How to Create a Secret Board on Pinterest – Features, Uses and How to View Them

How to Create a Secret Board on Pinterest – Features, Uses and How to View Them

After registering and creating an account on Pinterest, everything seems complicated, but the truth is that the platform is very intuitive and easy to understand. Even so, if you have doubts, it is better to start with the basics. Given this, today we teach you what you should know about the secret boards on Pinterest.

What are secret Pinterest boards?

Secret boards are simply boards that you can hide from other users. These boards will show up on your profile, but unauthorized users won’t be able to see them. Namely, anyone who is not a contributor, you just won’t be able to access these dashboards.

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What is the use of having your hidden pins?

If you want to use your account simply to save ideas or content of your interest, but you do not want to share with other users, it does not hurt have hidden pins or boards. Fortunately, Pinterest has privacy options for this case.

Pinterest is certainly an excellent tool for viewing content on various topics, but it is also suitable for those who prefer not to share publicly. Hiding the pins and boards will help you use the platform anonymously if it is what you prefer.

They are clearly not an option if you plan to position your brand on Pinterest, but they can be useful if you want. save content anonymously. Therefore, if you intend to use the platform only for recreational purposes or to view content, it is a good option.

What is the procedure to create your secret board on Pinterest?

Creating a secret board on Pinterest is supremely easy. The first thing is to open the Pinterest page and log into your account, once you have done so you must go to your profile. Now, click on the option to add a new board, you will recognize it because it has the icon of the plus symbol (+).

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By clicking on the plus symbol, the platform will give you the option to create a board or a pin. This time you must select the option ‘Board’, then the settings of the board will be displayed, you must provide the name and make sure to check the box ‘Mark this board secret’.

How can I invite someone to be a part of my secret board?

There are two ways to add collaborators to a secret board. The first of them is exactly when you create it, since, when creating the secret board, the collaborators option will be displayed and you just have to add those you want to access and modify the board one by one.

The other option is for those secret boards that are already created. It’s easy, just head over to your secret board and enter it. You will see the ‘plus symbol’ right at the top, pressing on it will show the option to add collaborators to your board.

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How to access your hidden Pinterest boards

Hidden boards will also show up in your account, so just head over to your Pinterest profile. You will be able to recognize those boards saved as hidden, as they have a small padlock icon.

In fact, even though you have a hidden board, you can modify and view it at will. In any case, if you want someone else to see it, it will be necessary for you to invite them as a collaborator, since it is the only way that third parties can view hidden content.

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How can I make my entire Pinterest account private?

It’s not possible make your profile completely private, that is, if someone accesses the link, they will be able to see your content. In any case, we do have a privacy option that prevents you from appearing in the search, which is almost the same as having your account completely private.

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If you want to activate this option, first of all, go to the Pinterest page or the application. Then, log in and go to your profile, here you must click on the three points located above and to the right.

Now locate the option ‘Privacy and data‘and enter it. At the top you will see the option ‘Privacy in search engines’, if you activate this option you will not appear when searches are carried out. Keep in mind that you can deactivate this option at any time if you regret it.

And so you can have a little more privacy on Pinterest. In any case, if instead you want to use the platform in a more professional way, we recommend create a business account on Pinterest, something very functional for this purpose.