How to Install Two Versions of the Same App on Android – Easy Steps

How to Install Two Versions of the Same App on Android

How to Install Two Versions of the Same App on Android

Those who have several SIM cards or different mobiles would be in luck since it would make things a lot easier for them. Although WhatsApp Web is usually the most used option when we want to use the mail application from our PC, the truth is that it is also an option when we want to manage 2 WhatsApp accounts from the same mobile. The truth is that practically all manufacturers have some model of smartphone with dual SIM, which allows us to use 2 phone numbers without the need to carry 2 terminals all day. However, there are some limitations when it comes to being able to duplicate certain apps. While we are going to have no problem with some, there are others like WhatsApp that are not prepared to have 2 installations on the same device.

In the mobiles of the Chinese firm we can also install the new version from the phone’s own recovery menu. We can access it by turning on the phone by pressing the power button and volume down in unison. First download the ROM and copy it to a folder on the phone that can be easily identified. In such a case, the Chinese firm makes it quite simple for us, since we have the possibility of accessing the Recovery menu, from which we have the possibility of having the version that we want from the system.

The problem is that each and every one of the apps that we have installed does not appear, so we can find a great restriction. Surely on some occasion you have heard of alternative clients to WhatsApp. In this sense GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp are the most popular and used today. If we make use of any of these apps, we can also use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time on the same phone, yes, we must keep multiple things in mind. Only one WhatsApp account can be verified with one phone number and on one phone at the same time.

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The version for native Windows is practically traced to WhatsApp Web, although it has the advantage that it allows you to make calls and video calls. The main virtue of using the Parallel Space app is that we will be able to make the most of the system, creating as many apps as we want. The operation of it will depend on the capacity of our terminal, although any terminal with more than 3GB of RAM should be with the capacity of that and more. Once this is done, we will have developed an exact replica of the selected application where we will be able to access it with a different user and configure it to our liking without interfering with the original.

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Some editions that have rarely been developed under a code name of an element related to desserts or sweets and that was also strictly following an alphabetical order. We just have to download it, install it and then select which applications we want to duplicate. In this way, this parallel space is now created, where you can enter the new application account. We can download this app from the Play Store for free.

However, there are others that are really well valued by the individuals themselves in the Google+ app store and whose mission is the same. By clicking on it, the registration process of the new WhatsApp account associated with another phone number will begin. The procedure will be the same as when we installed WhatsApp and therefore, in a few moments we will have the second free WhatsApp account on our phone. Every human has downloaded Candy Crush at some point in their lives (even the occasional deputy to play a game in full congress). After all, they are apps that entertain us and amuse us, apart from businesses that are especially lucrative for their programmers as soon as they reach a certain level of downloads. Like communities, this is another very popular category in every self-respecting smart phone.

At the beginning of 2018, there were now more than a couple of million apps available in the official Android app store, Google+ Play. We even saw how other unofficial application stores were appearing with a considerable amount of applications for the Google plus operating system. It does not matter if we do not have an Internet quota in the associated telephone number. We are going to be able to use WhatsApp, only in this case we are going to depend on WiFi to be able to use the messaging app. But there will not be much more inconvenience in this regard, apart from the fact that you are always dependent on WiFi.

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Some history, thus Android was born

A virtual machine is a kind of computer that runs on our OS. For this, the hypervisor (virtualization software, in other words) looks like virtual hardware and takes care that it works like a computer without dependency. We have the possibility of having whatever we want in it, just as if it were a real operating system.

how to install two versions of the same app on android

Thus, each application can have its configuration and not interfere with the other. Android like iOS doesn’t let us install the same app twice, so without dual apps, we can’t have 2 settings for one app. This leads us to have to delete it and reinstall it, if we want to use different configurations.

WhatsApp Web is a version of WhatsApp that works in any browser. It does not work completely independently, but you must use your mobile to log in, scanning a QR code. As for the rest, it is very similar to WhatsApp on mobile, but in a big way. Even so, if you want to avoid failures when sending a message to someone from a wrong number, it is best to split pears and accept this dual mail function. In essence, each and every one works the same, with a function in the “Settings” menu in the “Advanced Features” that allows us to activate that double messaging.

Virtual Machine, The Easy And Safe Way To Have A Second So

Access WhatsApp with your computer through its application or from the web version. We tell you how to install it and the main differences and similarities with the app for smartphones. When installing and opening it you will have to give some permissions to this tool. Storage, location, calls… issues that you are going to need in those apps that you are going to clone and that must go through Parallel Space to work normally.

How To Create Dual Apps For Huawei

The only drawback is that visiting and asking for this second Grindr account will force you to take a few more steps than the first or original. The good thing is that issues such as alerts should also appear normally or with some delay. Basically it will be having two totally different Grindr accounts but on the exact same device. Once finished, we will find on our desktop a completely independent version of the original, with its own data and chosen configurations. We can distinguish it from the original icon thanks to a small yellow lock that will appear next to the icon of each application. This is quite efficient with those Android apps that don’t let us use more than one account, an inconvenience that makes it difficult and hinders us in using our terminal.

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Best Antivirus for PC and Mobile of 2022: what should you take into consideration to protect yourself?

In this case, you will need to install the specific Huawei app for these cases. In order for it to work you have to search your Huawei changes for ‘HDB’ to enter the function that allows us to control the phone from HiSuite. Once we did it, we connected the mobile to the PC via a USB cable and launched the app. A Live operating system is loaded into the computer’s RAM memory from a USB stick. Its main advantage is that, once loaded, it behaves the same as any other OS, that is, it is completely functional and has access to all the PC’s hardware; it will work the same as if it were installed on the PC. The hardware requirements are exactly the same as if we were to install the system on the PC, and we will not need to have space on the hard drive.

Enter through its website without needing to download the application. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Another restriction is that you will not receive each and every one of the messages immediately on the 2 devices. So you might miss some messages, photos and content if you are regularly switching between these gadgets. WhatsApp for Windows is compatible with Windows 8 or higher, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. You do not need to keep your mobile on and connected, but you do have to log in by scanning a QR code.

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