How to Install App En Smart Tv Lg By Usb – Easy Steps

How to Install App En Smart Tv Lg By Usb

How to Install App En Smart Tv Lg By Usb

In this case, make sure you have a good Wi-fi signal where you have the TV placed. Once this is done, whenever you use a compatible application, click on the icon to carry out ‘cast’ to view the content on television. It does not have a remote, due to the fact that our mobile acts as a remote. An Android TV or set-top box is going to come preloaded with multiple streaming service clients and maybe a few utilities, and there are more apps on the Play Store.

You can also use a netcast operating system to download apps on a capable LG TV, on the home page, it also has a quick menu for the applications section. You can go ahead and download the apps in the premium section and install them on the LG smart TV. This procedure will work very well if you haven’t found the app you need in the LG content store. This means you need to use a Firestick or related stick like Roku or Chromecast to access the desired app. It is clear that unofficial apps do not come with your device and may not be compatible with it.

It is called active because it has a third USB connector that goes to the current. The next step will be to download the APK file on our PC. In this sense, there are many web pages that present us with the possibility of downloading countless APK files from different applications.

Samsung offers you the best technology to enjoy exceptional image quality with its Micro Dimming Pro and Ultra Clean View technology. In addition to this, it has a Dolby Digital Plus audio system so you can enjoy the best sound quality. You will be able to manage the performance of your television at all times thanks to its operating system, thus providing you with very good performance and an incredible user experience. It should be noted that although the screen of your mobile is of enormous quality, it has no comparison with the screen of a television with high resolution.

If the message does not appear, you have to choose USB from the sources menu, exactly the same one you use to switch between the television and the game console, for example. It tends to be recognized as “source” on the buttons on the controller. If you choose the cable well, the process is as simple as connecting the USB side to your smartphone and the HDMI side to the TV. From here the screen of your smartphone will appear on TV and you will have to control everything you want to do from your smartphone. If your phone has micro-USB, the best choice is to opt for a micro-USB to HDMI connector. Depending on whether your TV works with MHL technology or not, you’ll need to get a different cable.

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Keep in mind that an MHL-compatible USB to HDMI cable is different from a cable for TVs that don’t support MHL. All this information can be found in the rules of your telephone and television. If you can’t find it, you can contact the manufacturer to be sure of the device information. Open the Play Store, it is already installed as standard on the Android TV Box, choose the app you want to install on your LG Smart TV. It is enough to have Send Files to TV on your phone and on your television (or top box) from Google plus Play Store and at the same time install a file explorer. In such a case there are many, but my favorite is File Commander, also free on the Google+ Play Store.

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With the smartphone or computer also connected to WiFi, we can play content from the phone on television, using compatible apps. There are many apps that are not available in the Play Store, thanks to this we have no other alternative than to install the APK on an Android TV from selected sources. These TVs use the same operating system as an Android phone. So we have the possibility to download any matching application in APK format and install it without any problems.

Using an adapter and cable is all you need to do to connect your USB-C phone to a TV. In this case you should not worry about the type of HDMI to buy, any is valid for this mission. If your smartphone is modern, it will most likely come with a USB-C connection instead of the classic connector.

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It is essential that during this process you do not remove the USB stick or turn off the device. Keep in mind that with the MHL or Slimport cables on your television you will see absolutely everything that appears on the screen of your smartphone (including the menu buttons). Also, you will not be able to charge the phone while you have it with the TV. An alternative technology to MHL is Slimport, which is used by other mobile models. To find out which gadgets support SlimPort, you can check the list on its official website. In the manual of your mobile you can also see if the phone works with SlimPort or MHL.

how to install app on smart tv lg by usb

Also some Home Cinema models from the years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Several of the LG Netcast Smart TV gadgets from the years 2012 to 2015 and the televisions with OS WebOS from 2014 are compatible with the official Netflix app. If you want to ask for the complete list of compatibility, visit the LG website. Apple TV allows screen sharing from any iOS device to the TV wirelessly. We only need to have the iPhone and Apple TV connected to the exact same Wi-Fi network and use the Airplay option, which will do all the configuration automatically.

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In the same way, although the catalog is modest, the television remote will be the one we use to play. And the usual thing is that in these Smart TVs we find similar propositions to those that we have in the smartphone. You should know that all TV brands have their version of Facebook or Twitter, but they really have very similar aspects to each other. This will help you to be informed of everything and not miss any details. And if you want to reinforce a little more, you will always have the smartphone or tablet as an alternative. The official Chromecast app is Google plus Home, from this application you will be able to communicate the screen of any Android without difficulties or problems.

Since it’s very simple, because the cables you have to use or obtain to connect the mobile to TV via USB will depend a lot on the situation you have. It may be the case that your Sony smar tv does not have Android, here it is time to obtain an Android television Box, its name affirms it, it is a device with Android for TV inside. Follow the steps mentioned in the first section, you must carry out the same as for LG televisions.

If you need to connect it by cable to the highlight, it is preferable that you connect another device such as your PC. These are much more prepared for this type of tasks and have more connections than a mobile phone, so they have the possibility of being more useful. Having an app via APK file can be useful for apps that are not on Google+ Play or, for example, when we do not have an Internet connection. And a very simple way to install applications from outside of Google plus Play is to do it through an app such as Send Files to TV, a tool that is also free and that allows you to send applications from your mobile. The development seems a bit annoying the first time, but the following ones you won’t need much more than to open Send files to television on your smartphone and on the TV, send the APK and install it with the file manager. It is the simplest and most universal way to carry out the process since it is valid for any Android television. In addition, Send files to TV is free, it only has some ads and it will help you to transfer some other file, not just APKs.

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As a note, capable televisions from Sony, LG and Samsung have begun to support this technology as of 2013, although some models from the end of 2012 were already compatible. On the official Miracast page you can ask each and every one of the compatible gadgets. However, the usefulness of Smart TV, introducing the installation of applications, varies from one brand to another. Today we are going to talk about how to add third-party applications on Lg smart tv, so I ask you to read this product to the end, you will get an answer to each and every one of your questions. So stay with us to be able to installation development to install others’ apps on LG Smart TV. So you have found that the app you want is not in the LG Content Store.

We start by opening “Changes” on our TV, for this we will click on the gear-shaped icon. Do you have a USB input port on your TV or Android Box? If this is the case, one of the most practical ways to do it is to copy the APK files to a USB key from a computer and then upload them to Android TV. Smart mobile phones for the elderly have to have features that make life much easier for this type of user. There are elements that are essential to take into account, such as the sizes of the screen and the keys, the design or the battery life. Certain brands have specialized in this group and others have opted for basic smartphones.

Use a micro-USB-/USB-C to USB cable to connect your phone to the TV. Then you must enter changes and, in the USB section, select the perfect external storage mode. This mode allows you to use your Android phone as a hard drive from the gadgets you connect it to. This means that you can use your smartphone as a hard drive by plugging it into your television. Although you can decide to download the applications you want on your LG TV, the company recommends a succession of applications that you can install for free to enjoy each and every one of the content you want. Of course, although most of the recommended apps to download on LG Smart TV are free, many of them require you to be subscribed to the service or pay to connect, as is the case with Netflix.

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