How to Format a PC and Install Windows 10 From Scratch – Easy Steps

How to Format a PC and Install Windows 10 From Scratch

How to Format a PC and Install Windows 10 From Scratch

Once inside, we go to the “Update and security” option and in this to “Recovery”. We simply have to click on the “Start” button under the option of Reset PC. Now we have the possibility to select an ISO image that we have downloaded manually with Media Creation Tools or Rufus can directly download Windows 10, it will still let us choose previous editions. At this moment is when it will offer us the possibility of Keep my files or on the contrary we can Remove everything and leave the computer empty, only with the Windows 10 operating system installed. At this time we go to Update and security and click on Restore which is towards the bottom half of the options on the left.

Better yet, exploit Winstall to find each and every application you need, then create and copy a script to batch install everything with Winget automatically. It’s just too convenient if you also wanted an interface. You may find that there are multiple partitions, and while you can continue without changing anything, I always want to remove them all leaving a single free storage drive. If you have inserted the installation USB into a USB port as I indicated before, one of those options should be that of your USB indicating it in the name, or at least showing the name of its manufacturer. If you have downloaded an ISO file you will have to create a bootable USB file, something that we explain how to do in the tutorial linked just above this paragraph. You will only need a USB memory with a storage capacity of more than 4 GB to store all the precise information on it.

As its name indicates, Windows 10 Education is the version of the system designed for education, or explained in another way, institutes. The licenses are distributed by volume, so they cannot be purchased individually and, in addition to this, it has a series of tools specially designed for this environment. The first of all will be to choose the language that we will have, as well as the language and format of time and currency and that of the keyboard or input procedure. Click on Next and the Arrange Now button will appear. In the case of the USB memory, now we are going to have the Windows 10 installation medium ready, so the only thing left for us is to modify our PC so that it boots directly from the memory unit.

Now, we will be asked to choose the correct keyboard layout and once this is done, we will have to enter our e-mail, telephone or Skype account to start the session with Microsoft, as well as the access password. Once this is done, the next time the system is started, the boot will be made from the chosen drive and now we will be able to start the development to install Windows 10 on the computer. Once in the BIOS or UEFI, in the Boot tab is where we will find the option that allows us to set the boot order of the device. Next, we will be shown a small window where we have the possibility to select the precise version of the operating system. We choose the OS we want to use from the Boot Decision field. In the drop-down that is exposed right next to it, we choose the Download option.

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If you don’t know it well, you can choose the option “Use the recommended options for this computer” and the system will detect them automatically even if you haven’t filled in the fields. To start the installation procedure of a new Windows 10 OS, we can check the user manual of our brand equipment if we still have it. If you do not have it, on the developer’s page we will find the information and even the manual to download in PDF. The free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 was supposed to be limited in time to one year, but then they extended it. After saying that it was finished, it was still active, and the company stopped commenting. It has remained free to update ever since, and will continue to be so to get as many people as possible using the latest version of the operating system.

What method to select to format our laptop?

If we do nothing, the wizard will automatically use all the space to make Windows available (and make the recovery partition 500MB). In the second image we can see the partitions that Windows creates by default to be able to start and work. But if your Windows simply stopped working and won’t start, the best option is to use the restore partition that the developer includes, this way you will be able to put Windows back on without the need for drivers or extra programs.

When the installation compact disc takes control of your computer, this is the first screen that will appear where you have to choose the data that interests you. As you can see, the development to format Windows 8 is similar to a usual installation. In our case, we do not make any changes here and leave the options that appear by default. If you want to do a complete clean install, you should choose Remove everything. Before proceeding with development, make sure you have a backup of your most essential files. Make the backup of the folders of each account and choose to choose everything before pressing any of the options.

Once developed, we must boot from the USB drive and continue the steps to finish the installation of Windows 10. It does not matter which option we choose, whether we want to keep the user’s files or if we are going to delete everything, on the next screen it will offer us the opportunity to reinstall locally or download it from the Cloud and reinstall it. Whatever the basis, after following these steps you will have your Windows as good as new. After some reboot, our new Windows setup development will start, we will have to enter each and every data again like account name and password. In several steps we will finish and we will have our updated Windows ready to use.

