How to connect soundbar to TV

collegare soundbar a tv

How to connect soundbar to TV

If you have purchased a new soundbar and want to connect it to your TV, you can use different connection technologies, closely related to the audio outputs available on the soundbar and the expected inputs on the TV. Below I indicate which, at the moment, are the most used technologies. However, before connecting the soundbar to your TV, remember to place the soundbar wherever you like, connect it to power and turn it on.

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How to connect soundbar to TV via HDMI ARC (digital)

Technology HDMI ARC (o Audio Return Channel ) allows you to provide, via the HDMI ports, a channel of audio return to a mixer, amplifier, or any other type of powered external speaker, such as a soundbar. This connection mode supports the vast majority of modern digital audio formats: 5.1 Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS: X. The shape of the cable to be used for connecting the soundbar to the TV and the enclosures supplied with them are completely identical to those dedicated to “classic” HDMI but, to ensure that this technology is applicable, it is necessary to verify that at least one has the HDMI ports available on the TV are labeled HDMI (ARC) / TV Out (ARC) and that the namesake inputs on the back of the soundbar bear the wording HDMI IN (ARC).

If the test is successful, you can connect the soundbar to the TV in a very simple way: all you have to do is turn on both devices and plug the two ends of the cable received supplied with the soundbar into their respective available ports. In most cases, the sound is played through the soundbar fully automatically. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to manually select the audio output to be used on your TV: to do this, go to the settings of the TV, enter the section audio and, reached the panel Audio outputto select HDMI (ARC) among the available outputs (by pressing OK ). Then use the same procedure, if necessary, to re-enable audio playback through the TV’s built-in speakers.

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How to connect soundbar to TV via optical cable – TOSLINK (digital)

If your TV or soundbar does not have HDMI ARC output / input, you can use the technology TOSLINK, communication between the devices involved takes place via a fiber optic cable integrated, at the ends of which there are two square pins that have a central metal protrusion. The TOSLINK ports, on the other hand, have a square shape and are characterized by a small central hole which, when the device is switched on, emits a faint red light. On some televisions, however, there is the output mini-TOSLINKsimilar to the original but with reduced dimensions: in this case, in addition to the TOSLINK cable, it must be equipped with a adapter.

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After making sure your soundbar and TV support the above technology, all you need to do is turn on both devices, plug one end of the TOSLINK cable into the input Optical In / TOSLINK / S-PDIF of your soundbar and the other to the uOptical TV out / TOSLINK / S-PDIF out. At this point, if necessary, use the function key on the soundbar (or remote control) to set the audio input optical. Finally, access the TV settingsgo to the sections Audio > Uscita Audio and choose the option Optical / Optical among those available. Note: TOSLINK supports 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS digital audio formats.

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How to connect soundbar to TV via RCA (analog)

To connect a soundbar to a particularly old-style TV, which does not have HDMI ARC or TOSLINK outputs, you can use the classic RCA connectors: they are able to transmit audio in analog mode and are distinguished by the presence, at each end, of a white plug (for mono and left channel audio transmission) and red plug (right channel). Before doing anything, check that both the soundbar and the TV have two ports of the same color, usually marked AUX / R (the red one) and AUX / L (the white one).

To connect your TV and soundbar via RCA, simply insert the first pair of plugs into the corresponding inputs on the back of the soundbar and repeat the same for the TV’s outputs. No additional setup is required on the latter device, although you may need to use the function key or remote on the soundbar to select the AUX input. As they say? You have completed the installation of the soundbar, it works perfectly, but now you find yourself with too many cables “in sight”? Visit Amazon to buy one of these handy cable ties.

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How to connect soundbar to TV with Bluetooth

If both the soundbar and TV support Bluetooth technology, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect devices to each other, thus eliminating the hassle of having to run wires and cables. However, I cannot give you information that applies to all commercially available Bluetooth soundbars, as each has its own instructions, which means, in practice, that the steps you need to follow to connect the Bose soundbar to your television may differ from those to connect the samsung soundbar to TV and so on for other brands and models of speakers. However, I can give you a general procedure: First, turn on the soundbar and put it in Pairing mode, following the specific instructions for your device. In some cases, it all comes down to pressing one or two buttons at the same time, until a voice guidance or visual feedback (such as a message on the built-in screen) confirms the setup in Pairing mode.

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In others, however, you may have to use the remote control supplied with the soundbar, or act directly through a dedicated application: therefore, my invitation is to carefully read the user manual associated with the soundbar supplied with the soundbar, or the Google phrases. such as Bluetooth connection [marca e modello della soundbar]. After completing the previous step, in a few minutes, go to the TV, access its audio settings and reach the section dedicated to output devices; finally, locate the option relating to Bluetooth: and search for nearby devices.

After a few seconds, you should see the soundbar name (or the settings app you used previously) – when that happens, select it and hit the OK button to terminate the connection. Clearly the names of the menu items may vary, depending on the model of TV you own: below I will explain, specifically, the operations to be carried out on Samsung and LG Smart TVs. Note: The pairing procedure only needs to be performed once, unless one of the affected devices is restarted at a later time.

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How to connect soundbar to Samsung TV

If yours is a branded device Samsungproceed as follows: press the key Home (the icon of the Casa ) or the key Smart Hub (the icon of colored prism ) on the remote control and using the directional arrow on the remote, highlight the icon settings ( the symbol of the gear ) and press the key OK on the remote control to access its menu. Next, locate and select the icon depth sounderwhich represents a speakerin the left sidebar of the screen that appears, select the item Audio output and press the button OK o la right directional arrow to display the following menu, showing the available audio output options.

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Once this is done, highlight and select the item Bluetooth speaker list and, after pressing the key OKwait a few moments for the Name of the soundbar appears on the screen, in the list of available audio devices; to finish, select it and press the button again OKto complete pairing and start listening to audio through the soundbar. If, for some reason, you want to restore audio listening through the built-in speakers, return to the section Settings> Audio> Audio Out and select the item TV speakeramong the available options.

How to connect soundbar to LG TV

The steps to follow LG Smart TV are not very different from the ones seen above: to get started, press the setup button on the remote (usually marked with a symbol gear ), select the item ( ) All settings from the menu that appears superimposed on the screen and press the key OK. Once done, highlight the icon dedicated to Headphones & Speakerswhich is represented by a speakerpush the button OK and choose the item Audio output from the next screen. Now, put the check mark next to the wording LG/Bluetooth Sound Syncpush the button OKthen move to the button Device selection and press the button again OK.

After this, it should start searching for available Bluetooth audio devices nearby: when the name of the soundbar, highlight it and select it with the button OK on the remote control, to complete the pairing between the two devices. If you want to restore audio through the TV speaker later, go to the menu Settings> Audio> Audio Output the check mark next to the item Internal TV speaker and confirm everything by pressing the key OK remote control. That’s all!

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