How to install the Google bar on my cell phone – Easy Steps

How to install the Google bar on my cell phone

How to install the Google bar on my cell phone

Once the application is installed, we must either click on its icon in the application drawer or directly install one of its widgets. It is good that you take a look at the latter to be able to adjust the widget, but you will have to click on the first option. Among the options that appear, choose Search and then choose Custom Search. Intrigued by the thing and eager to exploit the feature in question on his mobile, he hastened to search the internet for much more information on this and ended up in my guide.

Another quick method is to make a link directly from the desktop using a tool provided by Windows. To adjust the Google++ search bar you just have to touch the three points of the Menu that appears at this time in your widget. You just need to have the latest beta version of the Google plus+ app installed on your Android device. If you have an app launcher other than Google plus added Now Launcher you will be able to adjust its search widget.

It has more than 50 million downloads thanks to the advanced tools that it includes within it. Thanks to Weather & Radar you can keep an eye not only on the weather forecast, but also detailed information on the evolution of the next few days, the wind and the air quality in real time. The software has come to fix all our problems based on programs with a huge variety of functions. Currently you can get apps for practically any activity and checking the time is no exception.

Click on the icon and choose the browser you want – Firefox Focus in our example. In the Internet address section, click on the icon on the right and select your preferred search engine – Duck Duck Go in our example. In browser choose one from the list it gives – discover the installed ones. The Google+ app offers widgets of two different sizes, a 2×2 square one and a 4×2 rectangular one. Due to the limits and design of Apple widgets, it is impossible to have a 4×1 with just the search bar like in Android.

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You will enter the list of widgets, where at the top there is a search engine in which you can simply write Google plus plus. However, the Google+ plus widget should immediately appear at the top of the relevant ones, and if not, scroll down the list of apps until you find Google++. Click on the Google plus widget or app added to the list to enter the free ones. Once downloaded and also installed, the following steps are to use the widget in order to make it work. With the Google++ bar widget there will be quick access to any search that is wanted at that exact moment, in addition to this it does not consume high RAM memory.

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Choose the theme you prefer to change the Google plus icon and apply the modification. The current Google+ logo will be displayed in the upper left corner of this window. In the small window that will open, choose “Change icon” and then “Browse”. At this point, you will be able to select the downloaded image in the ico format. In the right section of the screen, you will notice that the image of the icon that you dropped or dragged in the previous step is loaded.

How To Configure The Google Plus Toolbar On Ios

Knowing all this mentioned before, now we will be able to hide our folders, pages, and even have them on the mobile, as long as it is synchronized with the same account that our device has. First of all, we want to make it clear that our Google+ browser does not offer us any specific built-in function that allows us to do this. Therefore, what we are going to try to do is be a little more skunky and take advantage of other features related to these bookmarks to hide the folders that interest us. Of course, it is important to know for the future where we have hidden these elements in question in order to access exactly the same and not lose them. We click on the hamburger menu icon located in the upper right corner, the one with three horizontal lines.

how to install the google bar on my cell phone

Floating Tool Bar (called “Pro Bar” on the desktop) is a free app on Google+ Play that will allow us to activate an alternative toolbar on the desktop of our Android device. We have the possibility to enable the bar for any part of the operating system, which will work without problems. When you add the widget to certain desktops, you will be able to move it to place it in the place you want. And if you want, you can delete it and then re-add the other one of the other size depending on what you need and how you think it will fit. These launchers are editable and let you put whatever apps you want on the start menu at will.

But, in the event that this does not happen with your terminal, enter the Google+ Play Store, search for it and install it as well. On your Android device, turn off any apps or settings that can harm your Wi-Fi connection, such as Sprint Connections Optimizer or Smart Network Switch. Now find the wi-fi settings, long press on each famous network and forget about it. If you don’t have the app, you can press the QR code button on the new iOS device and scan the QR code with the Android device’s camera to open the Google plus Play Store. All the previously mentioned options take us to the same place, where we will create a folder that will contain each and every one of the pages that we want to hide, or we will directly include that folder. This option to create folders, we have it in the right menu represented with three points.

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How about this content?

Exactly the same on other Android phones, we will also be able to easily add a widget to the main panel of our Samsung Galaxy smartphones. To do this, we only have to press on an empty space on the device’s boot interface. Then, go to the option called Widgets and look for the one called Weather. The first thing that many customers do when they try to add time to the Android mobile screen is to think about installing an app that allows it, but it is not a requirement. The Android system by itself already has an alternative that allows it and is available on all smartphones with the steps that we are going to discuss later. We will even tell you the process that you must follow depending on the mobile brand that you have in your possession.

In this regard, Google plus has set the default search widget on the desktop of mobile phones at the time the system is first run. In this way, it is feasible to do it on Android gadgets, for several editions of this OS. What, gives the simplicity of making searches thousandths of a second fast, being among the mechanisms that its clients use the most every day. Beyond the fact that many people choose to eliminate it, just as many others prefer to use it, thanks to various causes. The main one is the tranquility that this type of device exhibits in an intelligent mobile device.

And, the unbeatable thing is that, in each and every layer of customization, the style will be different. Although, there is no doubt that the information will be approximately similar in all smartphones with the Google+ OS. Huawei smartphones also have an option to control the weather on the smartphone from the home screen. In addition to the fact that it closely resembles the previous Xiaomi Chinese customization cover.

You just have to click on remove or drag that bar to the trash and in this way it will be removed from the home screen of your Android phone. On several phones, in the boot layout we are currently with a search bar with which to carry out searches in the browser considerably faster. Beyond that the existence of that bar is largely dependent on the customization layer you use on your phone. The app lets us add a toolbar with apps, music, toggles, weather, contacts, net sites, calendar events, and recent apps. And not only that, and it happens that we have the ability to change the appearance of the bar and put them in dark mode or in any free color. To do this, visit the relevant section of the Play Store and tap the dispose button.

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When you’re done, use the Shift + Delete shortcut to remove it. This only works for browser recommendations and not Google+, but it can be interesting if that’s what you want. You just have to select it using the arrows on your keyboard and delete with the Shift and Delete key. Google plus results suggestions, related outcomes… They are 2 of the tools that we have at the time we use Google plus. On the other hand, you can understand which areas are on alert due to temporary conditions and even view a radar that shows the progress of the rain over the hours.

Although if we choose it, we can carry out all this with other third-party apps that work in a similar way as we now commented previously. With which everything will depend on each user and, more than anything, if they are convinced by the program tool that comes by default on their mobile or choose to use an application from Google+ Play. Shortcut Tool is a slightly more complete and advanced application than the previous app. If Floating Tool Bar seemed decaffeinated to you, you can try this application, it is the most complete we have found to have an alternative toolbar. There are different ways to remove the Google+ bar and each of them depends on the type of phone you have. Now we tell you how to delete it in three different ways.

And not only that, and we can change the appearance of the bar and put them in dark mode or in any free color. Perhaps this is much more evident if we look at the eternal search bar that we find on the home screen. Unless we use a custom launcher, it is difficult to remove it from the middle. And if we go into links, we use Google chrome Custom Tabs to navigate by default.

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