The hacking story from Sergei Simanovsky

The hacking story from Sergei Simanovsky

From the Editor: almost the entire crypt was stolen from Sergei Simanovsky, and the author’s text about this incident goes on. Sergey does not like the mention of posts, ranks and regalia, but this person has been in the subject of cryptocurrencies for more than 7 years and is well technically savvy. This should be considered when reading the text below. At the end of the material, there will be links to joint safety recommendations to avoid such incidents.

Asbract …

“A suede jacket – two pieces, a Polish video camera – 1 piece, imported jeans – 4 pairs ….”


For those who do not like to read (there will be a lot of bukAvov), so right to the point:

  • hacked my computer and stole 99% of the entire crypt
  • no, impossible to restore
  • yes, windows
  • no, I didn’t go out in the 11 13 17
  • no, Binance pi ***
  • more than you think
  • no, the exact amount is not indicated below

Well, now about what this is about: it seems to each of us that he knows everything about everything. The hack, which occurred a couple of weeks ago, showed some people from the side quite interestingly and forced to reconsider (the benefit is not only for me), many of whom I know my security systems.

Next, I will describe (yes, with emotions) how it happened, what happened, what needs to be done and how (prevented) to prevent it.

What happened to “our boy”?

“Boar” – alas, I am not a master of American comics and I am not able to beautifully portray the sound of a breaking tree on paper. Although, rather, “crunch” was not a tree, I would like to think so … Crunch was a couple of fingers of my right hand (and even then without a fracture, eh …). Misfortunes never come alone. When you find out that everything has been stolen from you (also your brains), then you start to get nervous.

Have you ever heard an adult uncle scream? And my neighbors heard. Not the most pleasant sight. You start to panic, hysteria, stupid. Despite the fact that in emergency situations you consider yourself a specialist, when it concerns you and only you, everything is a little different. Control is lost. Yes, this situation is not a matter of life and death (no matter how it may seem), but rather a matter of losing financial independence.

At the end of August, they hacked my computer and stole 99% of my funds. By the way … the most common compassionate question: “Well, how much?” “How many zeros – 1,2,10?” – do you have nothing to do? For your reassurance, there is not not 10, but not 1. I really hope that if there were 10, I would have brains … no, not so … next time it will be 10, I will know what to do with them (tea is not the first time I’m losing everything that is, including financially.

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As one acquaintance (or unfamiliar) said, “the question is not what has risen, but how well you know how to get up.”

Well, if there was 1 zero, then I’m a master of hype and handsome, what else to say.

Well, okay with that, more about that below. Back to the Future”. Everything happened like this:

in the morning, without any doubt, I drank my portion of coffee (I lie, I do not drink coffee), and went about my usual business. At lunchtime, I made a DAI translation and exchanged them for Ether via the Kyber Swap on-line application. By the way, at first I sinned greatly on them. By the way, they didn’t answer so much.

After 6-7 hours, I was about to make another transaction, and one of my wallets gave me a balance error. I tried more and more. No, he stubbornly said that nifig is not there. At that moment, I began to get a little worried, opened the Ether Scan and realized that there was definitely nothing there. More precisely on this wallet. At first I smiled and reloaded the page, then again. Then erased the cookies. Then, realizing that I’m nervous … in general, it does not matter. I realized that they took everything away from this wallet (not counting a couple of govnotokens that could not be withdrawn). In a panic, I wrote a cyber swap to both soap and twitter (they answered after 3 days to a letter saying that they have a nishtyak weight).

And then the fun began. At first, I was sure that we were talking about one Ethereum wallet. But after 10 minutes, I (for security reasons) began to open others … and here, as they say, “I got bored,” or rather nifig, no. Panic, hysteria … well, and all that is already described above.

After some time, I realized (well, or at least it dawned on me) that there was already nothing special to save. The rest of the evening I spent in a trance between this awareness and its absence.

On my computer, after a large number of checks, I found at least a few jambs. Most of all, I sin on one file called “btc dead info”, this is Crypti for Windows. He came to me through telegrams – let him in himself. He sat there for a long, long time – and as soon as I made a mistake, namely, I left one important file on my computer for a week, then it started. He “shoveled” the DB password of the passwords (apparently the pens), which should not have been on the computer and the “bobblehead” … nothing was left. However, he was waiting for me for 6 months. Yes, that happens. Yes, tryndets. Yes, yes, yes … (we will talk about moralists below).

