How to Activate the Spell Checker in Google Chrome from your Mobile or PC?

How to Activate the Spell Checker in Google Chrome from your Mobile or PC?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, for being considered one of the fastest. It has an advanced design that gives the user a pleasant experience. But if you are one of those, who do not have good spelling, here we will tell you how this guide can help you.

How is the Google Chrome checker modified from your PC?

The Google Chrome browser was created with multiple functions to give the user the ease of searching what interests him or making a participation without making some mistakes. In addition, it provides several options to do the same action.

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Google Options

Google has different options to make the same option. If you want to correct the spelling you can do it from the Google bar and click on Options. Among the different alternatives that you will see, choose Tool and activate the Spell Checker and when you click save it will be ready.

Using Google tools

If you have Google Chrome as your default browser and do you want to use the tools you must open your browser to find the three points. Press Settings and then select advanced settings at the end. When you are there you will see the language section and you can activate the basic spelling check.

Checking spelling

If you have trouble typing, you should check the Google language. To fix it alone check spelling. You can do it from the Google bar, selecting Check. When you see the spell checker you must scroll until you find the language and look for yours.

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What is the way to set the Google checker with a different ‘Language’?

Maybe you are someone bilingual who writes in a language that is not the usual one, you need the proofreader to be in another language. You install Google Chrome you can put a proofreader with another language.

From your Android

To change the concealer from your Android mobile you must look for settings and go to Languages ​​and inputs. You can make the change from System or Personal. There you add the language of your preference.

With your computer

If you are on the Web, you can enter your account Google search for the language found within the settings. And to have several languages ​​click on add other languages. To change the concealer, you carry out the steps we mentioned before.

From the iOS system

If you have an iOS device You must keep in mind when changing the language this will affect all the applications of the phone. If you still want to change it, go to settings, scroll to Language and Region and select iPhone Language. Choose the language you need and that’s it.

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What are the most searched web pages and applications for spell checking?

Today there are web pages and applications to make sure you have a good spelling not only for work issues, but even if you want to write a message on a social network. Since a mistake can damage your content and make you look bad.

Spell Check Plus ‘Online’

It is a platform that checks spelling and grammar of your texts. You just have to write and copy your content and paste it on the platform to check if it contains any errors. This will show you punctuation, spelling, grammar and contextual errors.

WordReference ‘App’

This is an application that allows you to write correctly, see synonyms, antonyms and translate a word in several languages. It also allows you to enter a forum on the subject is Spanish in mobile versions.

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Reverso ‘Web’

It is a web page where you can translate documents, just by copying and pasting the content of a document on their free support site. That lets you know if what you wrote in another language you did without errors.

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Grammarly Keyboard ‘Móvil’

It is a page that you can add to google chrome. It is a writing assistant in it you can write the comment or paragraph and this will help you avoid mistakes and get the best words.

Language Tool ‘Online’

It is an application that corrects grammatical and spelling errors in different languages. You just have to paste the text in the application and the errors will appear marked with colors according to their type.

SwiftKey ‘App’

It is a virtual keyboard application for Android and iOS mobiles. This application has a keyboard and a top bar that shows you the words that you possibly want to type with just a few keystrokes. It also serves as a self-correcting agent.