How to download youtube videos to my pc without installing any software – Easy Steps


How to download youtube videos to my pc without installing any software

Click on the “Download” button to start the download. Copy the Internet address of the website, where the video is. Others are limited-time demos, like DLNow Video Downloader, which gives you a 30-day trial. It’s much longer than YouTubeByClick, which only lets you try it out for 24 hours. There are many who give this system for free, but they often close.

Today there are many antivirus programs that are dedicated to monitoring and protecting our computer from all the threats that are on the web page. You have to look for the most remarkable one that suits you, and don’t skimp on items, as the aftermath of viruses can be really expensive. Best of all, you can decide whether to install it or use it directly from the web. It is a great alternative option to be able to have all the videos directly on our computer. From the WinXDVD website we can download this WinX Video Converter.

Let’s start by looking at the first of the options on how to download a Facebook video to your computer with a download manager or program. Keep in mind that Facebook is increasingly limiting in one way or another the ability to download videos from the platform, however these options continue to work. The Service may contain links to websites and online services of others that are not owned or controlled by YouTube. YouTube has no control over, and accepts no responsibility for, those websites and online services. Watch for the instant you exit the Service; We suggest that you read the terms and privacy policy of each other website and online service you visit.

If the file is private or inaccessible, in such a case we advise you to opt for the extension that does not have this problem. The easiest way to download from the Google+ browser is to use the browser’s developer option “Browse web elements”. This allows us to do it from any website and without needing to use a specific website or a precise program to help us with the task. The great advantage is that you can carry it out with any page that has a video that you want to download and then press the right mouse button. Another page to download videos from YouTube without having programs on the PC.

Youtube Video Downloader 4k, Download Fast And Safe

For this, it will suffice to copy the URL and click on the «Catch! » The interface will show us all the free links in different formats for that video. In addition to this, it has extensions for both Firefox and Google Chrome from which you can comfortably download the video. We are talking about a program with which we are going to be able to search, view and download videos and other multimedia files on YouTube and other websites. This useful tool makes it easy for us to carry out searches on multiple websites simultaneously and download them in different formats such as AVI, 3GP, MP4, among many others. It also lets you obtain the audio of the videos and save them in MP3 and automatically capture the video that we are playing.

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You can select the option of the green button that says ‘Download’ to download, or choose another format by clicking on the option ‘Download other formats’. Click ‘Download’ and scroll down to see the image of the video you want to download. The last option is “Transform to Music in mp3”, perfect for downloading the song from a video clip, for example. It is essential to understand that although you must be detected to use the service, they do not track who downloads which videos, so your privacy is guaranteed. I used the site By Clic Downloader to download a video from Facebook, it was very good and I was able to download it in high definition. As you comment, Facebook is increasingly restricting the download of videos saved on the platform.

how to download videos from youtube to my pc without installing any program

The only drawback, which is not so bad, is that you must create a free account or log in to use the video download service. Then enter the url or link of the video (which you are going to see in our browser or in the communicate video option that is frequently found in various services) and offer to download the video so that it is in your possession in a short time. It works with any place or page, which makes it one of the best solutions to download online videos. The download link that will appear expires after 60 minutes, so the process begins when you go to download. If your network connection is currently slow or limited, try when you have access to higher speed internet.

How To Download Videos And Mp3 From Youtube Without Having Programs

Numerous quality presets and formats are provided with this website. This free website is totally safe and reliable to use and you can easily get your favorite video with you when your priority is to download YouTube videos without any software. By default, when uploading a YouTube video jDownloader will upload the video, the audio and the cover image. But the folder that it has created for you can be displayed so that all these files appear, and if you only want to download the video, click on it and choose the Add and Start Downloads option. Ready, jDownloader will download the file to the folder you have configured for downloads. We are going to explain how to download YouTube videos on your computer, so that if you see a video that you enjoy, you can download it to put it on any other device and watch it offline.

So, in VLC open the Media tab and click on the Open Network Location option. A window will open where you have to put the Internet address of the video and press Play. Doing this will take you straight to the Savefrom page, and you’ll now have loaded the video you’ve chosen to download. You will only have to press the Download button after choosing the image quality on the right, and the video will be downloaded.

