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Like many other people, you too are interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market, virtual currencies that rely on a decentralized network to carry out secure financial transactions (Bitcoin is the most famous, but there are many others).

By informing yourself on the subject, you will have read that one of the fundamental components of owning cryptocurrencies is the walletthat is the digital wallet where to keep your digital coins.

In this guide, we first explain what a wallet is, and then list which ones are best wallets to manage their cryptocurrencies, focusing in depth on those that offer the greatest guarantees.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is an electronic wallet used to store one’s own cryptocurrencies. Each wallet is able to communicate with the blockchain, the register used for managing digital currency transactions: this allows you to send and receive money.

Now that we have introduced the concept of blockchain (if you have any doubts read the article just linked), we can give a better definition of wallet. The wallet should not be imagined as a real wallet, as it does not contain the bitcoins you own (or any other cryptocurrency), but in reality the wallet contains the keys to be able to access the bitcoins (or any other cryptocurrency) present in the Blockchain.

Any cryptocurrency wallet has its own address composed of letters and numbers, therefore comparable to the IBAN code of current accounts. Not only that, however, there are also inside the wallet two keys: a public it’s a private.

The public key, to simplify, it is used to unlock the cryptocurrency payment and must be communicated to the sender. Instead the key private gives access to the wallet and to any type of available operation. This is why the latter must never be communicated to anyone, much less lost.

From the private key, it is possible to obtain the public key and in turn the address of the wallet, but it is not possible to carry out the reverse process.

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There are currently two different types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  • wallet software (hot wallet): an electronic wallet with an Internet connection, stored in a platform that holds both public and private keys.
  • wallet hardware (cold wallet): an offline electronic wallet (including public and private keys), which in shape resembles a common USB stick.

On the one hand, a hot wallet allows you to make cryptocurrency transitions in a simpler and faster way, but by its very nature it is more exposed to possible hacker attacks. On the other hand, using a cold wallet is less intuitive at first, but at the same time minimizes the risk of theft by so-called cybercriminals. However, this does not mean that it can be tampered with by an attacker or lost due to distraction or neglect.

To follow the list of best cryptocurrency wallets– We’ll start with online wallets first, then go through offline physical wallets.

Best software cryptocurrency wallet

In the list of best wallet software they include Coinbase, Binance, Crypto and eToro. Below you will find a description of each of them and the related link to access them.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet is the digital wallet of the exchange platform Coinbase. It allows you to store cryptocurrencies and NFTs in one place, trade over 500 assets on the Digital Assets Exchange (DEX) and earn interest.

Coinbase’s software wallet is available to everyone, since a Coinbase account is not required. Another strong point is the absence of costs, both for the deposit of the cryptocurrency, and for the transfer of the virtual currency to another wallet.

The only expenses refer to commissions for buying and selling cryptocurrency:

  • spread: 0.50 percentage points.
  • 0.99 euros: transaction amount equal to or less than 10 euros (fixed fee).
  • 1.49 euros: transaction amount between 10 and 25 euros (fixed commission).
  • € 1.99: transaction amount between € 25 and € 50 (fixed commission).
  • 2.99 euros: transaction amount between 50 and 200 euros (fixed commission).
  • 1.49%: standard payments (variable commission).
  • 3.99%: instant payments (variable commission).
  • € 0.15: bank transfers (variable commission).

Coinbase Wallet is available as an app on Android and iOS devices, and as a web extension for the Google Chrome browser.

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Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is the wallet of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. It offers the ability to buy Bitcoin in less than five minutes, earn interest from cryptocurrencies in the wallet, trade virtual currencies without leaving the app, and monitor price charts.

It is also a secure online wallet: neither Trust Wallet nor Binance collect users’ personal data while they use the app.

The Binance software wallet is available on the Google Play Store, App Store and as an APK for those who have a phone updated to at least version 6.0 of the Android operating system.

Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, hosts a software wallet similar to those of its main competitors. Its strengths are the absence of commissions on virtual currency transfers and the guarantee to recover private keys at any time.

In addition to the digital wallet “standard“, The platform also offers the DeFi Wallet solution. It is a decentralized wallet, which does not require an account on and offers full control over secret keys and cryptocurrencies. Also, if you choose the DeFi Wallet you do not need to prove your private identity.

The wallet is available via app on Android and iOS devices.

eToro Wallet

Etoro Wallet

eToro Wallet is the platform’s cryptocurrency software wallet eToro, the world leader in social trading. Easy to use and secure, the eToro wallet supports over 120 cryptocurrencies and the exchange of any of any 500 cryptocurrency pairs with other cryptoassets.

Another advantage is eToro’s private key service, thanks to which it is impossible to lose the password to access the wallet. With regard to the issue of security, the software wallet in question adheres to the ISO 27001/27032 standardization protocols.

The download of the eToro Wallet app is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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Best hardware cryptocurrency wallet

Between best cryptocurrency hardware wallets there are Ledger Nano S, Trezor One and Secux. A brief description of each now follows.

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Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is one of the benchmarks in the hardware cryptocurrency wallet market. In recent years, the French company Ledger has acquired great credit in the eyes of cryptocurrency holders, betting everything on reliability and security.

The flagship of the French company is precisely the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, which comes in the same shape as a USB key. The management of cryptocurrencies is then guaranteed by Ledger Live, the new Ledger manager who made his debut in the summer of 2018.

Ledger’s Nano S offline wallet is available on the Amazon marketplace.

Vault One

Vault One

Safe is one of the best known brands in the hardware wallet industry. The Trezor One product offers an exceptional degree of security, a quality that places it at the top of the market: thanks to Trezor Core, the proprietary operating system of the physical wallet.

In terms of design, Trezor has chosen to take a different path than other manufacturers. In fact, the Trezor One looks more like a small remote control than a USB stick.

Trezor’s offline hardware wallet is on sale on the official website



Inside the Leader and the Treasury, SecuX is a leader in the cryptocurrency hardware wallet market. It currently supports more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies and is capable of managing up to 500 different accounts. Security is also at the top: the SecuX wallet is protected by Infineon SLE Solid Flash technology, which guarantees an absolute degree of protection.

In analogy with the “colleague”Trezor, SecuX comes with an atypical shape: a modern circular base, similar to a wireless charging base. By size, SecuX’s offline wallet is the largest by posting.

The SecuX hardware wallet is available on the Amazon marketplace.

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