How to disable iPhone location –

disattivare localizzazione iphone

How to disable iPhone location –

It may seem pointless, but with a few simple taps, you can be in control of your location data, and give Apple and its app developers only the information they actually need to get their apps and services up and running. Precisely for this reason, today we explain how to disable iPhone location.

When you first turn on your iPhone, you’re asked if you’d like to turn on location services, which can be useful for apps like Google Maps or when you need to tag your location on social media. Many agree to be localized without furthering the request, in what sense do I accept to be localized by Apple and so on. Anyone who has time to delve into and customize location services is well advised to do so, there is a lot that Apple knows about you, as do app developers 😕.

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How to disable iPhone location

To disable iPhone location, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and turn off Location Services at the top of the screen. Be careful doing this though, as most of the services you use every day will be disabled. For example, photos will be taken without location, map apps won’t be able to direct you anywhere, because they won’t be able to pinpoint your location. Disabling Location Services can help you conserve your device’s battery life and maintain the highest level of smart device privacy, but it will detract from your overall experience.

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Disable iPhone location for specific apps

Instead of the heavy-handed option (to disable iPhone location), adjust location permissions for individual apps in Settings> Privacy> Location. Select an app from the list and set the permissions to match your comfort level. Starting with iOS 14, there are four options for location services for apps:

  • May: ensures that location services are never used while using the app.
  • Ask next time or when I share: it will ask you how you want to proceed each time you open the app: Allow once, Allow while in use, or Don’t allow.
  • While using the app: usage instructs the app to use location tracking only while using the app or via on-screen widgets that iOS now supports.
  • All time: will allow the app to always track the location of an iOS device even when the app is not actively used.

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How to disable iPhone location for system services

go su Settings> Privacy> Location Servicesscroll to the bottom of the list and select System services. You are shown a list of items that you can turn on and off. Here’s how they use location tracking:

  • ID esercenti Apple Pay use your current location to provide more accurate merchant names when using your physical Apple Card.
  • Cellular network search tracks cell phone repeater usage and sends data to Apple.
  • Compass calibration uses location bearing to help calibrate the electronic compass.
  • Device management lets you set up devices wirelessly, like a gig worker app or a VPN for a school or business.
  • Emergencies and SOS allows users to discreetly call 911 and uses location data to help in an emergency.
  • Find my iPhone is a service provided by Apple that will allow you to track an iOS device remotely.
  • HomeKit helps make smart homes smarter by using location sensing to do things like open the garage door or turn on the lights automatically.
  • Location alerts allow Apple to use your location to provide geographically related alerts or news, such as amber warnings or severe weather warnings.
  • Location suggestions allow location-specific suggestions for Safari and Spotlight.
  • Movement calibration they are used by fitness or activity apps to track activity accurately.
  • Reti and Wireless tracks WiFi usage and sends the data to Apple.
  • Time zone setting uses location tracking to automatically adjust the time when you change time zones.
  • Share my location allows you to share your current location with people via iMessage or other apps like Find Mine.
  • System customization change system appearance, behaviors and settings using location data.
  • Frequent places tracks and remembers where you are most often and sends alerts based on calendar events or map directions.
  • Analisi iPhone helps Apple by occasionally providing the company with information on how a specific iOS device is being used.
  • Routes and traffic shares current traffic patterns and speeds with Apple to improve Maps.
  • Enhance maps allows Apple to use your current location to alert iOS users of the estimated time to reach their frequent locations.
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Many of the items on this list can be safely disabled. Features like Cellular network search e Rete e wireless they are not needed for daily use. Others, like Movement calibrationare only useful if you use home automation or fitness monitoring.

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