How to Remove Fortnite Map on PS5 and Other Devices – Tutorial

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How to Remove Fortnite Map on PS5 and Other Devices – Tutorial

The constant advances in Fortnite, make it rarely present failures in the computer or any other console. In turn, the video game presents more and more customization options. In fact you can remove the Fortnite map on your PS5 console or any other very easily.

What is the main function of the Fortnite minimap?

The Fortnite map is substantially large, so the minimap is completely necessary in most cases. to know where we are located.

In fact, we must not forget about the storm, a characteristic that will gradually reduce the playable size of the map. In relation to the above, the minimap has an essential function, since it helps us to observe which will be the area in which we can mobilize without the storm taking away our health.

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Another reason of great relevance to have the minimap activated is when we play with friends. When playing with friends, it is absolutely necessary know the location of each of them, something that is reflected in the game map. Deactivating the minimap will make it difficult to locate your companions. In any case, if you still want to deactivate it, keep reading.

What do I need to do to remove the Fortnite map on my PS5?

Just like you can download Fortnite for your computer or Android, Epic Games recently released the version of the game for PS5. Fortunately, also in the new Sony console we have great customization options, among which we highlight the possibility of removing the Fortnite map, a process that you can do as follows.

  • Within a game or outside of it, press the function button to access the Fortnite options
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ section
  • Look for the ‘HUD Options’ menu, which is usually located in the third position
  • Find the option ‘Minimap’ and deactivate it
  • Apply the changes by pressing ‘triangle’ and return to the game
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How can I disable the Fortnite minimap on other devices?

Although there are many games similar to Fortnite, the truth is that few have achieved the success of this Battle Royale. In large part it is because the game features advanced customization options on all consoles. This is noticeable when applying settings such as disabling the minimap, something you can do from any device.

From Windows PC to Mac

  • While in the lobby, click on the three lines located above and to the right.
  • Click on ‘Settings’.
  • Go to the ‘HUD Options’ section.
  • Find the option ‘Minimap’ and deactivate it.

With Xbox

  • While inside the game or the lobby, press the options button on your Xbox controller (located in the middle and to the right).
  • Access the ‘Settings’ section.
  • Move to the section ‘HUD Options’.
  • Here you should find the option ‘Minimap’, simply deactivate it.
  • Apply the changes and return to the game.
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remove minimnite fortnite in ps5

Usando Switch

  • Within a game or the Fortnite lobby, press the ‘+’ button on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Scroll down and enter the ‘Settings’ section and go to ‘HUD Options’.
  • Almost at the beginning you find ‘Minimap’ disables this option.
  • Apply the changes and play again.

What other adjustments can we make in the Fortnite controls?

Fortnite is a competitive game, this means that it has many options to configure it completely to our liking. In fact, it is possible to modify each key or button to our liking and it is something that is usually recommended for find the configuration that best suits you.

As we pointed out, you can fully map the Fortnite controls, but the video game goes further. In fact, just as you can deactivate the minimap, you can also make other settings, for example it is possible to modify the resolution of Fortnite, as long as you play on the computer.

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