How to install two light points with a switch – Easy Steps

How to install two light points with a switch

How to install two light points with a switch

Then, in the same way, connect the blue cables coming from the electrical panel that also go to each lamp. Except for the crossing that two cables arrive from each switch. Assuming that the switched installation was for rooms, we would use 2 switches and a crossing, with the difference that the lighting sockets are located at the head of the bed. In the image we see the difference with the switched switch. There is no input for the line, but rather four arrows that indicate where to place the pairs of cables that go to the switches.

Although it is preferable to carry several centimeters more, while sometimes we do not take into account that a straight line is not followed. In the other two terminals, which are not painted red, they will be numbered, probably as 1 and 2, and it is used to connect the output. In some of them you can connect the return cable that goes to the luminaires. Do not touch cables or electrical appliances with bare feet or wet hands. To perform this installation, you need to understand the basics of electricity. You must know how to distinguish the different cables and know their functionalities.

Location Statistics

Just turn on the general light for the entire home again and check that everything has been done properly and that there is no fault in the double switch. When you think about the cables that have to be connected, you don’t have to think about a single cable, normally there are three, in any case 4, the cables that start from the switch box. An electrical programmer is among the most useful instruments that can be used in the domestic sphere to automatically make some parts of the house. Now, we will show you the models that exist and how they are used to supervise the different devices in a house. In this last situation, any switch that is actuated again will close the circuit again and the lamp will turn on.

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That by means of a mechanism you can turn the light on and off in 2 separate places. If you want to light any room in your home by zones, you must have a double switch for two light points. However, if you want to control a lamp from more points you will need to use switches or crossovers. Finally, put the trim frames on each mechanism, reconnect the power input, and verify that the toggle switches are working properly. On the switch, connect the two brown wires to the two recurrent outputs.

Circuit Installation

When you touch the button, the rocker of the mechanism moves to open or close the light circuit. 4.- Connect the cables of the switch according to the electrical diagram that corresponds to it. Just as you can choose the elements of a mechanism separately, so too in a pack of switches. If the difference between switch, switch and crossing has not yet been clear to you, press Play.

how to install two points of light with a switch

Another recommendation that can be made about the installation of a double circuit breaker is that the installation that is done is always highly essential that it be embedded. I want to receive information about articles and promotions that can benefit me. The editorial staff of canalHOGAR has been studying and publishing articles related to the world of the home for much more than ten years, with topics such as DIY, cooking recipes and household cleaning, among others. Do not miss all our tips and guides to make your home the home you have always dreamed of. Now involved in the task, the first thing is going to be to calculate the meters of cable that are needed and the tones of these that must continue the electrical specifications of this country.

All Series of Mechanisms and Plugs

Place the trim, the buttons and the cover of the registration box. Next you will need to run the wires through the junction box. When you see that the guide comes out of the second box, mark the other end of the guide with electrical tape and pull until it reaches the other side. In this way, it is possible to measure how many meters of cable are necessary to join the switches, although it is always convenient to have a little more. Before starting to install the double switch, the necessary materials must be gathered to carry out the process and the essential tools to execute it must be available. In any case, neither several materials nor exactly a large number of tools are needed, but it is necessary to mention those few elements that are going to be required.

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Turn off the power and wear the correct clothing for the procedure. Next, you will have to connect the 2 copper or gray cables that you find in the box to the registration box, where you will have to put them through the corrugated cylinders. Already in the registration box, the connection of the blue cables with the cables that arise from the box where the switch will be located will be made. At the same time, in the register box, the connection of the corresponding grounding cables that will have arrived from the different points throughout the process of having a double switch must also be made.

The crossing that fulfills the function of a bridge is placed between two switches. The crossover connects via 2 wires to each switch. 1.- Put 2 phase cables that go from the mechanism box to the register box. Then run each wire through its corrugated tube to the light fixture. Two corrugated tubes should come out of this register box, each one will go between the lamps. If you want to light the lamp from much more than 2 points, we must resort to the use of crossing switches.

How To Wire A Three Way Light Switch?

However, if we activate the first one, the current can now pass, even though we have not touched the second one. If we then activate the second, it returns to not reaching the current to its destination. Keep in mind that power strips are ideal for connecting low-power electrical devices. 1.-Disconnect the electrical current of the circuit to be handled.

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The switches allow on/off from a single point and are eminently used in small rooms, where the switch can be placed next to the door. 5.- Put the mechanism in its place and screw the screws on both sides of it. There are embed in the wall and area switches. Such as, waterproof switches for outside.


The lamp socket has a wire that comes from the switch and another that goes directly to the current, the neutral wire. That schematic forms a circuit that gives light to the lamp and turns off when the switch breaks the circuit. If you are going to use 2 switches now installed, first of all you will have to check that they are switches and you will have to disassemble the mechanisms and also integrate the new cables that are going to join these switches. Having a double switch is really useful in some rooms of the house where you want to turn different light points on and off from the same corner, but without dependency. To serve as an example, in bathrooms, where it is necessary to turn on the general light or the speculum light separately.

Similarly, flipping the switch again breaks the circuit and the electricity stops flowing – the light goes out. If much more than two switches are needed for light control, a three-way light switch should be used. Such a circuit assumes 2 external switches and a 3-way light switch between them. surely there are not many people who are not electricians and pay attention to gadgets like light switches.

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