What Should I Do If My Outlook Account Has Been Hacked And How To Report It?

What Should I Do If My Outlook Account Has Been Hacked And How To Report It?

Malicious people use email attacks to obtain private information, of course this has caused a lot of annoyance to some users where some report having been hacked or attacked through malicious viruses. Therefore, in this tutorial we will explain how to know if your Outlook account has been hacked and how you can report it.

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What methods are commonly used for hacking emails?

Hackers can easily get your PC or smartphone password to access your Outlook account, they use different methods to perform this action. In that sense, in this part we will tell you three techniques that they use to hack your email:


Al download programs from an unsafe websiteIt is very likely that in some of them there are malware that can record the times you press or type on your device, and through these viruses they can find previously saved passwords.

Attacks on Internet sites

Believe it or not, these evil hackers can attack Internet sites without permission and steal data or information from electronic accounts to check if the password has been changed or not.

Identity fraud

This is quite a common and vile method that hackers use to steal information. They impersonate the identity of an official site and they send messages in order to deceive to other people to send your personal or account information.

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How can we identify if our Outlook account has been hacked?

To find out if your Outlook account was hacked you can go to the ‘Security’ option of your account and review activity log Of the same. If you realize that you have logged in at unusual times or places, sadly your account was attacked.

How should we proceed if our Outlook email account is hacked?

Outlook account on phone

Many users as a preventive measure against Trojan attacks decide to change their password, however we recommend doing more than that. Follow the instructions below to protect your email more than ever:

Verify that you do not have a virus on your PC

The antivirus programs They are an excellent option to verify that your PC does not have any type of malicious virus. For this to work efficiently you must make sure that it is always up to date and can perform a complete scan of your computer. If you have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you can activate Windows defender to improve your computer’s security against malware.

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Change your access password

After installing a virus-hunting program, it is time to change your access password. To do this, log in to your email and at the end click on ‘Change password’. Make sure to follow the given instructions and create a strong password.

Check your account settings

Since your account has already been used by someone else, it is important check your configuration and if possible change it. To do this, go to Connected accounts, then to Forwarding and then click on Automatic replies.

Reset your email

First log in to the Outlook website and enter your email, then click on ‘I forgot my password’, fill in the information according to the fields they show you and follow the instructions step by step until you complete all the process and finally power reset your mail.

How to report your Outlook account hacked to technical support

The good news is that Microsoft has technical support where you can report the hacking of your Outlook account. Log in to your email and go to the Community forum or contact technical support directly and report all the problems you have found in it.

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Can I permanently delete my Outlook account that has been hacked?

If you’ve already tried all the steps mentioned but still don’t feel safe after being hacked, you can permanently delete your Outlook account. However, it is important to know that once removed you will not be able to recover your email or your contactsas they will be permanently destroyed from Microsoft’s servers. Therefore, you should think about it carefully before executing this process.