Tinder plus, gold: What is it, advantages, benefits, do they work?

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Tinder plus, gold: What is it, advantages, benefits, do they work?
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Tinder is one of the best apps to find a partner, completely free of charge. Simply, you open an account and configure your profile with photos and description. Now you can start to see and “slide” on the profiles of other users. If you like one, you give it a “like” or I like it. If eventually that other person also likes you, then you have gotten a match or a compatible person. Only once you’ve made a match with someone can you write to each other.

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That is the free version of Tinder, which offers you basic options to see only men or women at a certain distance from you, specific age range that interests you and hide your profile. And it works very well. If you’re not in a hurry, eventually you can get some matches more or less quickly, depending on your photos and your profile.

Tinder «Premium» the paid

However, if you want to speed things up, you can subscribe to the versions “Premium” by Tinder, which are three: Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum. These offer you additional advantages or benefits. For example, you can become popular for several minutes and make many more people see your profile («boost»), but Unlimited likes (the free version limits this aspect daily) or even see everyone who liked you O send a message without matching with someone. You can usually only see who liked you or write to them when you’ve matched that person.

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There are other, perhaps less relevant characteristics, such as Super Likes, which allow you to let someone else know that they liked you a lot (something they will normally know when they match you), the Passport, to match with people from another place or country, Back, to re-rate a profile if you made a mistake and finally Top Picks, apparently to view and rate profiles of popular people. You will be able to find all or only some of these functions depending on the subscription you buy. Below you will see the difference between Tinder Plus vs. Gold and Platinum.

Advantages or Benefits of Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum

Plus Gold Platinum
Unlimited likes Yes Yes Yes
Back people Yes Yes Yes
5 «Super Likes» diarios Yes Yes Yes
1 «Boost» mensual Yes Yes Yes
«Passport» (config. Other location) Yes Yes Yes
No ads Yes Yes Yes
See who liked you No Yes Yes
New Daily Top Picks No Yes Yes
Send Message before matching No No Yes
Highest priority likes No No Yes
Likes history of the last week No No Yes
Prices (vary with age) $ 10-20 / month $ 15-30 / month ND
Comparative table of advantages or benefits of Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum and their respective prices.

As you can see from the table, the price of any Tinder Premium subscription varies based on age. For example, if you’re under 30, Tinder Plus costs $ 10 for a month. If you are older than 30 years you must pay double, that is, 20 dollars for a month. And no, unfortunately you can’t change the age on your Tinder profile to pay less.

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If you use Tinder frequently, you may want to pay for 6 months or a year in one go. This way you will save money. For example, instead of paying month to month for Tinder Plus for 6 months, the total would be $ 120 (if you are over 30 years old, as I indicated). If you buy the semi-annual subscription, the total would be $ 75. In other words, you save 45 dollars, a significant amount.

My take on Tinder Plus and Gold Are they worth it?

tinder tighter tinder plus boost activated time tinder plus boost results

I have not tried Tinder Platinum yet because it is not available in my country yet, but I have tried Tinder Plus and Gold several times. And the truth is that basically if they work, because they help you get more matches in less time and this is mainly due to the “boost” or the function to make your profile more visible (similar to the “Highlight” function of Badoo).


tinder boost price

The boost works to get more compatible people and costs less than Tinder Plus.

Although it only lasts 30 minutes, with the boost you can see 10 times more people than what they normally see you (according to Tinder) and the results can be seen at that time or with the passing of days. You will know that it has worked for you because the app informs you if a match was due to a boost.

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If you are over 30, probably the boost is the best option in cost benefit in Tinder. It costs $ 7, compared to $ 20 for Tinder Plus or $ 30 for Gold. It’s what makes more people see you on Tinder and what makes me personally It has worked for me most of the time to get more matches and that it is in the end what matters.

If you’re under 30, you should definitely buy Tinder Plus for $ 10, versus $ 7 for the boost. Beyond the boost, although the rest of the functions are not so powerful, they will help you find matches faster. One of those redeemable functions is that of unlimited “likes” on a daily basis. However, this is most useful the first few days, where you will have a lot of people to rate. As you have rated the majority, there will be fewer and fewer people to rate and the number of likes for the free version should be sufficient.

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From Tinder Gold, the most useful feature after the boost is to see who liked you. Namely, see who liked or liked you on Tinder. So if you have Gold you open that person’s profile, you also like it and you have an instant match.

The rest of the functions of Tinder Plus and Gold, such as Super Likes or Top Picks, I really consider them irrelevant and personally they have not helped me to obtain more compatible people or matches. I include here the Passport function, which I do not see sense for flirt with people from other countries, or Backward, which basically serves to re-rate a profile if you accidentally “Like” or “Nope” it.

Tinder Plus or Boost?

The Boost is the most powerful feature of Tinder Plus (Gold and Platinum). However, if you buy Tinder Plus, in addition to the monthly boost you will have Unlimited likes. It is not mandatory to have them, but I believe they are recommended because when you do a boost, Tinder usually shows you a lot of people. If you don’t have unlimited likes, you will run out of mid-boost likes.

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Your boost will be completed successfully, your profile will have been seen more and received all the likes it could receive, with or WITHOUT unlimited likes. However, with unlimited likes you can like all the people who appear to you, among which may be those who gave you like, getting matches at that moment of the boost. WITHOUT unlimited likes, those likes you received will be there, waiting in the next few days or weeks for you to like them to generate a match.

That is, the difference between Tinder Plus (boost + unlimited likes) vs. A loose boost is simply in how fast you get matches, not the number of matches. Both should generate the same number of matches, but not at the same time.

Incidentally, don’t fall for the trick of installing an older version of Tinder to get unlimited likes, because this doesn’t currently work anymore.

Important note about boost: And no people appear during a boost, it can be forced to appear by changing the location setting to another country. After seeing people you can return to your country. It is also recommended to close and open the application. To avoid this situation it is advisable not to have slipped people for at least one day before activating the boost.

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As I said at the beginning, Tinder is probably the best app to flirt, search and find partners or dates. It would definitely be the first app that I would recommend to anyone with this goal. It is free, very simple to use, understand and the most important of all is that it really works.

The main reason that Tinder is a recommendable app is its good user database. It amazes me how many people I have found on this platform, living in such a small country and city.

If you are able to buy Tinder Plus or Gold, you will definitely have better and faster results. Personally, these prices have literally blown me away. Previously several months ago I was only paying $ 5 for a month of Tinder Plus. Now, with a double price and after having passed 30 years, I have to pay 20 dollars for a month. That is, an increase of 400%. Crazy.

Due to the prices of Tinder Premium I cannot say that they are worth it, but that these subscriptions give you better results than the free version, definitely.

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If you are unable to pay for Tinder Plus, Gold or Platinum, you can continue using Tinder in its normal or free version and complement it with other dating apps such as Badoo or Facebook Couples.

More information: Official web FAQ, Download Tinder Free: play.google.com

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