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The modern world of cryptocurrencies has a large number of pools, but only a few are among the most common. The resource dates back to 2014 and has been steadily gaining momentum since then. Antpool is the leader among pools with 20% market share. The Chinese company BitMaintech had a hand in its creation.

The developers worked hard on the site and provided a translated version for Russian-speaking users. Some web pages have not yet been fully translated, but it is only a matter of time.

What is Antpool, registration

The project is a pioneer in solo mining, also known as “solo mining”, which is usually done on a separate PC. The company proposed its own approach and here, when choosing this type of mining, the block goes to the farm, which managed to solve it.

  • Antpool mining makes it possible to mine a dozen different currencies.

Pool official website –

Due to the large number of customizable parameters of work, some miners consider this platform difficult to use, but, getting his hands on, the user gradually gets used to it. Over time, there is an adaptation to the shortcomings of the Russian-language translation and the non-standard location of some settings.

Antpool registration will not take long. Let’s consider this procedure step by step:

  1. We register on the official website of the pool On the main page of the site, in the upper right part of the browser window, click on the icon with the image of a man. Click on the item “Registration”.
  2. On the registration page, we indicate the address of the e-mail box, enter the password, captcha and put a tick in front of “I have read agree Terms of service”. Next, click “Create Account”.
  3. An email is sent with a link to activate your account. Clicking on it confirms the address of the box. After the transition, the user chooses the country of residence, enters a mobile phone number to which he will receive an SMS with a code to complete the registration. To receive SMS, click on “Send SMS”.
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Important! The SMS message will contain a code that is entered in the appropriate field, after which we press “Bind“. The code must be entered within five minutes. If after this time the user has not received the message, then you need to re-click on “Send SMS“. After entering the code, click on “Bind»To end registration.

Main coins available in the pool

The official Antpool website states that the service provides a choice of 15 different cryptocurrencies for mining. Among them there are assets that have already gained great popularity, as well as promising analogues.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Ethereum
  4. Zcash
  5. Dash
  6. Litecoin
  7. Currency
  8. Ethereum Classic

All important information on setting up is located in the Help section, you can also be helped in our group or on the Bitcointalk forum. To mine currencies, you need to know the addresses of the respective pools.

Available pool addresses for mining Litecoin:

  • Pool 1: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 2: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 3: stratum+tcp://

Available addresses of Dash mining pools:

  • Pool 1: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 2: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 3: stratum+tcp://

Available addresses of Ethereum mining pools

  • Pool 1: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 2: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 3: stratum+tcp://

Available addresses of pools for mining Zcash

  • Pool 1: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 2: stratum+tcp://
  • Pool 3: stratum+tcp://

How to start mining on Antpool

In order to withdraw antpool bitcoins, you need to create a bitcoin wallet.

It is most convenient to use exchanges to create wallets for storing bitcoins. Most Popular:

  1. Yobit
  2. Dear

After registering on one of the exchanges, go to your personal account and find out the number of the Bitcoin wallet. Now we go to your personal account on the Antpool website. Click on Settings, in front of the worker’s name, click “Edit“. In the BTC column, enter the wallet address, click save. Now the withdrawal will be carried out once a day. There is no commission for withdrawal in PPLNS.

Setting up S9 on Antpool

We adjust Asik Antminer S9 at Antpool. Go to the service website and select “Worker” in the top panel, click “Create worker“. We name our worker using numbers and Latin letters.

Antpool miner setup. Next, you need to find out the address of the device, for this we open the browser and write in the address bar, after which we log in as an administrator. Find the miner in the list of connected devices and copy the IP address. We print the device address in the address bar. Click on “Miner Configuration“, Then select”General Settings».

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Copy the addresses of the servers into the empty fields of the location of the pools. In field “Worker»Write down the userID that was entered during registration and through the dot the name of the worker, which was created earlier. We do not enter anything in passwords. Then we press – “Save and Apply». Click on «Miner Status“To check if mining has started. The miner’s speed will appear there. After half an hour, you can check the statistics, since they are updated 2 times per hour.

Payment criteria

All payments are made daily, in order to withdraw from Antpool to the wallet, you need to find a new block, and there must also be at least 3 confirmations. The service has low commissions, part of the payments goes without them at all.

Let’s list several types of payments:

  • PPLNS – when calculating withdrawal funds, only a certain amount of the last balls sent is taken into account, commission – 0%
  • PPS – 2.5% commission, payment is made for each ball sent. The price of one ball is equal to the number of coins in the block divided by the difficulty of mining.
  • Solo – the reward is paid if the correct hash is found. If the block was closed by another participant, the miner will receive nothing. Commission – 1%.

Withdraw funds from Antpool

To withdraw funds, you must create a type of wallet that corresponds to the mined currency. The best solution would be to link your account to one of the aforementioned exchanges (Yobit, Exmo). This makes it possible to quickly and conveniently sell mining results. We will find the wallet number in one of the sections of your personal account.

Let’s create an Ethereum wallet as an example:

  1. Let’s go to the Personal Account
  2. Click on «Editing»Opposite the ID-account. Find the Miner Coin column
  3. Select ETH from the drop-down menu.
  4. Then we write down the address of the ethereum wallet in the appropriate field.
  5. Select one of the payment options by clicking on Payment
  6. Click “Save».
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Important!!! If you need to prevent changing the selected wallet for withdrawing coins, use the “Lock” option.

  • Payments are made from 3 to 4 am Moscow time.

Let’s note the features of the output when choosing the structure of Solo extraction in the Payment column. If the block was successfully mined by a miner who works in an active mode, then all platform participants in any case receive their honestly earned payments, depending on the type of participation. The resource bears its obligations to other participants in full, as stipulated by the principles of the pool service.

User reviews

According to some users, it takes a lot of time to set up the mining structure when choosing the “Solo” mode. Complaints about the lack of results in this mode are not justified, since the service does not take risks.

Despite the impeccable reputation of the Antpool site, reviews on the open spaces of the network sometimes come across negative. The main complaint is the complexity in setting the parameters, it takes a lot of time. The majority of users note the quick withdrawal of money. Discontent, as a rule, is associated with the illiterate distribution of the resources available to miners. The service is not responsible for this.

BitMaintech continues to gain momentum and their Antpool project continues to be one of the leaders among mining platforms. The resource provides a high-quality and easy-to-use service, which is also suitable for Russian-speaking users.

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