How to see WiFi passwords –

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How to see WiFi passwords –

In this article, we tell you how to see WiFi passwords saved on iOS or Android. WiFi is a wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, devices that can use WiFi technology are computers, game consoles, smartphones and tablets, digital cameras, smart TVs, digital audio players and modern printers. It is absolutely impossible to see passwords on previously connected Android or iOS devices. We in this tutorial want to explain how this is possible see WiFi passwords saved on iOS or Android.

The important thing to remember before proceeding is that this process only works on rooted and jailbroken Android and iOS. It is nearly impossible for you to see WiFi passwords if you don’t have administrator access because this data is stored in the system folder of the device. If you haven’t rooted your device yet, read here or use the search box, find your phone and proceed. Once we have rooted permissions, we can move on to the tutorial on how to view WiFi passwords on iOS or Android.

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How to see WiFi password on rooted Android

To view WiFi passwords, you need to be able to access the system file on the Android operating system. On an Android smartphone, it really is difficult to find WiFi passwords as the folder is saved in the root directory and the operating system does not give access to it. You must have elevated administrator privileges to access that folder and see the password. Therefore, if you want see saved WiFi passwordsyou will need to root your Android device.

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On a rooted Android phone, you can use a file manager like Solid Explorer for manually search for passwords or use a dedicated app to automatically extract all passwords. Advise to use a third party app as it is more intuitive and will make it easier to manage and share passwords if needed. For this purpose, Wifi Password Show is a great app free and easy to use. Just install the app on your root phone and it displays WiFi password saved together with their SSID. You can then copy all the data or even share it with anyone via SMS or email.

Alternatively, if you simply wish move stored WiFi passwords from one device to another, it is not necessary to root the device. Google does it automatically backup all saved WiFi passwords on its servers along with other important data. Then, your passwords will most likely be backed up in your Google account as well. Log in to your Google account via another Android phone and all information about your WiFi networks will be synchronized automatically.

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How to view WiFi passwords saved on iOS

Simile ad Android, even iOS doesn’t let you see WiFi passwords without jailbreaking your device. If you have a jailbroken iOS device, you can just search “See WiFi password” on Cydia and you will find more apps to view WiFi passwords. There is also a workaround for non-jailbroken iOS users, however, to be able to use this trick you will need to have a device with a MacOS operating system. iCloud Keychain is a handy sync feature to sync all your passwords across your Apple devices, including WiFi passwords. You just need to enable iCloud Keychain and the passwords in your iOS device will come automatically sync with your Mac.

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Once all passwords have been synced with your Mac, here’s how to view WiFi passwords saved on Mac. They are stored in the Keychain Access app, so you need to open it from Applications inside the folder Utility. Here select System from the left panel and then select Password in the section Category. You will see a list of all saved WiFi networks along with their SSID and type. Double-click the network whose password you want to reveal. The options for that specific network will open. Here, select the checkbox next to Show password and authenticates by providing the username and password of the current user account. There password will be revealed after successful authentication.

Likewise, if you have to copy WiFi password to another iOS device, iCloud Keychain will help you. Finding saved WiFi passwords can be tricky on both Android and iOS smartphonesHowever, the above-mentioned solutions are quick and simple and definitely help novice smartphone users as well.

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