How to Appear ‘Off’ on Tinder? – Connection Settings

How to Appear 'Off' on Tinder?  - Connection Settings

How to Appear ‘Off’ on Tinder? – Connection Settings

In the Tinder social network, the option that allows you to disappear from the search radars of other users of this social network is now available. this option is called Deactivationthis can be activated by any of its users, the procedure will be shown in the following article.

What happens when Tinder’s ‘Off’ mode is activated?

The Deactivated activated mode will stop showing the profile that uses it immediately in the displacements of other users of the social network, the user will be able to continue giving likes (these will be seen by the users in question). It will also keep sending messages to Matches, see if someone read my message and the other user can reply as usual.

finally with activation of Off mode You can use the account in the normal way, but it will stop appearing for users who do not like or message it, as it is done by deleting the account in this social network.

How to change my online status on Tinder

If you already know what the activation of the Off mode in Tinder social network you can proceed to activate it, to activate it you can do it from your mobile device and also from the web version for PC of said social network, the procedure for both will be shown below:

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With the mobile app

  1. Start by going to Tinder social network application Whether it’s your Android or iOS device.
  2. Go to your profile, to do so you just have to press your finger on the icon that has your profile picture.
  3. On your profile page on the left side of the screen there is a gear icon, click on it.
  4. On the settings page look for the option Discovery Settingswhen you get it you must press it with your finger.
  5. Then press your finger on the option ‘Show on Tinder’.
  6. You will be sent to a new page in it you will have to move with your finger to the left side the winged colored ball or arrow of the option Show me on Tinder.
  7. Then you must confirm the action, for this you just have to press Ok or Accept.

tinder app icon on a mobile

From the website

  1. Go to the Tinder social network website.
  2. On the main screen, at the top is the icon with your profile picture, click on it.
  3. Within your profile page you will find the option account settings, she leaned.
  4. By doing the above you will enter the account settings, in them you must search and click on the option Show me on Tinder, this is located at the bottom of the list.
  5. On the new page disable the Show me on Tinder option when prompted confirm the action.
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Other settings I can make in my Tinder profile

On Tinder you must place data for users to search for you have some knowledge of your life, these data can be edited below we will show you some of the data you can edit along with the procedure to achieve it:

sexual preferences

You can place sexual preferences on Tinder, so that users who look for you know them, on said social network you can place 3 options of the 9 that exist in it (these should be the ones you feel most identified with)to make this configuration you must do the following:

From a mobile: enter the Tinder application, click on your profile picture, then you must select the pen-shaped icon that It is located on the right side of your mobile screen. On the new edit page, search for and select the Sexual Orientation option, then select three terms if you wish to finish, determine whether or not you want to display this information.

phone starting tinder app

From the web version: Enter the official Tinder page, click on the icon that has your profile picture, on the new page click on Edit profile, then select Sexual Orientation, determine 3 of the ones you find when you finish, press OK.

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Age and nationality

In Tinder you enter your age at the time of creating the account, this information cannot be modified (Tinder doesn’t allow it) the nationality for its part if you can place it or modify the process for it is the following;

From a mobile: Enter the social network application first Tinder, then enter your profile, then click on the pen icon, on the new page look for the Location or City option, select it and then place the one you want.

From the website: Go to the official Tinder page, then go to your profile, look for the Edit profile option and click on it. In the new window, look for the City option, click on it and fill the space with yours.