How to Permanently Remove Images and Pins on Pinterest

How to Permanently Remove Images and Pins on Pinterest

If you are looking for the easiest way to delete an image on Pinterest and you do not have the knowledge to do it, we have created a complete guide with everything you need to know. Not only so that you understand the whole process, but also to know how to permanently remove the pins.

How can Pinterest Pins be hidden?

If you want to hide a pinSimply click on the three points that are located below and to the right of it. Here you will find the option ‘Hide pin’, if you press on this option the pin will be hidden properly.

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Can you edit a Pin instead of deleting it?

The Pinterest platform has several options to keep our profile in order. One of them is remove pins that we are not interested in, but if you do not want to go to this extreme, there is also the possibility of editing the pins.

In any case, you cannot edit any pin, you can only edit those pins that are in your profile. It is not necessary that they are the ones you have uploaded, but they do have to be shared on your profile. Remember, if you want to edit the pins of other users, you must be a contributor.

How to edit a pin in a simple way?

The pins that you have in your profile can be edited. Just go to your profile, select the board or place where the pin is located and click on the image. In the upper right you will see the options, represented by three points, if you press there you will find the option to ‘Edit pin’

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In the pin edit options, you can do a few settings. Then, make the changes you want and finally click on ‘Done’. After making the changes, they will be reflected in the App, although sometimes you have to reload the page.

From a cell phone

Start Pinterest and go to your profile, click on the board of the pin you want to edit. Click on the pin, in the upper right you will see three points, pressing on them will display the options menu on the screen. You just have to click on ‘Edit pin’. Here you can change the board, add a private note and other options.

From the web

Go to the Pinterest page and log in. Now, click on your profile photo located above and to the right. Will show the boards and pins you’ve shared, enter the board or select the pin you want to edit.

After selecting the pin, you must press on the three points that are located below and to the left of the photograph. Here select ‘Edit pin’ and change the options to your liking, once you are done, simply click on Save.

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Steps to permanently delete a Pin

The process for removing the pin is very similar to editing it. First, open your Pinterest account and go to your profile. Later, enter the board where the pin is located you want to delete and locate the image. If you want to keep the image that you have deleted from your account on another device, it is recommended to first download it to another device.

delete an image from the pinterest page

Now, click on the pin in question and then on the three points located above and to the right. Click on ‘Edit pin’ and then on the option ‘Delete pin’. To confirm the action, press the ‘Delete’ button again and the pin will have been effectively deleted.

Besides, if instead you want to delete all the content of the platform, we recommend you delete your Pinterest account, a process that will be much more effective than simply deleting the pins one by one.

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Own Pins

You can permanently delete the platform’s own pins. To do this, simply follow the indications that we show previously. However, keep in mind that the image stay on the web, but ultimately it will be deleted from your profile.

From third parties

It’s not possible completely remove third party pins, that is, delete them from the platform (unless you are a collaborator). In any case, you can delete those from your profile and delete a board created by you. You just have to follow the indications that we showed before.

Please note that some functions are intended only for users with company accountsSo if you plan to use Pinterest extensively, it doesn’t hurt to create a Pinterest business account.