How to free up TikTok space on my cell phone? -Android or iPhone

How to free up TikTok space on my cell phone?  -Android or iPhone

How to free up TikTok space on my cell phone? -Android or iPhone

TikTok is a video app widely used all over the world. However, by the very fact of being of all kinds of videos, it generates excessive space in your storage, always being in constant download of files that are unnecessary.

Therefore, they can implement deleting things in order to free up some space on your cell phone. To do it you just have to stay reading this article, here we will explain how to free up TikTok space on my cell phone.

What can I do to free up space on TikTok?

There are many things you can do to clear storage space on your TikTok account quickly and easily, just follow the tips below:

Erasers take up a lot of space

Drafts are a space that take up a lot of space in your memory, although this is a very useful function for your videos, if you want to free up space in your storage, deleting it will be a good idea, to do so you just have to sign in to this section of your TikTok account and select it and click delete.

clear cache

The cache is the information or data that derives from a way of all the operation that your application has, this usually happens with all, even with the least created, even the most basic call application or game that your device has. When deleting this, do not think that all the data on the platform will be deleted, it will only be information that could be said to be unnecessary.

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However, despite the fact that it is usually unnecessary, it means that by eliminating it you save space in your storage, and even solve some problems that you have with the application, to delete you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the applications menu.
  2. Press on the TikTok so that its options appear.
  3. Now click on application information and wait for you to enter a list.
  4. Click on storage.
  5. Now it only remains to press on the ‘clear cache’ option, wait for the action to be generated.

Another way to clear the cache on your TikTok app is by going into settings, then looking for the app option and looking for the one that you want to clear the cache, When you find it, press on it. Now click on storage and click on clear cache.

delete history

The history is the information that your TikTok account generates when you make movements in it, such as a search, a new follower or any other action you do. However, this is information that is not necessary because you are not going to need it anymore, so to free up space you can implement removing thisto do it you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the TikTok application from your device, you must have the application downloaded and with its newest version so that you can generate the action.
  2. When you are in the application, click on the bottom of TikTok home screenin order to enter your profile.
  3. Now you must click on the settings, to do this click on the row-shaped points that you have on the far right of the upper part of your main screen.
  4. After this you must go down between the options until you find the option you have that is called clear history.
  5. Now you must accept the action and wait for it to do the deletion correctly.
  6. At the end, exit the application and delete the history of your applications, re-enter and see how your app is lighter.
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space in the tiktok app

How to move TikTok from internal memory to microSD?

Another way to make you release espace in your TikTok account is to pass the data generated by the internal memory application to the microSD, with this action the information will not be saved in your internal memory but in the external one.

This option is also recommended in case your device is damaged do not lose the information that is importantthis is how you can generate this action:

  1. It takes you Android or iOS device.
  2. When it is on, go to the application menu and find the settings or adjustments. You can also enter this option from the control panel, to do this slide your screen and in the upper right you will find a settings icon.
  3. Being in settings you can see all the settings that your phone has, you must go down until you find the box that says application and notifications, When you find it, press on it.
  4. After being in this option, click on the part that says application information and wait for you to enter it.
  5. Here you will now have the list of all the applications that your device has, search among these the TikTok social network. Can you do this procedure with any other app other than this.
  6. Being in the TikTok option you must click on Storage.
  7. Now you have to click on the option that says Change storage and press on SD card, wait for the changes to be generated.
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guide to free up space on a social network

If one day you remove the SD card from your phone, the information will also go with it, it will only stay if you transfer it to the internal memory.

What happens if I delete TikTok data?

By deleting the data of the TikTok application apart from starting to have better platform performance, since it will free up space. It will make you no longer able have access to some things which you have gotten rid of, deleting messages from the account cache, history or something else.

The action of deleting the data in TikTok will also help you to have more space not only in the application, but also on your phone, which is why it is always recommended to be removing information you don’t need. This action is healthy for the useful life of your device.

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