I can’t say 100% that the joint is in it, since I found several jambs, but maybe it is. Now that OS is gone. Iron is clean. As well as all flash drives – they were generally physically killed (at least aggression went somewhere – by the way, breaking modern flash drives, I’m silent about hardware wallets, not just, even with a hammer).

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Two weeks have passed, and I still clean my iron. I had a lot of things. It’s not easy, but considering stress, it’s even more fun. If you think that stress is funny – you can try. I recommend. The guarantee to lose weight is 100 percent.

About the reaction of people and how they share

For me, this is the most interesting part of the article.

To begin with, there are three things that you can look at forever:

  • How the fire burns
  • How the cue ball grows
  • And read about how cn **** strangers

In fact, I was amazed and surprised, both pleasantly and not very. But first, the good news: such events (not the first time in my life “Tryndets” happen) reminded who your friends are and who just walks by. There are those who try and support.

People are divided into several types:

  • Those who want to sincerely help
  • Those who condole
  • Those who help (different from the first category)
  • Those who are smart (not so bad)
  • Moralists are the funniest type, about him a little lower

I want to say thanks to everyone who really helped me (I’m not only about material support). Some people take you and say “bang” (no, the comic book writer won’t come out of me, that’s for sure), and you do. Without them, it would be more difficult, if at all. Thanks to all those who just took and did. It was very emotional – true.

I was very surprised that there are some people whom you considered close, and they … And they are not very. Again – this is not about material support. But it’s just visible when a person does not care about you, and when not so much.

Again, here we must be careful. Believe me, a person in such a situation does not need morality. This is tin. The number of moralists is off the charts. I am of little interest in what you think or how you would correct the situation. Truth. It would be much easier for me to live if you corrected it yourself.

My mini advice is if something similar happens with your friend, etc. (not necessarily the theft of funds), do not read him morality. At all. None. You know a person and know how to help him. This is definitely not moral. By the way, one more thing – support can also be crushed. Such stress is difficult. And some believe that you should be on your feet after 1.2.3 days. No guys … Anyone who thinks so – apparently did not fall painfully. To get on your feet takes time, sometimes months, sometimes years (more on that below).

And another mini remark – about the police and so on. I want to honestly say NO. Not about me, not interesting, do not advise. There is a community. There are views that I advocate and practice, and the loss of money did not change them, it strengthened them. Stories about “but through them you can return 5 10 20%” … it does not matter. In general, do not care. Truth. This is just about the types of people – there are moralists, but there are those who will help in trouble. And I’m glad that it is.

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About myself and the future

Am i broken Dick you. “You are at the door, and we are at the window.” It didn’t get easier for me, it won’t get any easier for me, what happened is NOT good, it’s not a “call that action” (here you can insert all the morals that you can come up with). These are my mistakes. Mistakes that I could have prevented and could have done otherwise.

I will continue to do what I do. Search for projects that I can work for. Bad projects. To do what I do. And thanks again to those people who understand and perceive this. Who see me as I am, and not try to sell me anything.

I am grateful to them and those who put up with me for these 2 weeks. I do not envy you. Thank you for supporting.

And everyone else? Eh … I would put it, but everyone would think that I am an avid and greedy person. No. This is NOT about the material (although this is important). It’s about sincerity of intent and what is important at such moments for someone close to you.


Well, what to add? Everything is basically higher. Below are links to safety tips written jointly with Ivan Tikhonov, who kindly agreed not only to share advice, but also to publish this material on his own.

Make a checklist, go through it. Strengthen your security. Forget that you are a magician or Linuxoid 120 level. “Upgrade” your passwords. Take everything out of hot storage. Take a look around you and understand who is next to you.

This is not the first time I have passed through fire and water. And for the third or fourth time in my life, I’m convinced that those who are close at these moments (friends / colleagues relatives a cat or a dog … not the point) are what makes the difference. Truth. But nevertheless, the moral of the fable is simple: a fire is easier to prevent than to put out it!

I sincerely hope that the above will help at least one person!

The hacking story from Sergei Simanovsky
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