DIA appealed against termination of bankruptcy of ex-head of MOEK and Mosenergo

MOSCOW, 7 Oct — PRIME. The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), on behalf of the bank “BFG-Credit”, which went bankrupt in 2016, appealed against the termination of the bankruptcy case of Alexander Remezov, the former CEO of MOEK and Mosenergo, follows from the information in the file of arbitration cases.

DIA hopes to fully pay off debt to the Central Bank by 2023

The appeal against the corresponding ruling of the Moscow Arbitration Court, issued in August, was received by the court of first instance on October 4. It will be submitted for consideration to the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal.

The court declared Remezov bankrupt and opened the procedure for the sale of his property in February. The initial bankruptcy procedure – debt restructuring – was introduced against him in March 2021 at the request of the DIA on behalf of BFG-Credit.

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The court then included in the register of creditors’ claims Remezov’s obligations to BFG-Credit in the amount of about 69 million rubles. Aleksey Patsinsky was approved as financial manager. And during the bankruptcy period, the claims of VTB Bank in the amount of just over 356 thousand rubles and BFG-Credit – in the amount of about 6 million more were also included in the register of claims of Remezov’s creditors.

In June, Remezov deposited more than 75 million rubles into a Sberbank account opened for him by Patsinsky to settle accounts with creditors. Thus, the court noted, “the claims of all creditors under the bankruptcy procedure were repaid by the debtor … voluntarily, the sale of property … was not carried out.”


Bankruptcy moratorium terminated

Remezov is also known as the ex-husband of Tamara Khoroshilova, co-owner of BFG-Credit. In 2012, under a loan agreement, he issued $ 250 million to his ex-wife for five years. After Khoroshilova did not return the money, Remezov appealed to the Gudermes city court in Chechnya, and in September 2017, he recovered from the borrower $ 250 million of the main debt, 135 million percent and more than 132 million penalties. Based on this decision, the Chechen Arbitration Court in February 2018, at the request of Remezov, declared Khoroshilova bankrupt.

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As noted by the arbitration court, the court of general jurisdiction established that Remezov had funds “allowing him to borrow the specified amount.” As part of the bankruptcy case against Khoroshilova, the DIA is now contesting the loan from Remezov and the decision on her bankruptcy. Khoroshilova owned a 19.5% stake in BFG-Credit. The Moscow Arbitration Court in September 2016 declared the bank bankrupt. According to the Central Bank, as of July 1, 2016, it ranked 99th in Russia in terms of assets.

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