In the United States, production growth is expected in the largest oil and gas regions of the country

MOSCOW, 12 Sep — PRIME. Oil production in the main oil and gas producing regions of the United States, in which a significant part of the production is shale oil, will rise in October compared to the current month by 132,000 barrels per day, or 1.5%, to 9.115 million barrels, the Energy Information Administration predicts ( EIA) Ministry of Energy of the country.

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Including production in the Permian basin will increase by 66 thousand barrels, up to 5.413 million barrels per day, at Eagle Ford it will rise by 26 thousand barrels per day, up to 1.25 million, at Bakken – by 21 thousand, up to 1.204 million barrels per day .

Production at Anadarko will rise by 8,000 to 432,000 barrels per day, at Appalachia it will increase by 2,000 to 122,000, and at Niobrara by 9,000 to 657,000 barrels per day. At the Haynesville field, production will not change and will amount to 37,000 barrels per day, the release says.

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Also EIA expects in October the total increase in gas production at all these fields by 606 million cubic feet, to 94.741 billion cubic feet per day.

Also, according to EIA data, the total number of wells in progress in the US area under consideration in August decreased by 16 compared to July, to 4,283.

Incomplete wells (drilled but uncompleted wells, DUC) – drilled, but not yet equipped for production. A large DUC reserve could allow US producers to quickly and massively ramp up production as oil prices rise, regardless of the pace of drilling activity.

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