How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei Y6p – Easy Steps

How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei Y6p

How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei Y6p

For now, this method is available for Huawei and Honor smartphones with Android 10 and EMUI 10. If you are on a different version, we advise you not to try it, as it will be impossible to carry out. There are many alternative methods to download Google plus services on a Huawei device and honestly this is the most permanent and, more than anything, much much simpler to have than all those that exist on the network. At this time this headache has come to an end thanks to an infallible method to install Google plus services on Huawei.

And not only this, but Huawei has already warned its users that downloading unknown applications is risky, since the APK that contains the app could have been modified with malware and compromise the security of such mobile gadgets. Installation development doesn’t take too long, in a minute or 2 it will be complete now. When everything is done, an option to sign in to the Google plus account will appear on the screen. This should not be done, due to the fact that this is requested by our application, which, as it is not a fully trusted app, it is better to avoid doing it in this case. It is best to uninstall this app from such a Huawei phone and then restart the phone.

And all for not having the certificate, causing different apps, such as those from banks, to fail to run on a Huawei smartphone. In this case, we must resort to this APK, where we can directly find the app that is ready to offer us access to Google plus Play on Huawei smartphones, without the need to simply enter our Google+ account. Finally, it will be enough to open the Google+ Play Store, register with your Google plus account and also have the rest of the huge Mountain View apps from the store.

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Fortunately, it is very easy to have Google+ services on a Huawei. If you still have any questions about how to have the Play Store on Huawei or Google+ Services, you can leave it a little further down in the comment box and we will be happy to help you as much as possible. Remember that in Mira Como Se Hace you can find an infinite number of quite useful tutorials on technology and the internet.

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What happens is that when activating Google+ Services in this way, the system was changed and it is detected by the Google plus store. Therefore, you can witness these kinds of issues, as discussed above, in specific apps. You will not be able to download apps where your account is registered in the beta version of the app. It’s like an Android emulator, but it works amazingly well, with very good performance.

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We will always be able to install these apps via APK, but they will not appear in the store. In the same way, Google plus Pay does not work, so you cannot use the Google+ payment interface as the device is not certified. However, we can use the banking apps in the normal way. The name of the APK package is qiyetonginstallerfull.apk and it has a weight of 153.86 megabytes.

With it we will install LZPlay and the process that we have been able to see on other occasions will be executed, worse without the need to worry about so many developments, since everything is automated. Before getting down to work, we must follow a sequence of steps that are perhaps going to be the only ones that are much more complex that we are going to find thanks to the new method of obtaining Google+ services. Some time ago we already explained the procedures that must be carried out in the tutorial to download the EMUI version, which we must complete to continue with this process.

how to install google play services on huawei y6p

Googlefier is an easy tool, which was created to install Google+ services and applications on Huawei terminals in the simplest possible way. To go, it leans on the back door that previously now allowed Google+ applications to be available on mobile phones such as the Huawei Mate 30, through the Chinese application LZplay. Although Huawei tries to offer us our own choices for Google+ applications and services, not everyone is able to live with a Huawei mobile without them, so ways to get them are continually being sought. The latest development to successfully install Google+ services and apps on Huawei successfully tries to make the process much easier for us and succeeds. To this we must add that the Google plus payment system, obviously, will not be free, and other applications such as Netflix cannot play HD content, since these smartphones do not have Widevine certification.

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A menu will appear where simply by tapping on “Detect Device” and then on “Repair Now” the device manager will open, and once it is open, press “Activate”. The first thing is to download the Chat Partner app to your smartphone, which weighs about 147 MB. The first thing will be to download, from your mobile, the Chat Partner app.

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Another piece of information, when you install the “DualSpace” app, a notification will be running in the background whose mission will be to receive all the alerts that the apps that you have installed send you and in this way you can be notified, and not lose them. You will NOT be able to use applications that require the “Always access location at all times” permission, since “DualSpace” only has the permission to use “Accept once access location”. Your purchases of apps and games from Google+ Play will NOT appear even if you are signed in with your Google plus account, the same if you have family purchases. It is obvious that publishing a device without these services in Europe will undoubtedly not work as it is doing in China and it happens that we are a market that is tied to those services on Android, whether we like it or not.

And it is only enough to index the service in the search engine to install the application. As you progress, Google plus services and apps will be installed. Even in 2021, it is still feasible to install Google+ applications and services on Huawei terminals. Regarding the APK, as we said, it contains the precise files to install the Google plus APKs themselves, with APIs corresponding to both Android Pie and Android 10. Its weight (much more than 150 megabytes) is precisely due to containing these precise files for installation.

The solution is so easy that it is surprising that it has not been approved before. Huawei has allowed GSpace to enter the App Gallery and thanks to this, you can use the Google+ app store on Huawei without any problems. Fortunately, there is now an infallible trick to have Google plus services on a Huawei smartphone or tablet that puts an end to these headaches. From the moment that Trump’s veto took effect, Huawei gadgets no longer have Google+ services and although there are tricks to install them, in the short-medium term they stop working. There are multiple recent paths that lead us to be able to access the Google plus application store on a Huawei mobile.

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How to Install Google Plus Services on a Huawei via Apk

The first thing that this application will show is a new window asking for privileges to have apps through a process called Chat Partner. We offer you to allow without checking any other box and we proceed to provide this app. Pressing this button will also apply LZPlay and each and every one of the necessary files to start the simple steps that will lead us to get the Google+ apps on Huawei with this same Googlefier app. At this moment that we are in the precise version of EMUI, we will proceed to have the Googlefier app on our mobile in a normal and current way, which will work as a bridge for all the steps that we are going to follow.

The Much Easier Way To Have Google Plus Play Services On Huawei Smart Phones

Now, there is a small problem and that is that GSpace is not compatible with all Huawei smartphones. To give you an idea, it only supports certain models, among which is the entire Huawei P40 family, the Y range phones and the Chinese brand’s MatePad tablets. Regardless of the version of EMUI that we have on our mobile, we will have another method similar to that of Gspace, but that is much more convincing and functional for many clients. It becomes the alternative for some Huawei models that for some unknown reason do not have the possibility of using Gspace. On the other hand, it should be noted that this procedure may not work on smartphones with recent EMUI versions, such as the Huawei P50 Pro or the Huawei Nova 9, both with EMUI 12 inside.

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