APPS wallpapers automatic change

APPS wallpapers automatic change
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Changing your cell phone wallpaper is one of the simplest and most remarkable ways to change your look. To do this, the most common thing is to download a nice image from Google and set it as a wallpaper from the launcher settings that we are using. However, this process can be automated with some apps that not only offer us many free wallpapers to choose from, but they themselves can change it automatically every day, every hour, minute or even every time we turn on the screen.

google wallpapers google wallpaper textures

google wallpaper earth google wallpaper seascapes google wallpaper change automatically

Although it only has a few wallpaper categories, for example Landscapes, Land Y Textures, each category has a large number of wallpapers. It is also an extremely minimalist and clean application, since has no advertisements or advertisements.

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In this app you can manually choose the wallpaper you want to configure or activate the automatic wallpaper change tapping on the option that says «Daily wallpaper«.

earthporn reddit 2 earthporn reddit 3 earthporn reddit 4 earthporn reddit 5 earthporn reddit 6

In the reddit «EarthPorn», users post images to high resolution (including 4K) that can download and use as wallpapers for your cell phone or PC. Some of these images are real landscapes taken somewhere on earth.

The 500 Firepaper app, from the renowned developer ChainFire, extract the images published on said reddit so that you can set them as your Android wallpaper completely automatically. Previously, this app used photos from the photo site 500 px (It is the reason for its name), however, because this web page changed its API, it made the app stop working and that is why its developer now uses the images from the indicated reddit as a source.

Once you open and configure the app, it will take care of downloading a random image from EarthPorn and setting it as your desktop wallpaper.

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500 firepaper ajustes

Unlike the Google wallpapers app, 500 Firepaper is highly customizable, as you see in its settings above. You can configure the brightness of the image, the blurriness, activate the grayscale, the Parallax effect (show an area of ​​the image, depending on the screen we are on) and choose how often to change the background image (every X minutes or even every time you turn off the screen, to see a different background each time you turn it on). It also allows you to change the wallpaper by pressing with three fingers on the home screen or the application organizer.

zedge wallpapers 1 zedge wallpaper animals zedge wallpaper cars

zedge wallpaper anime zedge wallpaper love zedge wallpaper settings

Zedge is an all-in-one application to customize your Android. It offers ringtones, notification sounds and of course wallpapers.

This is a much richer app in content than the previous ones. Here you will not only find landscapes, but all the categories you can imagine. You can find wallpapers of anime, sports, cars, love, animals, etc.

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From its settings you can also activate the automatic update of the cell phone wallpaper. However, this app can only configure the wallpapers that you have previously downloaded from the application. To download a Zedge wallpaper, first open the wallpaper, then tap the three-dot button at the top and finally tap on «Download».

If you like abstract or “Material Design” type backgrounds like the ones in the images above, then Tapet is the wallpapers app you should download.

The interesting thing about this application is that the funds are generated on the same Android device, so no images are downloaded from the Internet.

They are also backgrounds optimized for the screen resolution of your cell phone, so they are perfectly adjusted and will be seen in the best possible quality for your particular case.

Obviously, this app also has the option to change the wallpaper automatically.


Museums is another excellent abstract backgrounds and artwork app, which offers the same option to easily change the wallpaper just by touching the desktop. And if you like photography then you must take a look at Photosen, an app to download the spectacular images from Flickr in the highest quality and set them as wallpaper.

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