How is the Motorola Moto E? Good or bad? Buy or not? Reviews (2)

How is the Motorola Moto E? Good or bad? Buy or not? Reviews (2)
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The Moto E is the cheapest cell phone line offered by the Motorola brand. By economic I mean that it is around a price of 120 dollars. However, despite its price, from my point of view and experience it has proven to be an excellent option if you want a cheap cell phone, with the guarantee of a recognized brand behind it.

Why yes buy the Motorola Moto E

One of the best things about the Moto E and other Motorola lines, like the Moto G, is their software. Unlike the Android system of Samsung or Huawei, which is quite personalized, the Android system of Motorola is quite “pure”. This means that it is not far from AOSP, the basis of all Android versions from all manufacturers. By not being so custom, the Android system is less “heavy” on the device, which translates into faster operation.

Infographic of the original or first generation Moto E (2014). Correcting the error in the infographic, its XT1025 variant even had a digital TV. The Moto E do not have premium features like the NFC, although currently they do incorporate things like the fingerprint reader (Moto E 2020).

Another good thing about the Moto E line is that some variants come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, as is the case with the Moto E 2020, which comes with the Snapdragon 632. The processor is the core of the device and the better it is, the faster the phone will be. . Qualcomm processors are among the best on the market, ahead of Mediatek, Spectrum, and other brands.

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After Samsung, I think Motorola is one of the easiest cell phones to fix software. You can reset them from the PC with a simple command, in case they stay in the logo and unlock the bootloader to flash any ROM or zip. I can’t say the same for Xiaomi or Huawei.

Don’t buy the Moto E if…

If you want to take good photos, a screen that offers more “true” colors and sharp images, a very fast phone to use and install many applications and games, then neither the Motorola Moto E nor any other make or model in its price range will offer you. will serve. Those are premium features you’ll find on higher-cost phones.

The camera quality of the Moto E is mediocre, although you see more megapixels than the iPhone (13 MP in the case of the Moto E 2020), the LCD screen does not offer the same rich colors as an LED and has a resolution of up to HD in The best case. However, its storage of around 16 or 32 GB is good for the average user and can even be expanded with an SD card, as well as a 1 or 2 GB RAM, which is currently little, although fair for its price.

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To use WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and normal use of the device, you do not need much more than a Moto E. It is a phone to take acceptable photos, have a decent number of apps and games without slowing down the cell phone and its ease repair is very good. It’s a good entry-level option, even to have for several years, because it’s competitively priced and they’re probably a bit faster than other Samsungs or Xiaomi in the same price range.

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