Residents of Kyiv were asked to reduce electricity consumption at the weekend

MOSCOW, 15 Oct – PRIME. Sergey Kovalenko, CEO of DTEK’s D.Solutions (YASNO) sub-holding, urged the residents of Kyiv to use electricity economically, reducing consumption by 35-40%, DTEK’s press service reported on Saturday.

In Ukraine, they spoke about the growth of budget revenues due to the shadow economy

Energy company DTEK, which is owned by oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and supplies electricity to the Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad, Donetsk and Poltava regions, has reported rolling blackouts in the Kyiv region at 4-hour intervals since Tuesday. Such a need arose as a result of damage to energy infrastructure facilities, DTEK Kyiv Electric Grids said.

“Today is another difficult day for the energy industry. Therefore, I ask you to switch to the mode of maximum consumption savings today. Our goal for the entire city of Kyiv is a 35-40% reduction,” DTEK quotes Kovalenko on its Facebook page * (banned in the Russian Federation as an extremist ). He also urged business representatives to turn off advertising, both indoor and outdoor.

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Earlier, the Ukrainian national energy company Ukrenergo said that the energy infrastructure of the Kyiv region was seriously damaged during a missile attack on Saturday morning, after which the authorities called on residents of the capital region to save energy as much as possible during restoration work. With the same request, the head of the Chernihiv regional military administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, addressed the residents of the Chernihiv region. Chaus said that due to serious damage to the capital’s infrastructure, interruptions are also possible in his region, from the northeast adjacent to the Kyiv region.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Ukrainian media reported on explosions and damage to critical infrastructure, including energy.

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at an operational meeting with members of the Security Council, said that a massive strike with precision-guided weapons had been delivered on Ukrainian infrastructure facilities. Putin called the incident on the Crimean bridge a terrorist attack aimed at destroying civilian infrastructure. According to him, Kyiv has put itself on a par with the most odious terrorist groups, and it is simply impossible to leave the crimes of the Kyiv regime unanswered.

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* The social network is banned in Russia as extremist

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