How to Schedule ‘Twitter Tweets’ From the App or Website?

How to Schedule 'Twitter Tweets' From the App or Website?

How to Schedule ‘Twitter Tweets’ From the App or Website?

Technology advances more and more and day by day incorporate new tools or functions on the favorite platforms, on many occasions it is unknown or it is not known how to use them, some tools that are found on the Twitter platform which we can learn.

From where you can automatically schedule your Tweets on said platform so that they are post at a certain time of the day that you establish previously. Twitter also allows you to program several at the same time, in this tutorial you will see how to do it correctly.

What should be done to program a Tweet from the ‘Twitter Ads’ section?

If you want to create or generate interesting content on Twitter when making a Tweet and draw the attention of your followers without having to be there at that moment, you can program a Tweet from the Twitter Ads section, you must have created or create a Twitter account, and that way you can have the Twitter Ads section available.

  1. You must first log in to the official Twitter page or from the application and Go to the ‘Twitter Ads’ section.
  2. Then you must go to the ‘Creativities’ tab and click on the option that indicates ‘Tweets’
  3. It will be displayed in the upper right corner the ‘New Tweet’ option where you can create a new Tweet, click on that option and configure everything you need such as photos, texts and videos.
  4. Before publishing your Tweet you must select whether or not you want it to be ‘Exclusive for promotion’, if you choose the ‘Exclusive for promotion’ option, only users who are related to an ad campaign will be able to see your Tweet.
  5. When you have everything ready to publish your Tweet, click on the arrow pointing down located next to the ‘Tweet’ button. A drop-down menu will be displayed where you must click on the ‘Schedule’ option
  6. Lastly, configure and schedule the time and date you want your Tweet to be published.
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What time zone should I schedule my Twitter Tweet in if my country isn’t listed?

The time zone that it has as default to use is that of the city of Los Angeles, United States and it is not possible to change it, so you must take into account and pay close attention to this little detail, since it is very important depending on the place where you are, you must program the Tweet so that it is published with the time in Los Angeles.

For example, where you are you have a difference of two hours with Los Angeles, so if you want to publish the Tweet at 8:00 p.m., you must schedule it to be published at 6:00 p.m.

How to change the scheduled date of a Tweet that will be published?

If you already have a Tweet scheduled for a certain date and time but have decided to change the date for some reason, you can set data setYou can also do it from the Twitter website or from its mobile device application.

change tweet scheduled date on twitter

Modify on the web page

The procedure for changing the previously scheduled publication date of Tweets on the twitter website is shorter than from the official application of the platform, To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Through the web page go to the tab with the name ‘Creativities’ and click once on ‘Tweet’, in which you can check the scheduled Tweets.
  2. In the lower left corner, hover over the Tweet and Click on the option called ‘Edit’.
  3. Now you can modify the previously established date, at the end of the change click on the option ‘Update Scheduled Tweet’. This will save the modification made correctly.
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From the official app

The first step will be to download the Twitter application for mobile devices, then Proceed with the step-by-step of these instructions:

  1. Go to the device menu and enter the application Twitter and log in to your account.
  2. When you are logged in, in the lower right corner Click on the figure or icon of a feather.
  3. Now for To change the date or time that you had programmed it, click on the upper part next to the ‘Tweet’ button and then click on the ‘Tweets not sent’ option.
  4. Then in the new tab go to the ‘Scheduled’ option and select once the post or Tweet you want to modify.
  5. Then tap on the ‘Calendar with a clock’ icon or figure and the option to change the date or time will be displayed.
  6. Finally, by changing this data click on ‘Update’ and then in ‘Schedule’, with this you will have changed the date of a scheduled Tweet.
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plan the date of a tweet

How many Twitter Tweets can be scheduled at one time?

Twitter allows you to schedule many Tweets automatically, the only thing is that it does not allow you to do it through the Twitter page or application. To carry out this procedure, a platform called Postcron must be used, which allows you to program up to 1,000 Tweets in a single account.

If there is more than one account on the mobile, divide 1,000 among the accounts you want to postif there are four accounts, it would be 1,000 posts between four accounts, which would be a result of 250 posts per account to be programmed in one go.

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