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There are several procedures to format Windows 10 even without a CD, and thanks to Microsoft this process has been made much easier compared to previous editions. Let’s now look at the ways that exist to remove and reinstall Windows 10 in 2020. Send commentI have read and accept the privacy policyRed Link To Media collects personal data for internal use only. In no case, your data will be transferred to third parties without your authorization. After restarting the device, a frequent action throughout the installation, a window will appear where you must give the device a name. Once you accept, the formatting will be done, in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds.

It asks us to choose an alternative, and we must select “Fix problems”. With the Windows 8.1 operating system the same thing happened, with a full screen message for you to activate it, in addition to having the customization options disabled. Despite this, the operating system could be used perfectly, which brings us to Windows 10.

What to Do Before Formatting a Computer

Afterwards, yes, you will have to install the OS on your own, and that is where we help you. The Windows 10 restore options allow us to set the operating system back to its original values. This can be done by keeping our notes or by deleting them completely from the system.

how to format a pc and install windows 10 from scratch

Formatting the PC is always an option, but before this you can always try to restore the system or, as we will see today, put the system back to factory settings. At this point, for me, the new Windows 10 package manager has now become my favorite way to install apps, especially a fresh install. With Winget you just need to open a terminal and type “winget install steam” or “winget install microsoft edge” and in a few seconds everything is ready. The next steps are to set up the Windows 10 language, networks, and Windows 10 user account just as you would when purchasing a PC with the Windows 10 operating system pre-installed. To make the Windows 10 USB installation drive, start by connecting the USB key to the pool and make sure it recognizes it.

How to Format a PC in Both Windows 10 and Windows 11

The installer will take a few seconds to calculate the changes you’ve asked for, and then you’ll be back at the Ready to Install screen again. Now you will see that apart from the Windows ten option you will also have the Do not hold anything option chosen. That means that you are ready, this is that you press the Install button to start the process and let the computer work.

Once we have the main partition(s), we have the possibility to click on next and the development will begin to format and generate the new entities. After this process, everything necessary to have the OS will begin to be copied from the installation media and when the development is finished, the system will now be ready for the first start. In this case, we are going to choose the second option, Custom, since it will let us choose the disk partition where we want to have Windows 10.

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Format Hard Drive:

Finally, the benefit of Windows 10 being a service is that starting in January 2023, the company will have to support one less version of the OS, as that’s when security support for Windows 8.1 will end. To make a backup of our data, it is recommended beforehand to eliminate each and every one of the junk files or apps that we did not use previously. Something that we have the possibility of doing manually or with the help of a tool like CCleaner, for example. In the next step, the setup wizard will give us the option to create a PIN, which will allow us to log in quickly and securely.

After those 30 days, the only option to continue using it was to enter the product key. If you didn’t, the only thing you could do were backups and not much else. In this way, Microsoft did not care that there are those who pirate Windows because there will always be those who cheat. In fact, in the latter there was a method that allowed the operating system to be officially activated in the eyes of Microsoft, making it appear that the motherboard was “activated”. As a result, you could upgrade to Windows 10 without resorting to cheap licenses or using cracks.

The guides in this part show you how to make a bootable Windows 11/10 installation USB and get the OS on a new PC. Then use the arrow key to select the boot tap and choose the cloned hard drive as the first boot option. The installer will warn you that with this alternative you are going to lose all the data you have on that part of the hard drive, but it is something that you have to be clear about before starting to format. You must choose the custom installation option, so that you gain access to format the partition. Once the advanced start of Windows starts, you must choose the “Troubleshoot” option (or Troubleshoot if it appears in English) and then the “Reset this PC” option.

You can get all these licenses on the official Microsoft website. In addition, you can get official and original licenses on other websites, so you can consider other possibilities to save money on your Windows 10 license. Step 1. Link the USB flash drive or insert the DVD into the new PC where you want to install Windows 10 At the time the boot screen is displayed, long press F2/F12/DEL to enter BIOS. PDF Editor PDF creator, editor and converter.LockMyFile Protect files with a password.

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