How to Synchronize an Amazfit Band 5 and Configure It Correctly?

How to Synchronize an Amazfit Band 5 and Configure It Correctly?

How to Synchronize an Amazfit Band 5 and Configure It Correctly?

Today there are few who do not know what a smartwatch is and what it is for, since technology has gradually become popular to a great extent.

Based on this, it should be noted that bands, also known as bracelets, are an excellent option to start in this world. A clear example is the Amazfit Band 5, an excellent option for newbies, but to use it you should know how to sync it.

What should you consider to synchronize and adjust an Amazfit Band 5 to your mobile?

Certainly the synchronization process is very similar to connecting your Amazfit Bip U to a device via Bluetooth and involves downloading the Zepp application. Next, we will guide you in the synchronization process of your Amazfit Band 5.

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Where to download the Zeep mobile app?

The Zepp application can be found in both the Play Store and the App Store. That is, you can download it for both your Android mobile and an iPhone. The app is required for make the most of our Amazfit Band device 5Therefore, the first thing to do is download it to configure the bracelet.

Create your account in the app

In order to fully use your Amazfit Band 5, you will need to create an account in the Zepp application, a very easy and fast process. As soon as you download it, you can proceed with the creation of the account, for this simply click on ‘Create an account’.

The configuration options will be displayed, first, select your country or region. After that, enter your email, an appropriate password and the code that is displayed on the screen. To continue, you must accept the policies provided by the company and click on ‘Register’.

You can make other changes such as your gender, date of birth, height, weight, etc. We recommend filling in all these fields in order to get the most out of the sports functions of your smartwatch. To finish click on the ‘Done’ button and you will have your account created

Activate Bluetooth on your phone

To make the synchronization settings of the smart watch, it will be necessary that you have activated the Bluetooth of your phone. In fact, it is also recommended that you activate the location, but this is usually optional in most cases, unless the App requires it.

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What is the way to synchronize and configure an Amazfit Band 5?

Once you have completely configured your account in the Zepp application, it is time to synchronize your Amazfit Band 5 with your mobile. For it, go to the ‘Profile’ tab which is located in the lower right part of the app screen.

After the above, locate the ‘My devices’ section and click on ‘Add device’. If during the process the application asks for permissions, you must allow them. Now, click on ‘Bracelet’ and wait until your Amazfit Band 5 has been located, something that may take a few minutes.

synchronize amazfit band 5 with the cell phone and configure it

The screen will display the message ‘Confirm on the bracelet’, simply you must click on the Check mark () which is shown on your Amazfit Band 5. After this the pairing process will have been completed correctly and you will be able to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Smartwatch and many other new options.

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Where do I check that my Amazfit Band is connected to the cell phone?

To check if your Amazfit Band 5 has been properly connected to the cell phone, you must open the Zepp application and go to ‘Profile’. At the top, the ‘My devices’ tab will appear, here all the devices you have connected will be displayed and how much battery they have available.

Why is an Amazfit Band 5 not linked to a mobile device?

The most common reasons why an Amazfit Band 5 is not paired with the mobile is that the bluetooth or the location have not been activated correctly. Therefore, do this check before anything else. You can too try restarting your Amazfit Band 5 or mobile, something that many times can help with this problem.

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