How to install 2 operating systems on my pc windows and linux – Easy Steps

How to install 2 operating systems on my pc windows and linux

How to install 2 operating systems on my pc windows and linux

It is also important to use the Boot Camp function, which is included in OS X, to access it you must enter “Command + Space and there you write Boot Camp”. Disable UEFI and Secure Boot, if necessary, otherwise it should be left enabled. You have to have the basic understandings to access the BIOS of your machine, normally it is done by pressing “ESC, F2, F12, for example keys”, this is executed at the time of turning on or restarting the computer.

At this time you must modify a username and password to become your first user on the device. To this, you can also put your real name, and you can select another name for the computer. The password is mandatory, but after entering it you can check the box for Connect automatically without asking for the password so that you do not have to use it. The next partition we are going to create is the barter area. It is recommended that its size is twice your RAM memory, at least on computers with 2 GB of RAM or less.

How To Put Windows And Linux Operating Systems On A Computer In 11 Steps

The first thing we must check is that we can install the new Microsoft operating system without problems, since it is much more demanding with the components than version 10. If you have the version of W8, W8.1 or W10, it is much safer if your device includes a UEFI BIOS with Secure Boot. You should also bear in mind that you have to deactivate these options depending on the distribution that is going to be installed, since if they are not deactivated, it will not be possible to start the USB boot disk that was created previously.

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Consequently, using it with the support of Windows can make this task easier for you, since any inconvenience or problem you have can be passed on to someone else and continue with your completely normal activity. As we already know, none of these systems is totally reliable, since any time they could show certain inconveniences and be damaged, preventing us from continuing to use the machine. Right now we must copy each and every one of the files and folders of this ISO, except the folder that says sources, to the FAT32 partition on the USB drive. We open File Explorer and right-click on the Windows 11 ISO file and choose Mount. If you want to know 100% that you can have Windows 11, you can always run Microsoft’s PC Health Check, a program that runs an analysis and tells you precisely if you have compatibility.

Linux Installation From The Beginning

The setup program for each operating system is a little different. In most cases, you will start by selecting your language and keyboard model. The following steps will let you disable fast startup in Windows. Click on the Windows start menu. This creates a new partition of unallocated space on the hard drive. Follow these steps to download and get Rufus from the download page.Scroll down and click on Rufus 3.8. The caveat is if you want to dual-boot Windows alongside macOS on a Mac.

In the case of Windows drivers, you can download them from Apple and store them on the USB drive, so they will be installed automatically once the installation is complete. As mentioned above, your computer must meet a series of requirements to be able to support both OSes, since only some of the computers have the resources and skills to carry out both programs. It is essential that the team does not have much more than five years of employment, since otherwise the performance could become very slow. In addition to this, this is a very simple process to carry out, so you will not need advanced understanding for it. And finally, Rufus will warn you that by carrying out this process you will lose all the data you have on the USB you are going to use. If you are satisfied, click on the Accept button and the bootable USB will begin to be created.

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The only thing you have to write is the size of the space in MB in which you want to reduce the partition, which will be exactly the same space that you leave freed. Above the figure you will see the available space, and below the space that will be left for Windows when the reduction is made. Another aspect that you have to take into consideration is the OS bits, which must be the same as those of your PC’s CPU. If you have 64 there is no problem, it is a modern CPU and all distros have versions for it, but if you have 32 bits you will have to find a distro that still has a version for such old computers. If we need to use an operating system program or tool, it can be a good option.

how to install 2 operating systems on my pc windows and linux

Therefore, here we present the main benefits of having dual-boot. The performance of a PC does not depend only on its hardware, the drivers affect 30 or 40% of the performance. At that moment the computer restarts and the first Windows 11 configuration window should appear. We follow the steps of the wizard and accept the default value in the Volume size window. Just copy all the Windows 11 ISO files and folders, including the ones we copied earlier, to the NTFS partition of the USB drive.

Prepare Your Bootable Usb

In any case, we are going to stick to the development of Ubuntu, which is the same that you will see in many distributions based on Debian and itself. In it, the first screen is an introduction, and you will only have to choose the language and press Next to continue. Once you have chosen the ISO file, the rest of the default options are suitable for practically any case or computer. Therefore, unless you have advanced knowledge and want to change something due to the specific specifications of your computer, leaving everything as it is and pressing the Start Now button is enough to create your USB. In the end I have chosen to use Ubuntu because it is perhaps the best known and one of the ones that is giving the most push outside the more purely Linux field.

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Advantages And Problems Of A Live System

In the Ubuntu boot menu we have the possibility to test the system in “Live CD” mode or simply install it on the disk. In this case, as we want to install it, we select the second option and continue with the process. Check that your computer hardware is capable of running both Windows and Linux.

There you can choose the default OS for the start and the time in seconds that the list should be displayed before the already established operating system loads. B) You do not have another hard drive, nor do you want to modify or remove your Windows 7 installation. B) You do not have another hard drive, nor do you want to modify or remove your XP installation. Go back and create another partition for Windows 7, format it, and exit setup. For that it is necessary to have the start from the optical drive enabled in the setup, if not, enter the setup and enable it.