The Ministry of Digital Development spoke about the election of the Secretary General of the ITU

MOSCOW, 25 Sep — PRIME. Russia is counting on the support of its candidates in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), candidates were nominated for the post of ITU Secretary General and the organization’s radio regulatory committee, said Bella Cherkesova, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Digital Communications.

The Ministry of Digital Development will allocate funds for the development of infrastructure for state systems

The Romanian Embassy in Moscow on Thursday annulled visas already issued to fourteen members of the Russian delegation on the eve of their departure to Bucharest. At the ITU conference, it is planned to elect a new Secretary General of the organization. Two candidates have been nominated for this position – President of VimpelCom Rashid Ismailov (RF) and Director of the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau Doreen Bogdan-Martin (USA).

“Rashid Ismailov has been nominated by our country for the post of ITU Secretary General…. Also, we have nominated Russia to the ITU Council, as well as Nikolai Varlamov for re-election to the ITU Radio Regulations Committee…. I would like to note that despite the pressure with which is facing Russia today, no one argues that we have qualified IT specialists, and we know exactly how to make the world of communications better, leaving aside all political differences. We are counting on your support in the elections,” Cherkesova said.

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According to her, Russia’s participation in the work of the organization will help strengthen the position and enhance the role of the ITU in the information world, as well as “further development and prosperity.” Cherkesova also recalled that Russia is actively working to develop artificial intelligence and provide citizens of the country with access to the Internet. She added that despite the geographical and climatic conditions, at the moment, “virtually 100% of schools are now provided with high-speed Internet access.”

“Moscow … has become the best metropolis in the world in terms of urban infrastructure development and quality of life, and entered the top three most prosperous, taking third place,” Cherkesova said.

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