How to Delete the Videos You Like on Your TikTok Account? – On Android or iOS

How To Remove TikTok favorites
How To Remove TikTok favorites

How to Delete the Videos You Like on Your TikTok Account? – On Android or iOS

Without a doubt, the ‘likes’ of social networks represent one of the most relevant types of interaction for both users and creators. Either way, sometimes it becomes necessary delete videos you like on TikTok and about this we will talk to you below.

What should you do to like a video on TikTok and have it saved in your folder?

Liking the TikTok app is extremely easy. Just go to that video that catches your attention and click on the heart which is located in the part right of the screen. After the previous steps, the video will be in the list of videos you like on TikTok.

Where are all the videos on your TikTok account that you liked located?

See the videos that you like them on TikTok it’s very easySimply go to your profile by clicking on the person-shaped icon at the bottom right of the screen.

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After the above, click on the small heart that is located in the middle of the screen, when doing the above you will be able to see all the videos that you liked on TikTok. In any case, there are some times when TikTok’s like function doesn’t work, but it can be fixed.

How can you remove a single video from your likes on TikTok?

To remove a video from TikTok’s ‘Likes’, go to your profile and click on the ‘Like’ section (the one with the heart symbol in the middle of the screen). Find the video you want to delete from this section and click on it. After the above, click on the heart on the right from the screen that will change from red to white, removing the video from the ‘Like’ list.

What is the way to delete all the history of ‘likes’ in a TikTok account?

Unfortunately, TikTok does not present options to delete the ‘likes’ at a general level. Anyway, you can hide the ‘likes’ you give on the platform, for this click on your profile located in the lower right and then on the three points in the upper right.

Now, click on ‘Privacy’ and on ‘Videos that you liked’, here set to ‘Just me’. By doing the above, the videos will be hidden and only you will be able to see them. In the same way, we recommend hiding the ‘likes’ of Instagram and other social networks.

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On the other hand, if your account is new, you can delete the ‘likes’ one by one, it is certainly not such an extensive process, but do not look for an option to do it in a general way, since the platform it just doesn’t have this function. Even so, later we will comment on other things that you could take into account.

delete the videos you like on tiktok

What changes will there be in your profile once the removal of likes is finished?

If you put yourself in the task of delete all likes from TikTok, there are several advantages that you are going to obtain. Being more specific, there are a few benefits in relation to the algorithm and the speed of the application, if you want to learn more about it, keep reading.

No history or algorithm

By deleting the ‘likes’ of TikTok, the algorithm will be renewed, which in other words means that the recommendations will be somewhat different from what you had before. In any case, if you want the algorithm to restart, the best thing is that you delete your bill and create a new TikTok account, which will ensure you have an ’empty’ algorithm.

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A faster App

If you have a very old cell phone, deleting the ‘likes’ from the platform could help improve performance. In any case, it is not absolute, since the application is quite optimized In its latest versions, there is always the possibility of downloading TikTok Lite, a version even lighter than the original.