One of the most well-known and complete programs that we can find for this task is StreamFab YouTube Downloader. This program allows us to quickly download videos and music from YouTube, and from other websites and social networks and, at the same time, transform them into the format that we choose to store the videos on the PC. For those who want to download videos from YouTube without programs for free and fast, Y2Mate stands as a tailor-made alternative. This web interface belongs to the simplest on this list and although it is completely free, it does not have download limits. Using ByClick Downloader, you will be able to download videos in 720p, 1080p, 4K quality, and much more lately, 8K videos. Among the download formats, there are the much more used ones such as MP4, AVI, WAV or AAC; It even lets you download free music from YouTube in MP3 format.

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How to download youtube videos to iphone

Certain programs, when downloading and processing the video, tend to add watermarks, especially when we use free programs. Fortunately, not all of them are this way, and we are always going to find programs that, despite being free, will let us process the videos without the respective watermarks. Then a dropdown will open that will allow us to select the quality of the video to download (in the event that it is greater than 720, it will be downloaded without audio).

Certain of these elements or tools will also be useful for you to be able to download videos from other channels similar to YouTube. In addition to this, others allow you to do format conversions, download only the audio in MP3 and some even have features to download channels or entire playlists. Several people believe that by downloading the video they will be able to change the aspect ratio format, but such a thing is impossible. The videos will continue playing in the format in which they were made, certain gadgets conform to the formats better than others.

It supports downloading both video playlists and video channels at the same time, being able to be downloaded on the fly without the need to install any software. It also lets us choose our preferred video format MP4, Webm, etc. or extract only the audio in MP3. In addition to this, we have the possibility to choose options such as HDR, 60 fps, 30 fps, etc. It will suffice to copy the video’s Internet address and paste it in the video’s Internet address bar, and finally, once the settings have been chosen, click on Download.


If you have found a video on YouTube that is interesting to you, you can download it easily and without the need to install any extension or install any program on your device and thus be able to watch it offline much later. You can carry it out with many of the websites that we have previously shown or use an exclusive option. With everything mentioned ready, we click on the Add Video button and then we indicate the URL of the video that we want to download. Therefore, we copy the link to the video, whether it’s from YouTube or wherever, since xVideoServiceThief works with almost 100 different sites, and press OK. In the event that we enter the URL of a location that is not compatible with the tool, it will show us an error message indicating that we do not have the possibility of downloading videos from that location. If, on the contrary, it works, the download of the video will automatically start in the path where we have indicated.

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When you have it, click on “Continue” and choose the format you want. In such a case, you can carry it out if you want it to be MP4 or AVI or MOV but you can also download the audio only. Keep in mind that it will not allow you to download videos such as video clips that are protected by copyright, for example.

Today we are going to educate you on the best programs to download videos from YouTube (not necessarily music), and how to do it STEP BY STEP. If what we are looking for is a program that we can install as such on our computer, there are several very complete options to be able to carry out this task. The first of them, for example, is StreamFab YouTube Downloader, a very extensive program with which we are going to be able to download virtually any video from any website without any problems. This program can download videos in qualities ranging from SD to FullHD 1080p, 4K UHD and even up to 4320p. Once the video is downloaded, it allows us to convert it to the format we want, be it video or audio, in the event that we only want the file in MP3 or AAC. In addition, thanks to its hardware acceleration, it is capable of downloading and processing videos up to 5 times faster than other programs.

And not only that, but also allow us to select the quality and resolution where we want to save it. If now the program is one of the best, it can still allow us to apply filters that improve the quality of the downloaded video, a quality that frequently leaves a lot to be desired. YouTube is the world’s most famous video interface. It has been operational since 2005 at the time it was created by three old members of PayPal.

KeepVid seems to perform better than some of the others, with uncompromising quality, and superior orientation control for downloading recordings. Store my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Matching flv, mp4, avi, asf, mpeg and mp3 formats. Usually, if they have paid projects, it is because they offer considerably more than just the ability to download videos from YouTube. Videovor will update again and show you a big box with the name of the video and a generic name that they assign to it.