Rosseti spoke about measures to reduce the impact of sanctions on the industry

MOSCOW, 13 Oct – PRIME. Since 2014, the Rosseti Group has been working under sanctions pressure on Russia and during this time has created developments in the field of risk management associated with the introduction of restrictive measures, said Daniil Krainsky, Deputy General Director for Legal Support of PJSC Rosseti, at the session “Fuel and Energy Complex of Russia under the conditions of sanctions: helped or hindered?” within the REW-2022.

Rosseti is ready to develop cooperation in the eastern and southern directions

Now the energy giant is actively engaged in regulatory activities aimed at ensuring stable operation, its suppliers, contractors and contractors, maintaining existing and building new production and logistics links, as well as supporting consumers.

Among other things, measures are being taken to adapt current contracts to existing conditions and take risks into account in newly concluded contracts. Decisions were made to cancel penalties and the possibility of extending the terms and adjusting prices in 2022 in case of violations of obligations of counterparties due to the consequences of the imposed sanctions.

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The discussion was also attended by State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anastasia Bondarenko and Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy Pavel Zavalny. It was noted that this year an unprecedented number of support measures were adopted at the state level, which made it possible to stabilize the situation in the financial markets and all sectors of the economy.

“Sanctions are an attempt to influence the economy and political system of the state, which the fuel and energy complex feels in full. During 2022, very important decisions were made at the legislative level aimed at supporting citizens, businesses, the political and financial system, and ensuring the country’s security After some time, it can be argued that these support measures helped counteract the sanctions and give impetus to further development,” Bondarenko said.

“Sanctions provide new opportunities for the development of the energy sector and the economy as a whole. With the introduction of restrictions, we are solving the tasks of import substitution and achieving technological sovereignty. This allows us to create new jobs, develop new technologies and domestic competencies in all areas of activity,” Zavalny emphasized.

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“Today, sanctions do not have a direct impact on the reliability and efficiency of operation of the Russian electric grid complex, however, indirect pressure on the investment programs of the companies of the Rosseti group cannot be denied. These risks are taken into account in the current work, which will ensure reliable operation and the necessary development of infrastructure,” Krainsky noted.

Rosseti is one of the largest electric grid companies in the world. The Rosseti property complex includes 35 subsidiaries and affiliates operating in 78 regions of Russia. PJSC Rosseti includes such subsidiaries and affiliates as Rosseti FGC UES, Rosseti Yug, Rosseti Tyumen, Rosseti Center and Volga Region, Rosseti Moscow Region, Rosseti Ural and others.

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