Best iPhone spy apps

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Best iPhone spy apps

With iPhone spy apps, you can safely monitor the target phone. IPhone spy apps are useful if you want to keep an eye on your kids or elderly parents. In an emergency, these apps can even help save lives. There is no shortage of apps to spy on iPhones on the market. In this mini tutorial I have selected the best free iPhone spy apps. These apps allow you to track GPS location, call history, and social media activity on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. More importantly, the apps are safe, and so is your data. Let’s take a look at the best iPhone spy software without too much ado.

Best iPhone spy apps

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1. mSpy, as the name suggests, it gives you the feeling that you are a spy yourself. This app has features like keeping track of all sent, received or deleted messages and incoming and outgoing calls. Also, you can track the GPS location of the target phone. And that’s not all; you can even trace the routes that the target phone has made. mSpy allows you to see all the online activities of the spied phone. Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are some social media sites that can be monitored via this app. However, the best feature is that mSpy works flawlessly on iPhone, iPad and Android.

2. uMobix. Ideal for monitor all activities on an iPhone with iCloud login details only. uMobix provides a parent with all the basic functionality provided by an iPhone spy app. All you need to do is have your child’s phone for 5 minutes to install the app on their phone. It helps you to track your kids’ phone call history, including deleted phone calls, read text messages to understand their online activities, and monitor social media. You also have the opportunity to access your phone’s camera and microphone to get real-time video-audio updates on your phone’s surroundings. Additionally, the interactive map in the app allows a parent to track their children’s every movement, which is of great value to any parent. However, the best feature of this iPhone spy software is that it gives you control of the target device to limit potentially harmful activities and protect your child from any form of online threats.

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3. Cocospy. Ideal to spy on chats. Cocospy it’s a 100% undetectable app that doesn’t even require installation for iOS. The installation process takes less than 5 minutes, does not ask for jailbreak or root. Cocospy allows you to track almost everything on the target device. This includes basic spyware products like call history, SMS, GPS tracking, social media and media history. Also, you get a complete list of all applications on the target device along with the keylogger feature, which allows you to keep track of the login details and passwords entered into the phone.

4. KidGuard Pro. Ideal for recording and reviewing keystrokes. Like all other high-end premium spyware on the market, KidsGuard Pro provides all the basic requirements such as tracking all calls and messages on the target device, checking the location history of the target device, and keeping a complete track of social media and online activity. No jailbreak or root access required, the app is easy to install and takes just 5 minutes to install completely. This app recently added a new feature that allows you to access a device’s iCloud data without any access to the target iOS device. With over 20 features that let you track your kids ‘phones, this iPhone spy app is truly one of the best companions a parent could wish to have on their kids’ phones.

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5. eyeZy. Ideal for monitoring artificial intelligence-based devices. eyeZy it’s a godsend for parents who can’t afford to spend too much on spying on their children. You can enter your device model number on the app website to check compatibility before purchasing. With this iPhone spy app, you can endlessly monitor the keystrokes, social media, device media, calendar, call history and text messages of the target device. With its various subscriptions, eyeZy has something in store for everyone.

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6. FlexiSpy. Ideal for spying on camera. The best on the market for its spy camera features. If you want to monitor your children or employees, FlexiSpy is the app for you. FlexiSpy works on Android, iPhone, PC and Mac. This allows you to track any device, regardless of build and operating system. One of the best features of FlexiSPY is to poke around the target device to hear its surroundings. In addition to monitoring digital communications, this app also allows you to manage the internet usage of the target device. FlexiSPY allows you to set up alerts and reports using 2FA security on the target phone. Anything trivial like a software update on the target device would be reported. FlexiSpy must be installed on the target device for this to work. The icing on the cake is the FlexiSPY EXPRESS service. It delivers brand new phones, with FlexiSPY installed, right at your fingertips.

7 Spyera. It is an iPhone spy app that allows you to discreetly monitor your children or employees. You can view text messages, call logs, call history and social media activities on your computer. It also allows you to remotely open the microphone and listen to your surroundings.

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8. XNSPY. The ideal iPhone spy app for online and offline monitoring. Searching the entire content of the target phone might get boring. Imagine you want to know where your kids are going when they leave the house at night. And you’re using spyware to snoop through their phones. It may take ages before you can find something interesting. XNSPY simplifies the whole process by letting you set keywords. These specific words, whenever used on the target device, will send an instant alert to the phone 24/7. It also has the latest in GPS tracking, social media tracking, phone logging and tracking technology. device environment. But its main feature is that it allows you to spy on target device’s WhatsApp chats without root or jailbreak.

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9. Spyic. Ideal for spying on your child’s phone. It is not easy to keep track of your children at all times, especially when they are online. Spyic solves this problem by providing an accurate detail of your child’s online activity. With features like message tracking, location tracking, call and browser history tracking, and social media tracking, Spyic gives you the complete package to track your kids’ activities on their phones. The Geofence Alert feature is especially useful if your child is sneaking out of the house or is in places he shouldn’t be. The best feature of this app is that it has a spy function for each social media. So, if you know which social media to monitor, Spyic is the app for you.

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