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Official Microsoft Office purchase prices from the Microsoft Store

Buy Microsoft Office: Download at the Best Price
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The Microsoft office suite, or Office, over the years has become so widespread that it has become a real standard, to the point that knowing how to use the programs that compose it (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) is often considered a requirement in the search for a worker.

As most of you know, the Office suite is not free and to use it you have to be in possession of an original license. Newly purchased PCs often have a trial version of the Microsoft Office Package pre-installed, typically valid for only 30 days.

Microsoft Office licenses are usually very expensive, find the official store prices in the next paragraph, just to get an idea. This is why many people prefer to rely on free alternatives. Unfortunately, these are not the ideal solution for everyone, for example the imperfect compatibility with Office documents often causes difficulties and risks lengthening and worsening the quality of work.

In this article we will describe a way to purchase an official Office license, saving on the purchase cost.

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How much is a Microsoft Office license

Just take a look at the Microsoft Store to realize that the prices are not cheap at all, here are some figures:

  • Office Home & Student 2019 license costs 149 €
  • Office Home & Business 2019 licenses cost € 299
  • Office Professional 2019 licenses cost € 599

As you can see, these are considerable figures, which is why we have written an in-depth study on how to save, focusing on ESD licenses.

Save money with Office ESD licenses

ESD Windows and Office licenses

First you may be wondering what those ESD licenses are.

Microsoft defines how ESD (whose acronym is Electronic Software Delivery), those licenses which are distributed only in virtual form, without any physical support, without any attached documentation and without box. In practice, an ESD license consists of the only key or license serial code used to activate and legally use the program to which it refers.

ESD licenses have become increasingly popular because they are very comfortable and environmentally friendly. Immediately after the purchase you will not have to wait to receive a package with the license code, but this can be immediately delivered. And then you can immediately use your code, activate your license and be productive.

Moreover, even this type of licenses, thanks to the legislation European CE C-128/2011 which clearly states that the author of a computer program cannot oppose the resale of licenses already owned by third parties, can be resold. Therefore, a thriving market has also developed for second-hand licenses, which allow you to use Microsoft programs at more affordable prices.

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Where to buy Microsoft Office

There are many portals that offer ESD licenses, but one of those where to find one discounted price for Microsoft Office and being able to be protected at the same time is MR Key Shop.

The licenses sold by the service are retail, guaranteed and original. For this reason we can recommend the purchase of MR Key Shop Office licenses also to companies that are subject to piracy controls.

All versions of the Office Packages ranging from Microsoft Office 2019 (the latest and most updated of the Redmond giant) up to Office 2010, and are available for both PC and MAC.

Where to buy Microsoft Office MrKeyShop

MR Key Shop is a secure shop where you can buy Microsoft Office at the best price. If you have a problem with your license, just contact the site to have a new one sent. The shop is also very popular on Trustpilot.

Retail licenses are particularly interesting because they are associated with the person or account and not the machine. So if you change your PC or install Office on a new terminal, you can reuse the license, as long as you have deleted the previous installation. So the retail license is much more versatile than the OEM one and in practice it is a longer-lived investment.

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Once the purchase has been made, you will quickly receive the license code (Product Key) after a few seconds directly to your e-mail with all the instructions and official links to download your Microsoft Office package

If you do not have a copy of the software, just go to the appropriate page dedicated to the Microsoft Office download, log in with a Microsoft account, enter your license (or product key) and download the executable to launch for installation.

Furthermore, Mr Key Shop offers specialized and free assistance directly in ITALIAN as well as the fact that all payment methods are safe. Within the site you will also find Operating Systems and Antivirus.

I hope this guide has been useful for you to understand how to buy your Microsoft Office package at an affordable price and in total safety.

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