How To Format A Pc And Install Windows 10 From Cero – Easy Steps

How to Format a PC and Install Windows 10 From Scratch

How To Format A Pc And Install Windows 10 From Cero

If we can find any problem with our license, we advise you to continue reading our article. Now the storage units connected to our PC will appear. We must confirm that we choose the correct one by seeing what the name of the unit is in the File Explorer. Download the official Microsoft tool for downloading Windows 10 by clicking here.

Once the development of downloading the ISO image is finished, we will close the program and go to the directory where we have saved our copy of Windows 10. We enter our DVD in the recorder and right-click on the file to hit “Burn disc image” and thus create our installation DVD. The Windows 10 recovery options allow us to restore the operating system to its original values. This can be done by backing up our data or by completely deleting it from the system. In addition, we can choose between restoring Windows from today’s version of the operating system or from the cloud, downloading and installing the latest version throughout development.

This procedure is valid for Windows 10 for the two previous versions of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows 8.1). The system will reboot and the advanced boot management window will appear; from here just click Troubleshooting and then Reset your PC. Without partitioning, we choose the box that appears on the screen that says space without granting our disk, we go to the part below the box and we offer the following. It will start in another box to copy the Windows files, then it will start to expand these files on the hard drive. Then it will ask us for a license or product key, which if we do not have it, we have the possibility of adding it, then we click where it says I do not have a product key.

Clean Install From Windows Background

Finally, we will be shown a display offering us the summary of actions that will be executed and asking us to confirm our wish to continue with the formatting. Now we have Windows 10 installed on the PC, but our PC commissioning is not finished yet. Before offering to finish the installation of the system, we recommend that you carry out some essential configurations and tasks to make your PC run much better. Now, we will have to select if we want Cortana to be our personal assistant, or if we want the digital assistant to be disabled. If we enable it, Cortana will help us with reminders, help us search for things and, in addition, it will incorporate lousy jokes.

We will observe how windows open as we take the precise steps, the first one asks us if we want to update the device now or make installation media, which will be the option that we are going to choose. Hence, we are going to explain the steps to create a bootable USB, a tool that what it does is install the precise files on a USB device so that Windows 10 can be installed on the PC. Let’s determine from a computer with the Windows 10 operating system or if a Mac is used, from the BalenaEtcher utility that can be downloaded for free. Now, we can choose the type of restoration we want to perform. We have the possibility to choose, as we have explained, from the cloud, or from the local reinstallation. This second option can cause problems (if the original Windows installation is corrupted), so we recommend using the cloud option whenever possible.

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Initial System Configuration

Now you will reach a screen where you must write the Windows 10 license to install it activated. Windows licenses can be of various types and have different costs, so this is now up to you. You also have an I don’t have a product key option so you can proceed without it and leave it for later.

how to format a pc and install windows 10 from scratch

The system finished configuring itself, after a short wait it will take you to the Desktop showing you the Windows 7 welcome screen. Restart your PC and press the corresponding key to access the BIOS. This will depend on the model of the motherboard, but this information appears on the first screen when you turn on your PC. After you make your choice, Windows 10 will reboot and continue formatting, which may take up to an hour (depending on the size and speed of the disk in use). We must take into consideration that when doing a clean installation of Windows, if we do not make a previous backup, we will lose all our documents and files. Store my name, email and website in this browser the next time I comment.

Next, you have to choose whether you want to download the latest version of Windows from the cloud to install it or use the version you currently have. If you don’t mind that the development takes a little longer, choose the option to download from the cloud, which tells you to have the latest update. If you use a local reinstall, it will look for the copy of Windows on your device, and if it isn’t, it will still download from the cloud. Now you will arrive at the screen where you will be able to select the language, edition and architecture of the version of Windows that you want to have through your USB. If the new version does not appear in Windows Update, we have the possibility of forcing the update using the Windows 10 update assistant. We have the possibility of downloading this assistant from this link, and it will be in charge of analyzing our PC to be able to see if we meet the requirements and there are no problems and, if so, offer the jump to the new OS.

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We are talking about FreeDOS, an open source operating system based on MS-DOS, in which everything works from commands entered from a terminal. Something that exceeds the understandings of the vast majority of individuals. It is becoming much more common to find desktop computers and laptops that come without Windows 10 pre-installed from the factory. By not having to pay a premium for the Windows 10 license, the computer has a much more attractive price.

Format With Windows Installation Disk

At the moment you start the process, before continuing you will have to choose a couple of options from a menu. The first is whether you want to keep your configuration files and applications or remove everything. To carry out a clean installation, you must choose Delete everything, because otherwise you will stay as you were, with each and every one of the applications, although solving any internal error that you may have. The computer will restart and enter the installation wizard. It will ask us again something that we have already seen in the first method, and that is to do a quick format or instead physically remove each and every one of the files on the hard drive.

It will load again and you will arrive at the screen you see in the screenshot, in which you have to select the Make installation media option to create a USB with the Windows 10 installation files and press the Next button. In case you have chosen the option to delete files from all drives, the system will also ask you how you want to proceed. Of course, with this second procedure you can take much longer to carry out the installation.

The first thing we have to do is open the Start tab and click on “Settings”. Once inside, we go to the “Update and security” option and in this to “Restore”. We will simply have to click on the “Start” button under the Reset PC option. The tool guides us point by point and in this way we see how in the next window it gives us different options such as the choice of language, edition of Windows to use and architecture of the Windows installation.

Reset Your Windows 10

If the license is recorded in the BIOS/UEFI of our computer, we will not see this window. Otherwise, if we have it at hand we have the possibility of entering it or, if not, we click on “I do not have a product key” to continue without that license. As for the price of installing Windows 10 in a store, we must add an hour, or an hour and a half, of work to the price of the license. And, in most cases, that tends to be between 45 and 60 euros, depending on the stores. In any case, we do not recommend taking the computer to a store to install Windows 10 since, as we are going to see, it is a very simple process that anyone will be able to carry out.

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When the previous process is finished, enter the file explorer and access the USB where you have made the installation. In it you will see that there is a setup.exe file, run it to start the Windows 10 installation development. In this way, in this way and in a few steps you can safely format and install Windows 10 on your PC; tell us if this product helped you, at the bottom you can leave your comments and suggestions. We recommend a backup of the controllers and one of the personal data, such as music, videos, photographs, among many others. Do you dare to format the computer yourself and also install Windows 10 if you don’t have it yet? In such a case, what we need is to make a USB installation device, and for this we are going to use the Windows Media Creation Tool again.

If instead we want to put Windows back but keep our personal files, we show how to do it in our guide on how to Restore or reinstall Windows without losing settings and personal data. The next steps are identical to those seen for the system reset procedure, so all we have to do is select Remove all to do a finished format of Windows 10. In addition to this, it will ask us what version of Windows ten we want to install and we must choose the version that is correct for the license that we have to avoid inconveniences later with the validation of Windows.

To do this, you just have to restart the computer and repeatedly press the “Delete”, “F2” key or the corresponding key to enter our BIOS. Now, we will choose from the next screen the “ISO File” option for the program to download Windows 10 from the company’s repositories. Note that under these options the installation that corresponds to the device in use is marked by default, so if we want to change them we must uncheck the box and change the necessary options. The next step would be to perform Windows Update to update Windows 10 to the latest available build with cumulative patches. To do this, again in the configuration menu, we go to the “Update and security” section and from there we will look for free updates. And, in addition, we will also have to disconnect each and every one of the peripherals connected to the PC that manage to hinder the installation of the operating system.

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