eMule: where are the DonkeyServers?

The most attentive users of the network ed2k (eDonkey) will have noticed the problems related to the German servers DonkeyServer which are among the most used after the close of RazorBack and the news of the presence of some server spia.

It all started a couple of days ago when the servers stopped index files and local search did not produce any valid results, and as a result it was impossible to download using eMule and similar.

At the time of the post, DonkeyServer servers number 1 through 6 (i.e. all) are offline. In fact, at present it seems that they have been closed due to legal problems.

It is advisable avoid connecting to any server and only take advantage of the network WHEN if you don’t want to take unnecessary risks in this moment of confusion.
The network WHEN is the one that will continue to work thanks only to users who use the mule. For information on the KAD network read the article on wikipedia.

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If you want to update your servers anyway, here is a constantly updated list here Server List for Emule 2009

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