How To Increase Android RAM –

aumentare RAM Android

How To Increase Android RAM –

Is your phone so slow that you can’t even watch YouTube? Yes, it happens. As your phone ages, a lot of unnecessary data, files and apps are stored on the device. The problem is that these apps have background processes running even when you’re not using them. Your Android is slow, stutters and eventually crashes. When this happens, it usually means you don’t have enough RAM. You can increase Android RAM by using a micro SD card, but it is you need to have a rooted phone. Otherwise, you can maximize your phone’s performance by optimizing the device. I’ll show you how to do both. La RAM is short for Random Access Memory. Basically, it’s where your device stores the information it needs and will need. Simply put, it’s memory that allows you to run apps on your device. The more RAM you have, the faster your device will perform. For easy, safe and guaranteed rooting of Android devices read our article.

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How to increase Android RAM without root

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“Is it possible to increase Android RAM memory without root?” is another of the questions we are often asked in these cases, and basically the answer is the same: RAM memory cannot be increased in any way. But with a rooted Android we have more possibilities to make the most of the available RAM. To increase Android RAM without root, we have to create a “swap” on the microSD card, using an application called SWAP – No root, free with in app purchases. Reading the reviews on Google Play, many people say that the app works, and it has recently been updated.

How to increase RAM rooted Android

In this tutorial, I will provide you the solution for theAndroid RAM increase using a Micro SD card. We will use an application called ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP) for increase RAM on our android phone. Download and install Roehsoft RAM Expander on your Android smartphone. The phone needs to be rooted in order for this great application to work. Once done launch the application and then grant Root permission to the application. Now click on the “Swap / Activ” button it will show you some storage devices.

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Here you need to choose the memory card from the list. You will also need to set the new size for the Swap file (follow the on-screen instruction to create the file). After setting the new size, scroll to “Swap / Activ” and wait a few minutes for the process to complete. Once completed, click the “Swap / Active” button and you’re done. You won’t see the increased RAM in the settings, but you will notice a stark improvement in the performance of your Android. Now try playing a heavy game or high-end application, give it a try! Read this article if you want to speed up your Android phone.

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