How to download youtube videos to my pc without installing any program – Easy Steps

How to download youtube videos to my pc without installing any program

How to download youtube videos to my pc without installing any program

It’s not as easy as other methods, but it still lets you bypass prominent addict websites and other third-party programs that you might otherwise search for. There are many websites available to download the videos, but some have stopped working over time or do not offer a wide variety of formats to download the files as we need them. For this reason, at OneHOWTO we have selected the best options so that you know how to download YouTube videos without programs. Keep in mind that, over time, these could also lose compatibility or support and stop working.

Usually, the video is accompanied by other elements of code or photos. It may seem difficult, but with practice you will not need more to download videos from most websites. However, for other pages that are not so massively popular, it can work for you, or even for Instagram. You will now be able to download the YouTube videos that you like the most to your hard drive and enjoy them whenever you want, whether or not you have a connection. If you have tried them, which of all the websites did you like the most? Or have you chosen to buy YouTube in its paid version?

Find and play the video you want to download (WATER OF THE SEA ..WHY DO THEY HIDE THEIR BENEFITS, this is the video I will look for). In the next window we only click on Download MP4 and it will automatically be downloaded to our hard drive. If we press it, it will automatically go to the area to download, being able to choose video in MP4 at 720p, a resolution that is usually more than enough. In the first box of Multimedia address, paste the link of the video that you copied before and click on Continue.

how to download youtube videos to my computer

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of this tool, activate the “Smart downloads” box. Enter YouTube Music from the mobile app or from the PC and search for the song you want to download. Enter YouTube and copy the backlink of the song you want to perform from the Communicate button. Choose the video quality and conversion format.

how to download videos from youtube to my pc without installing any program

But the folder that it has created for you can be displayed so that each of these files appears, and if you only want to download the video, click on it and choose the Add and Start Downloads option. Now that you know how to download YouTube videos without using any software. Therefore, after downloading the video from Youtube, you may want to join the video or make edits to it. Keepvid is also known as iTubeGo. It is a free online service to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Lynda, Instagram, Dailymotion, VEVO, Vimeo, BBC, NBC, Fox, Bilibili, etc.

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Available Formats

As an aspect to emphasize, it is worth mentioning that this website does not allow the download of music videos. A window with developer tools will open on the right side of the screen, and here are 2 ways to proceed. The easiest is to proceed to the Network tab, where you will get a list of web elements that are loading. In it, right click on the elements that are of the Media type, which are those that belong to videos, and choose the Open in new tab option to open them in another tab, now free of protections. And another alternative option is to use the incombustible VLC, the usual app to play all kinds of videos. Here we show you the complete process step by step, but to summarize it, start by copying the Internet address of the YouTube video.

Another of the most used programs to download videos from YouTube, here are some tricks to do it well. [newline]Each and every one of the utilities to download YouTube videos without a program and some tricks to download YouTube videos for free. Since to carry it out from the Communicate button. Go to YouTube and copy the Internet address of the video you want to download. If you enter YouTube from mobile, you can get the URL through the “Share” button. Another deductible and easy tool that does not require you to install any kind of program is Clipconverter, which you can access from here.

This will help you engage viewers and encourage them to subscribe to your channel. Choose the format you want and click the “Download” button. Then rename the file and save it with your other videos before clicking the Save button in the bottom right corner of the window. The “official” way to download music from YouTube is through YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Music’s paid subscription service. Please note that videos downloaded on YouTube are free for a maximum of 30 days.

Configure according to your preference. If you want to use YouTube videos to upload to other interfaces like Facebook, it is not always necessary to download them to PC. Find out how to upload a YouTube video to Facebook by clicking on the link. also has a browser extension that will let you download videos without leaving the YouTube page. It is a very practical alternative if you plan to download several videos in a short time. Now hit Enter.

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We provide you with a detailed point-by-point guide explaining each method. Before pasting the URL into the blank search box, you can select your preferred video resolution and then start downloading. Simply enter a URL in the text box and click the “Capture! The platform will show you all the links of the different free formats to download. These tools will help you save the videos on your smartphone or PC, and you can download them in different formats.

Download Youtube Videos To Computer Without Installing Any Program 2033 N7ojsf

At this moment the cover of the video that we want to download will appear, to, just below, see both options that it leaves us to edit such as MP4 and MP3. However, there are still many other reasons why you may need to download an online video to your computer. Because it expires, you need to edit it, recover it, show it to another person, include it in a memory…

This means it works on any Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Linux, PC or smartphone device. In general, not having to put anything on your device is highly recommended for security reasons. Although if you choose to have an application to use Snappea on your smartphone, the developers also offer this alternative for Android and even for iOS. In this guide you will find the main methods that can be useful today to download YouTube videos for free without installing programs on your gadgets.

ApowerSoft Online Video Downloader has a website-supported download service and a desktop application to meet different needs. Just paste the link in the blank box and you will be presented with numerous options to download your videos. You can customize the format and resolution of the videos. The video will play in your browser. Click on the video, click Save As, and wait for the download to finish. The video at this time is on your hard drive, download youtube video online easily and enter steps.

It is a simple solution for your YouTube download needs. Receive an email with each new entry. Click on the download button that appears to the right of the theme’s cover.

You can also use websites

You can change your privacy options at any time. For much more information, click on this privacy policy. Wait a few seconds and the Internet address will load automatically. Choose the format from the list below (the first option tends to be the best). As always, you can ignore the warnings or close them, your video should already be downloading.

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If you don’t like having any app on your phone, you can go to their browser-based service, where you just have to paste your link and click Download to have your video offline. Copy the link of a YouTube video. Go to in your browser and click on “CONVERT A VIDEO LINK”. Downloading videos is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, unless YouTube gave you explicit permission to download the video in question.

These are some of the much popular plugins for different internet browsers. This will save the video to your PC and you will be able to watch it anytime you want. Click “Download Now” the moment you have analyzed the video link. Copy the Internet address of the YouTube video you want to download. Click the gray start button at the bottom of the page to start the conversion process. In addition to this, YouTube Music has the “Able Downloads” function, which automatically downloads music to your terminal based on your playback history.

Wait for the website to process the request and you will see the image of the video you want to download appear. You can choose the option of the green button that says ‘Download’ to download, or choose another format by clicking on the option ‘Download other formats’. YouTube is an insatiable mecca of content that everyone turns to to learn, escape, inform or improve. Undoubtedly you have also on occasion wanted to download a YouTube video without installing external programs and you have not known how. A little trick if you can’t identify the video because more than one is loading is to click on the video’s progress bar to load a later part that hasn’t loaded yet. This will cause this element to be shown at the bottom of the list among the rest that are also loaded.

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