How to install the digital certificate of the Dni on the computer – Easy Steps

How to install the digital certificate of the Dni on the computer

How to install the digital certificate of the Dni on the computer

If you don’t have a Lock Pattern or PIN established (depending on the Android version you may need one or the other) the system doesn’t allow the installation of the certificate. We teach you how to activate certificates, how to download them to your computer and how to use your DNIe to process any online request and payment with your certificate and personal electronic signature. Take advantage of the considerable virtues associated with the Electronic DNI.

As you can see, the list is much more extensive, completing a long catalog of virtues associated with the new electronic DNI. This certificate will disappear from the system, and will automatically become unavailable to Windows and any other apps. Under Export file format, click Next. Now, it asks you to confirm that the address where the certificate is located is correct. “Show advanced options” which we must choose.

How to know if your ID is electronic?

This will allow us to carry out procedures through the official state portals, such as the DGT, Castastro, etc. There are more and more services provided by the state to carry out actions such as the income statement, request an appointment for the doctor or request state scholarships. Some of them only require identification through a user, others require a digital certificate, many of which we can do thanks to our electronic ID. In this step by step we are going to teach you how to install Windows 10 electronic ID.

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You are ready to play, update the system, download… We start from the fact that you requested a digital certificate, with the previously mentioned requirements and following the regulations of the National Currency and Stamp Factory. In the third corner you must have the CardModule and PKCS cryptographic modules. At this address you have the corresponding installers for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Previous Steps Before Installing It

If you make a copy and send it, you don’t lose it on your computer. It is just as if you make a copy and save it on another PC or external device or wherever you want (which must be done to avoid many problems). Hello Adriana, perhaps what is happening is that the copy is not done correctly. When carrying out the copy there is a screen where you put the password and there is a small box «exportable key». If you do not check this box, the certificate will not be valid. Although you mention that it is exactly the same computer, it may seem like it, but it is not a “just formatted” it is the other way around, it is formatted, that is, like new.

how to install the digital certificate of the dni on the computer

Press the Import button and choose the file where you saved the certificate. Downloading the file starts the installation wizard. Write the backup password for the copy and once entered, click “OK”.

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What do we need to install Windows Ten Electronic ID

Public administrations use the Java platform to manage the certificates and signatures that you make through their web portals. Hello Rafael, if it does not allow you to export the key, the error is in the installation. And without the key the certificate is not used for anything. If you finish requesting it, you can call the FNMT-Ceres and revoke it. Hello Sara, as indicated on the FNMT page, you can make the copy immediately after downloading the certificate, which the application itself asks if you want to carry out.

You should know that the DNI 3.0 also has these advantages, and in addition to this it is capable of working through an NFC chip. To renew the certificate it is necessary to have the software indicated in this chapter. Now we go to the “Content” tab and in this, click on “Certificates”. So we will see these two installed certificates.

But if you don’t do it then you can’t do it later. That is, the entry path to the certificate is not found. I click a couple of times on the icon and the certificate import wizard opens directly. Beyond that I am sure that it is the one that I put to export it (I copied it and I always use exactly the same one).

Also send it to you by WhatsApp, Telegram or another mail application. Enter it, and the certificate will be installed on the new pc. The request for the certificate using an Android smartphone or other device is not yet operational.

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In Spain they are delivered by the National Currency and Stamp Factory. A copy of the same certificate can be imported multiple times. Otherwise, it will appear repeated in the certificate selection window when signing, with each name that has been established. Your personal certificate will appear with your name and surname, which you will be able to locate in the “Personal” tab, select it and click on “Export”. You will press the “Content” window and you will choose the “Certificates” option.

Bewor Tech Certificadoelectronico Es

To have Windows 10 electronic ID and for it to be functional, we will need this software. To download it, we should not go to the website of the National Police Corps. In Mozilla firefox we also have the possibility of entering the certificates from the tools section to consult the ones we have, delete them or import and save them.