How to Install Electricity Cables in a House – Easy Steps

How to Install Electricity Cables in a House

How to Install Electricity Cables in a House

In addition, it serves to prevent damage to the electrical system itself, by cutting off the current in the event of an overload or short circuit. The control and protection panel of an electrical installation where the protection elements of the electrical circuit of the house are located. How much does it cost to move the electrical panel of a house?

After the days of confinement, the options when looking for a home changed slightly, keep reading the following article and discover the options of users. Is there already a date for the opening of the swimming pools in the communities of owners? After the analysis of the field of construction collected by Randstad last May, we discovered good data for the field of construction in Galicia. Underfloor heating is a system through which heat or cold is radiated from our floor.

The recent houses in addition to this usually have heating and air conditioning, so they incorporate a much more differential for them. When we want to splice electrical cables, for example, the first thing is to cut off the electricity supply, we do not want to get scared. All electrical joints and splices must be done safely. Insulating tape should not be used to join cables to others. There are several types of clamp, which are distinguished mainly by their section, indicated for joining cables of different diameters.

Bonus: Caution With The Bathroom

Check the legislation on installations, use approved material and make sure to cut the supply throughout the work. The electrical power that a house needs will depend on the m2 that it has. Now we leave you a table of proportions in relation to the necessary capacity for a house. To carry out the wiring, you must take into account the diameter of the cable, now we expose in a table the compatibilities of the cables and their functions.

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The best option when it comes to wiring the house is to always use halogen-free cables. Halogens are elements that, if they burn, generate very toxic and caustic gases. Hence, it is necessary to try to gradually replace each and every one of the cables with this alternative. On the façade they are similar to the rest of the wiring, but they provide more security in the event of a fire.

To avoid accidents, the European Copper Institute suggests carrying out periodic inspections of the electrical installation in homes and confirming them in the event of a change of ownership or tenant of the property. Nobody likes corners full of extension cords and cables, that’s why we help you properly plan the electrical installation of your home. Knowing these tips you will be able to cover the electrical requirements of your house without having to have a thousand cables on the floor and walls.

how to install electricity cables in a house

It protects and disconnects the installation at the moment a current leak occurs. Cut off the electricity supply, disconnecting the general switch. If you carry out installations and want to find new clients for the service, register with Certicalia and start working with us. Installation of a light bulb that turns on and off with a switch.

The switches, switches and crossovers are mechanisms that allow the light to be turned on and off from one or different points in the room. You can see more information in our guide to choosing switches, switches and crossovers. Follow the steps below to install electrical mechanisms. To change the electrical installation of a room or a house or premises, it is much more advisable to turn to an electrical professional. Especially in the event that it is necessary to carry out clearances or replace the tubes in which the cables are.

It is advisable to always use the correct one, for the number of cables and their thickness. The cables must be well secured, but they must enter with ease, so that no copper wire is ever left outside the terminal. They are sold in strips that are cut with a knife according to the poles that are required.

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The Much More Common And Necessary Cables In The House

The unipolar ones are only left for replacement of defective ones in old installations. Protection volume. Inside this space you can only have lighting fixtures with particular protection, Class II, without switches or power outlets. As for electric radiators, they must be equipped with a 30mA differential protection. The electrical installations consist of different circuits that come from the electrical panel system. Each one of them is associated with a switch in said panel.

SubscribeI accept that my data is processed to receive offers and news. Always cut off the power at all times before carrying out any type of manipulation. Casa Decor Madrid 2013 is about to take over the Embassy and for its 48th edition it has chosen this space on Calle Fernando el Santurrón, 16. In homes we like them to be pleasant and if we like to walk barefoot there is no better floor than the parquet and in this way we avoid constipation day in and day out in winter. A new material repels water until it bounces, in such a way that it would be an advance applicable to solar panels and other resources to optimize them to the maximum. We tell you some tricks to keep your house burning without a surprise on the bill at the end of the month.

Learn How To Change Old Electrical Outlets In Your Home

Changing the electrical installation also requires much more decision making. The main one is to establish where the new cables will pass. If the grooves are already made and they go through the interior part of the walls in tubes that are resistant to fire, the simplest thing is to pass them through exactly the same place as the old ones. The same happens if it is not necessary to add more sockets.

Primordial Tools for the Electrical Installation of the House

To put it on, you may first have to cut it to size with a hacksaw. Separate the base from the top and glue or screw the first one to the wall, above the skirting board. But if you want to hide the electrical installation, carrying it out in the baseboard or plinth is one of the most practical and simple ideas when you want to avoid projects. With the pieces in wood or PVC we can cover the entire perimeter of a room, housing the cables safely and aesthetically.

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Choosing The Section Of The Electric Cable For Homes

142.5mm2Low Low consumption extension cords, lamps.161.5mm2Very lowElectronic products such as thermostats, bells or security systems. Depending on the voltage for which the cables are prepared to work, they are categorized into sets of voltages that go by ranges of volts. It is a single wire in solid state, it is not malleable and has no coating, a sample case of use of this class of conductors is the use for connection to ground in group with ground rods. We remember that the conductor is the component that transports electricity. Here you will find any product related to the installation of antennas and television, from antenna amplifiers to home amplifiers, including television distributors and TV outlets. Here you will find products from the field of industrial automation from developers such as SIEMENS and TELEMECANIQUE.

In a home, the maximum consumption power is controlled by means of an electrical panel. This panel, for its part, protects against any possible short circuit or electrical overload. According to data from last year, the victims of fires caused by electrical failures reached an average of 150 dead and 1,600 injured. In this country, 42 fires broke out in homes every day, and the number of people injured by contact with electric current was more than 7,000 people a year. Cut the phase cable that goes to the light (copper or black color) and put the 2 ends to each of the mechanism’s terminals.

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