Nvidia shows ARM CPUs offer the same power as x86 CPUs in servers

Nvidia shows ARM CPUs offer the same power as x86 CPUs in servers

Although Nvidia has not yet finalized the purchase of ARM due to different legal obstacles, the green company is already promoting this architecture for use in servers, showing different benchmarks where they compare this architecture with x86, the architecture traditionally used by AMD and Intel and by therefore present in most of the current servers.

David Lecomber, Senior Director of HPC and Tools at ARM stated in this regard:

“The latest inference results demonstrate that ARM-based systems powered by ARM CPUs and Nvidia GPUs are ready to run a large number of AI jobs in data centers.”

As demonstrated in these tests, using an ARM CPU gives practically the same performance in AI tests as with a traditional x86 CPU, so ARM can be an excellent option for tasks where the load resides on the GPU and not on the CPU as is artificial intelligence.

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Nvidia also demonstrates the enormous advantage of GPUs vs. CPUs in AI

Another interesting test that Nvidia showed is the enormous advantage that a GPU has over a CPU when executing artificial intelligence tasks. Although this is something that we already knew, Nvidia wanted to put it in magnitude with different benchmarks, which show that an A100 GPU can be up to 104 times faster than an Intel Xeon 8380 Ice Lake CPU in artificial intelligence tasks.

Returning to the dispute between x86 and ARM and the purchase of ARM by Nvidia, let us recall that this acquisition is currently under investigation by the national authorities of multiple countries, mainly the United Kingdom where ARM is based, and the outlook is not very good for greens. Several companies expressed their fear that Nvidia will stop offering them ARM licenses and become a monopoly by preventing other companies from launching products based on this architecture, which are being studied by different regulators. The green company expressed that it will not change ARM’s licensing policy and that it will provide licenses to all those who are interested and comply with the agreements of said licenses, so there should be no fear on the part of the brands, although the authorities have not yet they are sure of this.

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It will be interesting to see what ends up happening with this purchase, which has already been locked for just over a year and has yet to materialize. Whatever the result of the authorities’ investigations, we will keep you updated when there is news of the case, so stay tuned to HD Tecnología.

What do you think about these Nvidia slides comparing ARM versus x86? Do you think the green company will be able to acquire the British company?

Source: WCCFTech

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