcoins and other digital coins is a highly profitable business, surpassing the extraction of precious stones and metals in its commercial potential.

Mining revenues become an order of magnitude higher when using professional equipment, which increases the efficiency of the process and reduces the cost of electricity.

Introducing modern mining equipment – Avalon Miner 821, a new generation ASIC processor from the leading Chinese manufacturer Canaan, which is represented by New Mining in the Russian market.

This model of the miner broke all records for popularity even before it went on free sale, because it combines the most valuable qualities for mining: profitability, reliability and performance.

1. Cryptocurrency mining methods

For people far from digital technologies, mining is surrounded by mystery and seems to be something like the extraction of the philosopher’s stone by alchemists. Computers seem to work on their own in a dark room, and crypto coins regularly “drop” into the account of the getter.

In fact, this is a purely technical process, the essence of which is to solve mathematical problems and create new blocks of information encrypted with cryptographic code.

At the same time, a person who wants to make money on mining does not need to be a mathematician and understand programming. It is enough to purchase equipment for calculations and configure it correctly.

How to earn a newcomer on mining
Anyone can earn on mining, good enough equipment, and the right settings.

Further is a matter of technology. You go about your business, and the processor produces cryptocurrency. Since digital money does not physically exist, mining is the calculation of the code and its entry into the data registry.

Before proceeding to the study of mining methods, we list the main functions of this most important process for the digital universe:

  • the formation of new links in the blockchain;
  • data encryption;
  • registry protection against hacking;
  • issue of new coins;
  • Transaction Authentication
  • decentralization support.
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As you can see, mining is a serious job on which the functionality of cryptocurrency systems depends.

Next, we go directly to the methods of mining crypto coins.

Method 1. Solo Mining

If a few years ago, for mining, a medium-sized personal computer with a new video card was enough, today it is becoming more difficult to mine coins without special equipment.

For the extraction of popular cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to follow the innovations of the technological market and periodically update the equipment, acquiring advanced miners that meet the increasing requirements for the power and performance of processors.

Method 2. Mining in pools

Joining pools is becoming more common among miners.

The essence of the mining pool is that crypto miners are united in a single network. When processing a transaction block by one of the pool members, a cryptocurrency reward is awarded to all participants according to the provided capacities.

Due to the lack of borders in the digital space, you can join pools geographically located in different countries, after choosing for yourself the cryptocurrency that is most interesting for mining, since each pool is aimed at mining certain crypto money.

Method 3. Cloud mining

Despite the performance and cost-effectiveness of ASIC processors, self-mining of cryptocurrencies requires financial investments, payment of electricity bills and the purchase of additional materials and equipment for the construction of a highly profitable farm.

Not everyone can afford such costs, so investors have found an alternative way: cloud mining. In a nutshell – this is the extraction of digital coins with the help of acquired computing power.

Income from cloud mining is proportional to investments and completely transparent.

A big plus of this method of extraction is the investor’s lack of setup and maintenance of the farm, as well as favorable tariffs for electricity, as often companies offering cloud mining services establish their farms on the territory of renewable energy sources (state district power plants, thermal power plants, etc. .).

However, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that the minimum amount of investment that can quickly pay off will also be quite high.

We conclude: the most simple, reliable and affordable way to start mining cryptocurrency is mining on professional equipment, purchased from a reliable licensed supplier.

2. What equipment is needed for mining

Traditional mining on video cards and FPGAs (integrated circuits) still takes place but is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Ethereum and several other currencies are still mined on “home” equipment, but, for example, effective mining of bitcoins – the most popular crypto-money on the planet – is possible only on the latest models of ASIC miners.

The network has a lot of offers for the sale of mining equipment, but most of this equipment is outdated device models that have already lost their relevance due to the complexity of the mining process.

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Experts recommend purchasing all equipment only from specialized firms. In Russia, the leader of the core market is New Mining. This is an official distributor of mining equipment and a direct supplier, which guarantees customers impeccable quality of equipment and prompt delivery to any city and region of Russia.

Among the advantages of the company:

  1. A wide range of equipment for mining bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Direct deliveries from the manufacturer.
  3. Only the latest and proven equipment.
  4. Almost unlimited mining power.
  5. Professional hosting of equipment in the organization’s data center, as an alternative to independent mining.

In the online store of the company, only the latest and latest mining equipment is presented. In 2018, the new miner model – Avalon Miner 821 – is in special demand . This high-performance and powerful device is popular with both professional miners and beginners in the mining market.

3. Avalon Miner 821 – a new player in the market

The new ASIC miner features enhanced performance and power.

The developers eliminated all the shortcomings of past models and made the device as reliable, economical and easy to operate.

1) Who will it suit?

Anyone who is or is going to do cryptocurrency mining. Avalon Miner 821 is a promising and highly profitable investment that will pay off in a few months.

2) The better the previous model

With a performance of 11.0 TH / s, the Avalon Miner 821 consumes an order of magnitude less power than its predecessors. The device does not take up much space and has a mandatory guarantee from the manufacturer – the well-known company Canaan Creative.

At the time of writing, this is the best ratio of cost and performance of equipment for private mining.

It is not surprising that the Avalon 821 model became popular among professionals even before it went on free sale.

In terms of the number of pre-orders, this is the undoubted leader among other devices for mining crypto coins.

4. What to pay for – an overview of the technical characteristics of new items

Nobody likes to throw money down the drain without actual evidence, so we present you the technical characteristics of the new items.

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The main parameters are presented in the table:

Hash algorithmSHA-256
Hashrate (total)11.0 TH / s
Connection methodVia Avalon Controller
Power consumption1200 W
dimensions430 x 215 x 205 (in mm)
Weight4.7 kg
EquipmentMiner Avalon 821
Cost240 000 rubles

Experienced miners are advised to buy several miners at once to increase productivity and profit.

And even better option is to purchase equipment in the amount of several units and place them in the data center of New Mining. This not only saves energy costs, but also ensures that miners will work without failures and at full capacity.

5. Where to buy mining equipment

In addition to the new Avalon 821 miner, the company supplies other crypto mining equipment at the producer’s price: miners from other companies, power supplies, controllers. New Mining specialists will tell you in more detail about equipment, terms of purchase, payment methods, delivery times and other things when contacting them by phone.

6. How profitable is the purchase of Avalon Miner 821

The main contingent of New Mining Company buyers is financially literate people who have an initial capital for investments and knowledge about how profitable are investments in cryptocurrency mining and the purchase of mining equipment in the current economic situation.

Compared to other miners of equal power and performance, the Avalon 821 is much more cost-effective. And given the lower power consumption, this model will pay off much faster than its counterparts.

Advantages of the Avalon Miner 821
Advantages of the Avalon Miner 821

Advantages of the Avalon Miner 821

  • compactness
  • increased (compared to the previous model) power
  • and a 3-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Since the equipment is designed for long-term and intensive operation, such purchase will become for you a source of constant profit for several years.

7. Conclusion

Cryptocurrency has become a recognized and convenient means of international payments, as well as an effective tool for storing and increasing funds. There is no doubt: digital money and blockchain technologies are the present and future of mankind.

New Mining Company opens up new perspectives in professional mining of digital currency.

With the new technology, mining is becoming more affordable, safer, easier and more profitable!

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