German bakers accuse the country’s authorities of provoking the energy crisis

BERLIN, Sep 16 – PRIME. Berlin bakeries have begun to save money and are preparing to raise prices amid rising electricity bills, but they do not give up and at the same time condemn the Minister of Economics Robert Habek, who said that bakers can simply stop work and wait out the crisis to solve their problems. What moods are hovering in the bakeries of Germany and the capital – in the report of RIA Novosti.

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Earlier, Khabek doubted that bakeries could go bankrupt due to the energy crisis, and suggested that they not work for a couple of months as a solution – if the increase in prices for bakery products does not give the expected result, and buyers go to supermarkets for pastries.


Following the minister’s remarks, the German segment of the social network TikTok was trending with an appeal to the government by a baker from the Dinkelmeister network in the city of Lüneburg, which has now been viewed by almost a million people.

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“Dear Mr. Habek. I am 48 years old, I am a self-employed entrepreneur, we have ten employees in our small bakery. I urge you to resign. What you are talking is the worst nonsense in all the post-war period in Germany. You are completely indifferent to the country. You don’t care about the artisans,” says the baker.

In his opinion, Khabek’s words indicate the true level of intelligence of the minister, who “apparently took a shower with a hairdryer or combed his hair with a hammer.”

“Do a good thing for Germany and resign, taking with you Mrs. (German Foreign Minister Annalena – ed.) Burbock and Scholz, taking in addition, for free. He won’t remember it later anyway,” he added, hinting at the Chancellor’s statement Olaf Scholz in the Cum Ex fraud case that he cannot remember a documented meeting with one of the defendants.


In Berlin, private bakeries have ceased to be an integral part of the city’s landscape since they were replaced by brasseries, street food outlets and a variety of cafes that work with delivered goods and convenience foods.

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In the Aux Delices Normands confectionery and bakery, visitors are greeted by day in a room lit only by shop windows with cakes, pies and muffins on display. Thus, they try to save on electricity on sunny days.

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The institution is looking for employees who are ready to work “in shifts, on weekends and holidays,” which is announced in a statement on the front door. The shortage of applicants and the reluctance to work in this mode is one of the biggest problems for the industry, in addition to rising taxes, energy prices and delayed supplies of raw materials.

Local regulars are mostly older people with money, and pastries on average cost from 4 euros and more. An elderly lady, she has just returned from vacation, asks if she can, as before, come to breakfast on Wednesdays – and receives a positive answer.

The hostess behind the counter complains that she will have to “unfortunately” raise the prices of products, otherwise she will not be able to balance the debit with the credit. After looking at an elderly woman who loves to have breakfast here, she notes that her customers are “faithful”.

Nearby is the Fritz Mälzer bakery. An advertisement at the entrance says that Mälzer was one of the first to bake in Berlin according to the Rhenish covenants. On the Internet, the institution advertises its own invention – “Ukrainer”. This is a reimagining of the famous “Berliner” donut (Berliner – ed.), but with blue-yellow icing and vanilla cream inside.

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“Strange statements, of course,” says the hostess about the sensational statement of the Minister of Economics. “Ukrainer” is currently not in their assortment.

In the bakery with the Gallic name Crapulix, jazz is playing and the owner himself comes out to the customers in an apron with stubborn flour. By closing, only croissants were left.

“They all suddenly started using the topic of raising prices. Of course, I will raise the cost of baking, but only if there really is nowhere to go. Now things are going smoothly,” says the baker, accepting payment.

The owner serves the ordered bagel with onions and Black Forest ham – “My favorite”, followed by a croissant with cheese as a gift.

“I will not let such statements influence me,” he concludes.

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