How To Install Google Apps On Huawei P40 Lite – Easy Steps

How To Install Google Apps On Huawei P40 Lite

How To Install Google Apps On Huawei P40 Lite

The main obstacle is that without Google plus Drive, I can’t dump WhatsApp backup and Phone Clone method didn’t work either. WhatsApp is usable on the P40, but this is a problem for those of us who use the application as the main method of communication and do not want to miss the chats. For the record, I love Telegram, but in the end, WhatsApp is the messaging tool used by almost the entire planet and where countless conversations take place. But what interested me most about Phone Clone was being able to copy WhatsApp chats so that I could pass the SIM. However, although the application was copied, the local backup did not and when I started I found myself with an empty app, which forced me to return the SIM to my previous mobile.

Therefore, if we want to download the latest version, we will need to manually check if there is a new APK available. Fortunately, there is a procedure that also allows you to have Google+ Maps and even update it. Changes in technology are constant and probably if you get to this product months later, you will find that some option has stopped working or does not give the expected result. To start with the development that allows us to have all the services of the company running and access to the applications of the enormous G, we only have to download the APK that we share with you. It is completely safe and will not cause any inconvenience for our Huawei terminal as it is expressly created to coexist with the services of the Chinese firm. The ideal in this step is to restart the terminal so that everything is configured properly.

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The last step is to install the APK that has the Google+ Play services inside and check that we still have ID. If everything is correct, we restart the smartphone and we already have everything ready. In step 4 we install the APK that what it will do is assign us a new ID so that the Google plus services work without errors, but before that we have to carry out another step. Go to Changes – Applications and stop development ‘Google+ Services Framework’. This should remove the ID we saw in the Device ID app. To recover it, you have to enter the Play Store and wait a few moments for it to assign us a new ID. Once we have the package on the USB drive, we connect it to the mobile and navigate to the folder through the Files application.

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It is in charge of directing the applications and removing the block to Google plus Applications. Go to changes / security and activate the option strange origins. Download the app here and also install it like any other app.

The browser interface itself encourages you to install the application on the phone’s startup interface to access it just as if it were a traditional application. Click on the 3-dot button located in the upper right corner, select Add to main screen and in the new window choose Add. The Chinese phone firm knows the adversities that individuals face when we want to get access to Gmail, YouTube or the rest of the GMS applications on the P40 Lite or other models. It is for this reason that he invented a plan against which Google+ cannot put land in the middle for us to use.

how to install google apps on huawei p40 lite

In the case of not receiving it in a matter of a few minutes, restart the smartphone. Open Play Store, ignore the errors and download the VTecno Device ID app. We add the Google plus account, as many times as necessary in the event that an error is displayed. We touch on the green arrow where all the services will be installed. The Huawei P40 Lite is perhaps the most balanced member of the entire P40 family.

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In order to install Google+ services, an external USB-C device or a USB-OTG adapter is required, since we must install the files on the mobile from an external drive. We could say that if you don’t use many Google plus applications you won’t have any problems, but knowing Google+ services goes beyond the company’s apps. As I have been commenting much above, there are other apps like VSCO, Todoist or Fitbit that don’t work for me either, and they are not the only ones that use Google plus Services to work.

This first process is the most recommended, since, although it can bring with it certain specific limitations, it does not imply any dangerous installation on the smartphone. To update the app, go to the Aurora Store and click on ‘Updates’. All the applications with new free version will appear there. Click on ‘Update All’ and the latest version will be downloaded. If you have already installed the Maps APK using the first method, you are not required to uninstall and reinstall it.

How To Install Google+ Play On Huawei P40 Lite Tutorial

The circle much closer to the birthday boy decides to give him a new phone. And, after seeing the many options on the market, one of the latest Huawei models is chosen, such as, for example, the Huawei P40 Lite. You have to turn on USB debugging in the developer settings, which you make noticeable by giving it multiple times about the build number in “about”. When you have enabled debugging, when you connect it to the computer, the smartphone will ask you for confirmation that you must accept. I have not done it because I am still fine with what I have, but a Russian colleague passed me the files. From the bottom of the screen to finish and return to the boot interface.

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At this point, it is time to evaluate less orthodox methods. Click on “Install” or “Obtain” to start the installation of the application on your Huawei P40 lite E. It may ask you for confirmation to download the App if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network, since the data will be deducted from your rate that the application occupies. We have already seen with the Mate 30 Pro how a door was opened with the LZPlay application to provide Google+ services throughout the month of October of last year. After completing the installation development, we will see new icons on our mobile. One of them called Googlefier and another LZPlay that is in charge of offering us access to a backup copy with free Google+.

Beyond the fact that before turning off the Huawei P40 Lite you will be able to see that the Google++ Protect service appears in the signal bar to ensure that each and every one of the contents installed on it is protected. Or that the icon of the Google plus app added to the Play Store appears with the rest of the installed tools. After inclusion in the entity list of the US Department of Commerce, Google plus was forced to stop helping the Chinese brand in the advancement of its phones. This means that, as has happened so far, Chinese smartphones manage to work with a version of Android that is not certified, that is, they cannot use Google plus services.

On paper great platforms, at least in the absence of being able to test them. And although the hardware shines, for many the absence of Google+ Applications is an essential handicap. Huawei tries with its own developments, but the shadow of Google plus apps is long. Close from multitasking and open it again to check that you receive it.

First of all, you must know the web version of the Gallery Application and log in with the same user you have on your smartphone. In step 3 you have to install a new APK, which is the “Google+ Services Framework” and wait for it to connect to the server and the Play Store starts running. Once inside, we must have the Device ID application, which is what will give us the Google plus Service Framework ID, the identifier of our device to connect to the Play Store.

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We don’t have the usual Google+ added protection, and we’re going to have to download a file from the internet, which can open the door to viruses and hackers. We have tested the process first-hand and have not found any problems. Next, we will proceed to touch the Shortcut Maker application that contains this folder and do each and every one of the processes that it indicates. To finally touch the file that begins with the name play, which will give us access to Google plus Play in the startup interface to get everything we want, just as if we had the services on our smartphone.

Changing anything like for example closing apps in the background or opening an app that is not mentioned can cause it to not install properly. So we encourage you to arm them with patience before starting the development, charge the smartphone and reset it to factory. The tool with a screwdriver is designed to fix the alerts, which on certain smartphones fail after the installation of GMS. Then comes the moment to install HiSuite on the PC and the HiSuite Proxy tool with which we will be able to choose the file with the previous version of EMUI. In addition to writing video game and technology news, I program in VB/C++ and so on.

Also comment that, although I marked that the calendars be copied, only those for holidays and birthdays were copied, nothing from the partners to my Google plus accounts. Enter your username, the name you want to appear to your contacts on WhatsApp. Although there are some very popular ones that the user may not find, such as the ones mentioned in Google plus. In that case, there are other ways and entrance doors to them.

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