How To Install Play Store On Huawei P Smart – Easy Steps

How To Install Play Store On Huawei P Smart

How To Install Play Store On Huawei P Smart

Enrique.l.rivera Rather, it was the last one they released with Google+ services. User I should have returned it, the system for having Google+ Play Store is horrible… However, the oleophobic protection layer on the back is not fully achieved, so its shiny area is too easily smudged, leaving a trace of fingerprints that is difficult to remove

I managed to download it on the phone but it does not open and without it I cannot download and run different applications. You should practically only use Google+ apps through the online medium. If we open Google plus Play we already have the possibility of logging in with our gmail username and password and having apps in a classic way on Android. It is simply getting used to downloading everything from Petal Search or the Gallery Application, without fearing that the smartphone will be out of communication or that our phone will not be updated. On the negative side, certain categories such as games still suffer from many deficiencies, something to be taken into account by the players. In reality, Petal Search is an application search engine, which uses the web page of its developers and the repositories of others as sources.

Choose yours in the list and press Accept to send the installation to said smartphone. In other words, in the event that you have not created a Huawei account on your mobile, you will have to do so beforehand. In the web version of Huawei App Gallery, you can log in by tapping on the avatar in the upper right corner. If at any time you have installed an app on your Android smartphone through the web version of Google+ Play, carrying it out on a Huawei mobile with Gallery Application is basically the same, apart from the obvious differences.

Review: Huawei P Smart 2021, A Complete Smartphone Without Complications

We have enough battery for a day, good performance, 4 cameras, a nice design, an acceptable screen and no trace of Google plus. A challenge that we faced with some fear and distrust, why exactly deny it, and that we have finished these 15 days of testing without missing Google+. In short, with Huawei Mobile Services you can live, and in this way you do not depend so much on Google+. Of course, we lose comfort by requiring extra steps to install many apps, something that less specialized customers may find complicated. Android is an open source program that is officially released after its presentation. That is, priority is given to those who do have authorization, and about 20 days later, the Android version is released, then you can get the Android AOSP code and also implement it on Huawei smartphones without Google+ services.

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Good work by Huawei in this regard that is transferred to the treatment of the headphone jack, which has the extra settings of Huawei Listen, and to audio through Bluetooth. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you, and we also invite you to discover how to install Google+ Play on a Kindle Fire tablet. After development is complete, the standalone device will say Submitted, while the Huawei device will say Transfer Complete. Then click on the Transfer option, located at the bottom of the screen. Make sure that the details you see on both screens match and, if so, click on Connect.

How to install Play Store on Huawei P Smart

It seems that Huawei lacks a bit of a walk to match its Kirin processors to those of the competition, such as the Qualcomm or Exynos on duty. Although we think that more than a question of power, it is a question of optimization. If we stick to pure and hard performance, the Huawei P Smart 2021 goes without problems, although occasionally we have felt slower in some processes such as heavy games. In its frontal region, the notch in the form of a drop stands out set in the upper part of the screen.

Google Plus Play Services

On the screen we find a hole in the glass where the front camera is located. An inclination already settled and that despite everything is smaller in size and located in the center of the screen, which stimulates symmetry. On the edges, also well finished, we see a fingerprint reader that works quite well, but it will be inconvenient for left-handers.

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To start with the development that allows us to have each and every one of the services of the American company running and access to the applications of the enormous G, we only have to download the APK that we share with you. It is completely safe and will not cause any inconvenience for our Huawei terminal, since it is expressly created to coexist with the services of the Chinese firm. The first time we access the application that we have just downloaded and have on the phone called Dual Space, it will ask us for an extensive number of permissions, which we must accept so that there are no errors in the process. Without them we will not be able to continue, sooner or later, we could have failures and have to go through the uninstall process again to start then install it again and start the process.

You can have both applications installed on the same P smart 2021 device. Fortunately, we have the possibility to log in without it, we will only have to go to the browser and enter Google plus. Once inside we go to the Security section and in the Two-Step Verification section we deactivate it momentarily. Therefore, as soon as we have the account linked to Dual Space on our Huawei P40 Lite, we will be able to activate it again in the same menu and nothing will affect us. As has happened on other occasions with other developers, Huawei decided to include the traditional macro and bokeh sensors, which lack quality to be at the level of the main lens.

Have Google Play Store On Huawei That You Can Get On

One of the best known ways to have Google plus services on smartphones from the Chinese brand is to use GoogleFier, a well-known app that allows us to have Google+ apps on Huawei smartphones without too many complications. It was among the first methods discovered and that today continues to work on most Huawei mobiles, although for this we must first follow a process to download it to the EMUI 10 version. Once we are in EMUI 10 in the model in question, We will only have to download the Googlefier app that we are missing and it is the one that will give us the opportunity to complete the development.

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P Smart 2021 integrates 4 AI cameras, the 48 MP high-resolution camera helps you catch unforgettable moments with vivid data and ultra… Equipped with Huawei Supercharge 22.5 W, Huawei P Smart 2021 allows you to watch up to 2 hours of video simply on a charge of ten… Apps may not work if you uninstall Google plus Play services. Google+ Play services also enhance your app experience. It facilitates offline searches, gives much more immersive maps and optimizes gaming experiences.

In the end, we have a significant loss of competitiveness on our hands for a range, that of the P Smart that in previous years was almost a must at the time of the recommendations and that now must stay, practically mandatory, outside. A pity because this phone is the successor of genuine best sellers in previous generations, and now it probably goes through the market without pain or glory. Let’s trust that the blockade will be reversed and certain points will be solved. When we have abundant light, the focus is fast and the shot is even faster. It handles areas with complex dynamic range well and smoothly handles backlighting. Slightly oversaturates shots, but not too much, and gives fairly sharp edges without jagged edges.

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