How to check the status of a FedEx claim – Easy Steps

Estado de la reclamación de FedEx

How to check the status of a FedEx claim – FedEx is one of many companies that you can use to send and receive just about anything. The service is one of the largest of its kind and is reliable. That being said, no delivery service is immune from trouble. Items may be lost, may not be shipped, or may be damaged in transit. For damaged or lost items, you can file a complaint with FedEx. The complaint will take time to resolve, but you can check it to see what progress has been made.

FedEx claim status

Check the status of your FedEx claim

You can file a claim with FedEx online. The claim can be submitted for up to 200 items at a time and can be submitted online. You will need to add supporting documents for the claim and will be able to submit claims for local shipments (within the country) and for international shipments (into or out of the country).

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To file a claim, you need;

  • A shipment tracking number.
  • Delivery receipt or invoice
  • Any documentation showing that you purchased the item you are claiming has been lost or damaged

The claim can be submitted online, it can be submitted by completing and emailing a downloadable form. Regardless of how you file a claim, the following method can be used to check its status.

Claims tracking number

When you file a complaint, FedEx sends you an email to confirm that it has been received. The confirmation email contains a tracking code / number. This number is essential to track the claim. If you have submitted a claim and have not received a confirmation email, you must resubmit it or call FedEx customer service to find out what the problem is (make sure all documents have been provided with the claim).

Find FedEx Claim Status

To check the status of your FedEx claim, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the FedEx claims website.
  2. Log in with your FedEx account.
  3. Go to the My Claims tab.
  4. Use the filters to find your claim.
  5. Go to the Reports tab to view your claims reports.
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You can see how your claim is progressing, but FedEx doesn’t give you a definite timeline for when a claim will be resolved. For international claims, the time may be much longer than normal. FedEx will have to go through several channels to resolve international claims. Local claims (within the country) can be resolved earlier. A settled claim does not necessarily mean that FedEx will reimburse you for the damaged item. If you find no flaws within your delivery process, and there is nothing to suggest that the item was damaged in transit, your claim will not necessarily result in a money back.

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