Poland announces country’s attempts to form EU energy coalition

MOSCOW, 7 Sep — PRIME. Poland is trying to form a coalition of EU countries to reduce energy prices, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, speaking at the International Economic Forum in Karpacz.

Putin called the reasons for the closure of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline by Poland

“I would like to recall two specific steps that we have been advocating for several months now, and we are trying to build a coalition of countries that will convince the European Commission of the need for such steps. This is, firstly, reducing the cost of energy by reducing the cost of quotas for ETS (carbon dioxide emissions – ed.). The second concerns the pricing mechanism,” said Morawiecki, whose speech is broadcast by Polish television.

“It can be seen that this is a pan-European crisis, a global one. Therefore, the answer should be at least at the European level, and preferably globally. Therefore, it is so important to change the discussion within the EC so that it makes decisions quickly,” he added.

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At the same time, the Polish prime minister is dissatisfied with the speed of decision-making in the EU in the field of energy.

“No matter how we evaluate the EU, the decision-making process, especially in a situation where circumstances are rapidly changing, is very slow. This machine, which serves the most important players, is clearly stalled. These are not only my observations, but also the observations of many small countries, “I met with representatives of whom I recently met in Copenhagen during the Baltic Energy and Economic Policy Summit. We have a structural deficit in the decision-making process. We need a quick reaction, but everything is happening slowly,” he said.

“We must arm ourselves with tools that will allow us to survive autumn, winter, spring, because according to the analyzes that I receive, it is clear that the impact of individual sanctions packages (against Russia – ed.) will be noticeable, but only after a few months,” concluded Morawiecki.

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