How to hide Last Time, Photo and Status in WhatsApp

How to hide Last Time, Photo and Status in WhatsApp
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Surely you have ever seen in a chat with a WhatsApp contact the information “Last time today at X: XX”, which tells you when was the last time they connected. And unless he has blocked you, you can also browse his profile picture. Obviously this also works the other way around, so you may want to hide or block this information.

Fortunately, WhatsApp offers specific privacy options to hide the last time you connected to the application, your profile picture and your information.

Change WhatsApp privacy

To block other people your Last Time, profile photo and information, just touch the three-dot button at the top of the main WhatsApp screen, Settings, Account, Privacy. There you have the option that everyone, your contacts or no one see this information.

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For example, if you choose “Nobody” for your last time, no person, even your contact, will be able to see this information. In the case of your profile picture, you may want to set it to “My Contacts” so that only people in your address book can see it. If you choose “Everyone” for your “Info”, anyone who has your phone number can see it, even if they are not your contact.

hide last time photo status whatsapp all my contacts nobody

Just below all these options is the ability to configure the privacy of your “Status” and this option is somewhat different. The most you can do is share your status with all your contacts, something you will want to do if you want to share a fairly general matter of interest. The other options are much more “intimate” and will allow you to share a state with a specific person (for example your partner) or make an exception with someone (maybe your ex).

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While privacy options allow you to hide your information from other people on WhatsApp, they do have a downside. In the case of the last time, if you hide it you will not be able to see the last time of other people, even if those other people have it visible. If that’s the case, you might want to temporarily turn it on just to see someone’s last time and then turn it off.

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