How to hide the mobile number

come nascondere il numero di cellulare

How to hide the mobile number

While private number calling is usually related to somewhat odd movements, the truth is that this is a very useful feature on certain occasions. For example, when we have to talk to customer service and we don’t want them to save our phone number so as not to be annoyed in the future, or when we talk to strangers and don’t want to be contacted again. Hiding a mobile number is really simple, and although not long ago you had to enter a prefix in your smartphone dialer before the number, Android has standardized it within the options of its Phone calling app. We show you how to hide the mobile number without inserting any prefix in front of the number every time and finally how to use the standardized code in case your phone does not have this option.

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How to hide mobile number on Android

As we said, Android has long since included an option to hide our number when making calls as a standard feature of the system. Some manufacturers may have slightly varied the location of the settings in their customizations, but in general everything is in the same place and it’s easy enough to hide number on our phone. To hide mobile number on Android we just need open the Phone appwhich has a phone as its icon, and follow the instructions below.

We open the Settings in the Phone app, with a phone handset icon, are usually the three vertical dots on the screen, or by sliding the side panel into manufacturers that have enabled it in this way. We select Settings to open the application settings. Inside the Settings we look for the option “Other settings “or” Additional settings “, although these names may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. In Xiaomi, for example, it is called “Advanced Settings” on Samsung “Additional Services”. We locate the caller ID option which usually responds to the name of “Show Caller ID ”or similar. By clicking on the latter option, they will be shown several options: Default network (if your operator sets your conditions), Hide number and Show number. In our case we have to select “Hide number” and voila, our next calls will identify us as an unknown number. To deactivate the procedure, simply access the same menu and select “Show number“.

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How to hide phone number on iPhone

Another iOS option is the one that allows us to hide calling number permanently. If we activate this setting, all the calls we make will appear with the hidden number on the other user’s screen. For hide number on iPhone we have to follow these steps. Let’s open the application Settings. We go down and click on Phone. Press and open Show caller ID. We deselect the “Show Caller ID” option. Once “Show Caller ID” has been deactivated, any call we make to any number from our iPhone will appear as a hidden number. If we want it to appear again, we have to configure the previous option again.

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So how does the number hide?

Let’s recap, call with a private number it can’t be easier. If you just want make a quick call by hiding your number phone, you just have to add #31# in front of the mobile number you want to call. If, on the other hand, you intend to call with a private number more than once, then you should configure the dedicated option in the settings of the app you use to call, on Android phones the app is called Telephone, with an icon in the shape of a handset of the phone.

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