Binance Labs Business Incubator Reaches Reason 3

Binance Labs Business Incubator Reaches Reason 3

Binance Labs has announced the official opening of Season 3 of the Incubator, a program that funds the most promising blockchain projects. The selection of projects will be made until August 31, 2019. Accepted start-ups will receive consultancy, funding and resources from binance Labs. Apply here!

The program lasts 10 weeks and runs in Asia, from October to December.

Projects of interest

For this season of the Binance Labs Business Incubator Program, the priority is infrastructure projects, regardless of location. Key industries and areas of interest are BEP2 Token projects, Binance Chain infrastructure, blockchain games, decentralized finance, governance tools and dApps for Europe, Asia and North America. In Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, stable cryptocurrencies, payments, remittances and trading infrastructures are a priority.

Benefits offered by the Binance Labs Business Incubator Program

The Binance Labs business incubator offers a number of services for selected projects, which offer them competitive advantages in the market.

  • Funding for start-ups.
  • Mentorship program – some of the most influential entrepreneurs and developers in the blockchain industry will help newcomers to this stage with tips.
  • Networking – project initiators have the opportunity to connect with other industry members, depending on their interests.
  • Support – the start-ups participating in the project receive support in several business areas. These include training, legal / regulatory consulting, recruitment, technical execution, fundraising, marketing / PR etc.
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A success story

This is the third phase of the Binance Labs Business Incubator Program, the previously supported projects attracting widespread interest from investment funds worldwide.

The startups that completed the program implemented significant measures to grow the blockchain ecosystem and promote adoption. Many of them have already launched their products and obtained significant financing from investors. These include:

  • Nym Technologies, a privacy-focused protocol, recently raised $ 2.5 million and will soon launch its testnet.
  • Torus, a company that develops technology for private key management, has completed a $ 2 million funding round and built a product based on several partnerships.
  • The Marlin Protocol, which is working to improve the speed of the network, has secured $ 3 million in funding and recently launched a testnet.
  • Cere Network, a blockchain-based CRM solution, has secured funding from major investors and launched its testnet.
  • SafePal is a developer of secure and affordable hardware wallets, launched the product line on Amazon and sold its first batch in 20 days.
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Ella Zhang, the head of Binance Labs, explained the principles of the program:

“Binance Labs was created to empower the next generation of BUIDLERS and to encourage adoption and innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
Through incubation, we are able to support projects in the early stages of finding a suitable product market and growing traction. We continue to be inspired every day by talented founders and teams from around the world and we look forward to seeing what season 3 brings. “

Watch the video for more information on the Binance Labs Business Incubator Program.

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